The Prince Has All Kinds of Strange Hobbies – Chapter 27

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Translated by Novice Translations

Hidden Fourth Prophecy

  ”Witch, are we going out now?”

  ”Well, let’s go into the city and look for news of the craftsman who made the quill.”

  On this sunny afternoon, the witch carries her old cloth bag on her shoulders, filled with her belongings, the old quill and magic wand. She plans to go out and help the old quill find the old craftsman. And on the way, exchange the remaining jewelry from the Viscount’s home into gold coins that are easier to carry.

  If there is time, she would also like to replace her patched old cloth bag with a new one and buy some supplies.

  But today’s main task is to help the old quill find its benefactor – the old craftsman.

  The old goose feather quill pen has been silent all the way. Its dark yellow feather trembled slightly, it seemed very excited and its tone of voice changed a bit.

  ”Kind-hearted witch, thank you so very much… but the city is so big, I don’t know where my benefactor will be.”

  The little magic wand echoed: “Witch, witch, you can ask the birds who live in the city. I think they will be happy to share everything they know with you.”

  That’s a good idea.

  The witch smiled and patted the bodies of the two objects.

  ”There are many birds on the branches of the eucalyptus tree ahead. I’ll ask them.”

  The palace is lined with flowers on both sides of the straight avenue, but in the middle of the palace gate, there was an old sturdy eucalyptus tree, which could not be moved by five powerful men.  It’s like a giant umbrella, covering the middle of the main road with its branches like a faithful guardian, silently guarding the path.

  The witch stopped. She stood under the big eucalyptus tree, raised her head and stared at the group of small sparrows, crows and nightingales chattering on the tree.

  The little brown sparrow standing in the middle, bulge its plush body, clawed the bark under its feet and said –

  ”Chirp, as I passed a magnificent and beautiful room in the palace, I saw a beautiful black-haired girl sitting by a dark golden window. A man was telling her stories of the prince.”

  The small yellow nightingale sneezed strangely and joined the conversation.

  ”Chirp, chirp, is that girl in love with the prince?”

  ”Chirp, the girl did not react at all even after listening to the prince’s deeds. She did not seem to be interested in His Royal Highness. It is much more unusual than the tears of the God of Light in the past.”

  The gossip birds chattered and talked, and then led the conversation back to His Royal Highness.

  The crow said, “Caw-caw, the brown-haired guard told the girl that the white crane delivered God’s Blessings to His Royal Highness. But I heard from the old turtle living in the back-garden lake say that the mysterious Mr. White Crane had actually given four prophecies to His Royal Highness.”

  ”Caw-caw, I also heard the old turtle say, that the last prophecy, except for the old King and Queen, no one knows.”

  A flock of birds talked, unaware of the person standing under the tree, watching them subtly.

  In other words, how can small animals in this world gossip so much?

  Smile forcibly.

  Seeing how happy they were conversing, Uncle Pu’s words were uttered by the little sparrow standing on the middle branch, and the witch felt shame in her heart.

  Well, I’m embarrassed to interrupt their afternoon tea party.

  But they said that there was a fourth prophecy when the prince was born?

  Well, only the King and Queen knows…I am curious to know what the mysterious blessing is.


  The witch holds her fist and solemnly coughed a few times. It’s important not to be sidetracked, but to do business first.

  ”Chirp, look it’s that beautiful black-haired girl standing under the tree.”

  The little birds on the big eucalyptus tree were animated, they folded their wings, and their tiny claws kept bouncing on the trunk. Their lovely heads turned flexibly, and they cried more happily.

  ”She’s more beautiful than any girl I have ever seen.”

  ”Chirp, her eyes are as deep and dark as Lake Polba.”

  ”Chirp, chirp, her delicate face is more beautiful than blooming roses.”

  ”Caw-caw, how different the beautiful black-haired girl is. She actually refused His Royal Highness courtship. Would the prince be so angry that he waves the sword in his hand to cut off her head?”

  The witch covers her face: Hello! Does the little animals have to say such embarrassing words? And that poisonous-tongued dead crow, don’t say such frightening words!

  ”Well, how are you birds!” The witch who laughed stiffly raised her hand and waved at them in greeting. Unexpectedly, the birds exploded again.

  One by one they act like they were taking medicine, and their chirps were too noisy to deal with.

  ”Yes, I can understand you.” The girl smiled and said with a friendly attitude: “You are the most convincing beacons in this city. I believe there is no corner that you don’t know. I want to ask you for help on one thing.”

  The witch first asked the birds if they had ever heard of an old craftsman named Robert, but the birds looked at each other and talked. —

  ”Chirp, who is that? We only know that the greatest pen craftsman in Engelmod is called Allen Bliss. He lives in the double-story stone house opposite of the fifth streetlamp beside the rhinoceros’ statue on the corner street. He only makes three quill pens a year. Many nobles order but he refuse them.”

          Allen Bliss?

  Who is that?

  I don’t know.

  Well, it’s good to know ghosts.

  The witch thanked them distressingly, scratched her head, and suddenly heard a familiar, sticky voice in the hot air. –

  ”Where are you going, my princess?”

  The movement of the black-haired girl became stiff in an instant. The lively expression just now is like the weather that is uncertain if it will be cloudy or sunny. The big green blue lake eyes slightly became dead fisheyes, her face paralyzed.

  ”Goodbye birds, I’ll go first.”

  A flock of birds fluttered their wings, jumped down and ran on the branches of the eucalyptus tree and played noisily.

  ”Recently, some strange things have happened to the prince, and the God of Light shed tears inexplicably. “

  ”The prince, who has never been close to females, is passionately pursuing the dark-haired girl. Unfortunately, the girl does not like him.”

  The rushing silver-haired youth stopped under the eucalyptus tree, raised his head slightly and looked into the air. Suddenly, his mask was slightly torn, his purple eyes were slightly raised and his whole body vaguely emits haze.

  The warm and pleasant atmosphere has solidified into a dangerous and cold atmosphere.

  The birds are unaware and are still singing happily.

  ”What is the fourth prophecy of His Royal Highness? I heard that everyone who knows is dead, only the old King and Queen -“

  The chirps abruptly stopped.

  He seemed to have done nothing, but the birds on the tree were stiff, with their wings stretched out ridiculously like ripe fruits falling from the eucalyptus tree.

  The dark and cold eyes of the noble prince looked like a devil at the small birds who were frozen.

  Panic and anxiety enveloped the whole tree. The birds’ little hearts could not bear to be gripped so tightly. It seemed to be oppressed by an invisible and oppressive fear. A pair of small black eyes were suddenly squeezed and congested, and weakly collapsed onto the green grass.

  The most poisonous crow was instantly roasted into a black smoldering flame. –

  The remaining birds trembled with fear and looked in horror at the young silver-haired man walking slowly with the light on his back. There was no smile on the handsome face of the noble prince, and there was a dark, eerie black air, deep within his purple eyes.

  ”What a bunch of noisy little things.” The silver-haired youth spoke in