The Prince Has All Kinds of Strange Hobbies – Chapter 25

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Three Prophetic Blessings Delivered by the White Crane

 ”He is blessed by light, and his soul will be holy and flawless.”

 ”He was blessed by the sun, and virtue and integrity are always with him.”

 ”He is admired by all things, as brave and wise as an eagle.”

  The White Crane, the messenger of the Lord God, gave the prophecy of his blessings to the noble prince. The old King and Queen were shocked. They decided to name the child in their arms –


  It means a child who is blessed by the Lord God.

  His Royal Highness grew up in a healthy and magnificent manner from a young age. At the age of three, he was taught magic and swordsmanship by Timor Szad, the most prestigious swordsman in the Kingdom of Kelub.

  At the age of seven, he entered the Imperial College and jumped to the ranks of a senior student in the swordsmanship department and crusade his first magic fin dragon.

  When he was ten years old, he dared to go alone to the depths of the foggy sea forest to find the draft of the magic bow lost by the master craftsman.

  At the age of thirteen, he began to practice with three confidants during the holidays.

  Fifteen years old…


  ”Wait a minute, Mr. Pu, what is the point you’re trying to say about His Royal Highness?”

  On a sunny afternoon, a guard entered the witch’s room, she was familiar with him. He was the guard accompanying the prince.

  The witch sat by the open window, the tall green fir branches covered the hot sun at noon, and sparsely cast patches of mottled shadows.

  The middle-aged man named Pu Shi was uninvited, with a heavy look hanging on his dark and red cheeks. It seemed that he had been brewing for a long time. Finally, he slowly opened his mouth and began to tell a story to the witch.

  The beginning was probably –

  ”Dear Miss Snow White, I wonder if you are interested in listening to a story.”



  Why do you have to tell me a story?

  Can I refuse?

  ”Cough, His Royal Highness, Ibis of the Kingdom of Kelub-“


  Mom, who is interested in hearing that idiot’s story?

  The witch stared with her green blue lake eyes and listened patiently about His Royal Highness, Ibis when he was fifteen years old. Finally, she couldn’t help but interrupt Pu Shi. The faithful guard was stunned for a long time and looked back. “Well, in fact, I just wanted to tell you that His Highness, who has always been an excellent, cheerful and optimistic prince, seems to be in a very sad and depressed mood recently. He’s been sadly sitting alone in an ivy chair in the back garden, staring at the flowers. He looks very pitiful.”

  The witch was facially paralyzed.

  ”His Royal Highness seems to have been struck by the God of Love’s arrow of love. Every day and night, he misses a lovely and beautiful lady. He is always ruthlessly and mercilessly rejecting the hearts of many girls. Perhaps he didn’t expect that he would fall deeply in love one day.” Uncle Pu sighed and shook his head worriedly, holding his hand beside his temple.

  The witch continued to suffer from facial paralysis.

  Hey, uncle, you’re out of control.

  How can you say such a shameless thing?

  ”Mr. Pu, I have somewhere to go this afternoon, so I’m sorry. Can you please leave? I have to get ready.” The young girl went to the door with a deadpan expression.

  Ok, that’s the end of this conversation.

  See the guest out and close the door.

 ”Miss Snow White, are you so ignorant about the prince’s demeanor and glory…Don’t you have a heart?” Uncle Pu was in a hurry, he wrinkled his forehead and gestured. “His Royal Highness is the eagle of the Kingdom of Kelub. He’s handsome and brave. He’s better than anyone else, you –”

  ”The excellent prince you mention has recently been sneaking into my room without my permission every day, without a shred of gentlemanly demeanor.” The black-haired girl cuts off the guard’s words and stared with a pair of dead fisheyes. She seemed very angry.

  Isn’t that nonsense?

  A man with a broken brain sneaked into your room like a pervert every day, ah-hey!

  As soon as I opened my eyes in the morning, I saw a black shadow next to the curtains beside the window, watching you quietly like a ghost, even if he complains softly, it’s still a complaint –

  ”Snow White doesn’t sleep with me. I always can’t sleep well. It’s easy to have nightmares and get up several times in the night. It’s very uncomfortable, uncomfortable, uncomfortable!”

The witch who got up with hypoglycemia was scared to death.

  ”Well, you are my lifesaver. I think it’s necessary to be polite. Why, can you stop doing such strange things?”

Well, reason with a pervert?

  In theory: being ignored.

  So, the next day, the witch went through another horrifying wake up.

  The pervert stood firm and unyielding at the same window, rubbing it in secret, peeping at her with his eyes, and smiling with honey on his face.

  The witch’s forehead burst a blue vein, and the two began to stare at each other. Finally, the prince was shyly overwhelmed by her overbearing sight, that his ears turned red and he flushed pink.

  ”Hello, I said, can you stop that?”

  The broken prince reviewed his own wording and decided to use love to impress a girl who didn’t look well –

  ”In order to have Snow White see me first thing every morning, I decided to wake up Snow White with my gentle eyes every morning.”


  ”Well, I don’t like to see you when I get up in the morning.”

  Sister, you are so direct, 23333123333: This is just a shorthand for the internet/texting which is equivant to LOL or can’t stop laughing. In QQ or Wechat, I believe typing that will generate a emoticon., mighty and domineering! But the prince seems to have been hurt by your cruel and ruthless words.

  Prince: [(T ^ T)] Snow White’s words hurt people. What did I do wrong?

  Since she didn’t like my behavior, I had to compromise obediently.

  It is very clear.

  Our broken prince, His Royal Highness, sadly lowered his noble head, carefully reflected, and raised his head seriously and tentatively proposed –

  ”Since Snow White doesn’t like this initiative, would you wake me up in my bedroom every morning with your eyes of love?”

  Ha-ha, ha-ha, ha-ha.

  The witch covered her eyes and broke into a low laugh.

  What on earth am I doing with him?

  Why talk seriously to a pervert?

  ”You can get out of here for me! Don’t always do such strange things! Deadly pervert!”

  Make love.

  Congratulations to our prince, who got his wish for obtaining the witch’s touch.

  [Palm print X2, butt footprint X1]

  His Royal Highness taught us a lesson with tears and blood.

  Be a gentleman of integrity.


  As a prince’s confidant and counselor who specializes in providing help to men without love experience – Uncle Pu Shi was banished by the witch relentlessly, and he went down the stone steps with a sigh. After leaving the palace, he saw the gentleman sitting in a small garden besides the palace.

  The young silver-haired man, dressed in black, sat in a silver-laced rattan chair with a stern face, which was charming and mysterious. The prince sees his confidant coming towards him, he stared at him with no expression, and the whole person seemed to emit a fierce momentum.

  Uncle Pu: His Royal Highness, he seems to be nervous?

  Oh, his fingers have been twisting at a loss.

Author’s Notes:

The next chapter is the how charm woman tutorial _ (: з ∠ ∠) _, the author has long felt that the prince’s emotional intelligence is completely out of proportion with IQ…

The goods need to be □ □ ╮ ( ̄ 3 ̄) ╭

  1. 23333: This is just a shorthand for the internet/texting which is equivant to LOL or can’t stop laughing. In QQ or Wechat, I believe typing that will generate a emoticon.

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