The Prince Has All Kinds of Strange Hobbies – Chapter 26

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The Whole Plot is Smashed and Smashed Away!

 ”Your Royal Highness, Ibis, I have just told Miss Snow White about your deeds.” Uncle Pu’s dark face was emotionless.

  The long silver eyebrows of the silver-haired youth in front of his eyes suddenly stirred.

  ”Um. And then?”

  ”Miss Snow White, she…” 

  She, did she show her adoration??!

  ”Cough, the beautiful lady, she seems to have some special feelings for you.”

  ”Did she say that she is also obsessed with me?”


  Ah, ah, ah ah, my heart is beating fast, what to do, what to do, I feel that my face is burning and about to burst!

  Uncle Pu looked at His Royal Highness paralyzed with a big red face and said such shameless words. He really wanted to grab his master who was immersed in his own world –

  Wake up! Your Royal Highness!

  Please don’t say such shameless words!

  That young lady simply thinks that you are a wretched pervert with a bad personality ah!

  ”Not at all.”


  The battered prince was sorrowful.

  ”Your Highness, based on my rich life experiences with many young women I have enjoyed over the vast years, I have summed up my experiences for your reference.”

  The troubled silver-haired youth’s ears sharply erected, his eyes were wide, and he straightened his waist. With both hands on his knees, the whole person’s aura became tense and serious, just like hard-working students who needs their teacher’s earnest instructions.  

  Say it quickly!

  Uncle Pu Shi clenched his fist and cleared his throat. “Cough, Your Highness, with all due respect, you are handsome, rich, powerful, intelligent and wise, but it does not mean you can capture a girl’s heart.”

  ”What do you mean?” The noble face of His Royal Highness was a bit ugly.

  Handsome, rich, powerful, intelligent and wise… Isn’t that enough? I’m so handsome and excellent. Is that not enough?

  [(T ^ T)]

  What else do you want me to do?

  “Every woman in this world is like fragrant flowers. Well, there are many types, such as Rogge flowers that are inconspicuous but sweet when blooming. Roses with thorns but are beautiful and bright, Fabian lotuses which looks gorgeous and eats insects…and so forth.”  

  His Royal Highness conjured a sheepskin notebook from who knows where and carefully took notes, he could not bear Uncle Pu’s verbosity and frowned slightly with his serious face.

  ”Hello, Pu, get to the point.”

  “Cough, I’m sorry, Your Highness. I’m a little overjoyed.”

  “Specifically speaking, if you want to capture a girl’s heart, besides the external conditions, personality charm is indispensable. “

  Personality charm?

  Our prince, His Royal Highness, fell into a deep meditation.

  ”I feel that my personality is full of charm. “

  Pu: [_(:з”∠)_]

  How dare you say that!

“First of all, I am a gentleman of high character. In front of my princess, I spent a lot of time trying to show that trait to her. In fact, my strengths are not too much, that is, courteous, considerate, gentle and lovely, cheerful and lively. Usually my most favorite thing to do is to take risks against witches and dragons. Many people praise me as a brave man without fear and full of hope.”

  When the prince finished, he seemed to be troubled. His eyebrows were wrinkled and scrunched. He placed the quill onto the parchment book on his knees, raised his hand, rubbed his chin, and his head with slightly askew. He asked, “Isn’t that enough?”

  Pu Shi: [_(:з”∠)_]

  Your Highness! I only now know that you are such a Highness!

  That’s it. –


  ”My Highness, in fact, these are not enough.”

  The desperate Uncle Pu Shi looked at the prince who has gone into his world and couldn’t extricate himself out. Okay, well, he has reasons to respect him.

  ”I think you have to show a more masculine side when you treat Miss Snow White.”

  Masculine side?!

  The young man’s face was stunned, and his eyes were wild.

  Is it necessary to…?

  No, no!

  Integrity, as I am not the kind of man who uses his strengths and charms to seduce women!

  The Prince seriously thinking: take if off in the morning or at night…would you slip out of her bed?

  ”Are you thinking about something strange again?!”

  The prince’s serious face suddenly collapsed, blushing like a little boy, revealing a strange smile.

  In the quiet and beautiful little garden, a silver-haired boy listened carefully to his bodyguard explaining how to be a charming man.

  ”Your Highness, just be the way you were before.”

  ”What was I like before?”

  ”It was like how you were dealing with ordinary people before. First of all, do not be too clingy to women. Learn how to keep a mysterious feeling!”

  You know, a charming gentleman never sticks to a lady from morning till night.

  It’s just boring.


  His good student, the prince, stared with his pair of purple eyes and took notes with his quill.

  ”Yes, mysterious. In addition to being mysterious, please manage your own behavior. It is necessary to be an elegant and intellectual gentleman.”

  ”For example.”

  ”When you treat Miss Snow White, you should keep a gentleman’s demeanor, eh…Just don’t go into Miss Snow White’s room without her permission every day. This kind of behavior needs to stop.”


  ”No but! You can wait outside Miss Snow White’s door every day and capture her heart through courteous behavior.”

  ”That sounds good, too.” After the youth finished writing, he seemed to understand and nod.

  ”Lastly.” Uncle Pu seriously looked at the silver-haired youth, and his tone increased. “Normally I do not share this advice with anyone, but I am willing to share with you because you are my beloved Highness.”

  ”Pu…Thank you!” I am so greatly touched.

  ”Even as a man, it is necessary to show a little coldness, and occasionally learn to use momentum as a killer to deter. Sometimes a woman is used to it, do not let her get used to it. When you don’t pay attention to her, instead she will notice you.”

  ”Your Royal Highness, you can try to keep a little distance from Miss Snow White from today onwards. Maybe Miss Snow White will notice your indifference to her, and she will suffer from her losses. Then she will not be able to endure, so she will seek you on her own initiative!”

  Today, you ignore my love. Tomorrow I will let you cry.


  ”Really, really! But -“

  ”No but! Believe me, you can try, it’s absolutely effective!”

  His Royal Highness, the Prince of Pure Love, was shocked by Uncle Pu’s love experiences. His eyes looked at him full of worship and admiration. He solemnly nodded, well, well, I’ll try.

  Create a sense of mystery…

  Keep a sense of distance, right?

  Suddenly, a familiar figure walks out of the palace. The girl wears a simple long yellow dress and carried her old cloth bag behind her. It seemed that she did not noticed the young silver-hair man sitting in the small garden vine flower chair with his guard.

  Under the brilliant sunshine, the girl’s dark and soft black hair is dyed with warm light. The gentle and beautiful girl looks like an angel bathed in the sunshine, which makes people admire.

  She took a small step and walked down the boulevard dotted with colorful flowers, but suddenly stopped in front of a tall and luxuriant eucalyptus tree on the way. 

  Her little face was raised slightly, as if listening to the tweets of the birds on the branches, and occasionally nodded her head.

  ”Right now!” Uncle Pu’s eyes flashed a bright light. He patted the shoulders of the silver-haired youth. “Your Royal Highness, first, you have to show that you can’t accompany her at all.”

   ”Snow White! My Princess! Where are you going? Wait for me!”

  The silver-haired youth who had just promised to do well collapsed like a bear sniffing honey when he saw the beautiful girl.


  Uncle Pu, who had been petrified, let his Mediterranean brown hair drift disorderly from the wind.

Author’s Notes:

His Royal Highness: My eight packs are already hungry/thirsty!

Witch: What?

Uncle Pu Shi: Mom sells a lot. It’s not helpful, it’s helpless…

TL Notes: I’ll briefly explain the Author’s joke. The Prince is boasting to the witch about him having big eight packs and she doesn’t understand. But Uncle Pu gets what the prince means – the prince is selling his “traits” to the witch and it is not helping him at all, the prince is deemed to be helpless. Since he can’t follow Uncle Pu’s advice.

The next chapter is significantly longer and is just a cliffhanger…its like the middle of an arc. Feels bad for readers.

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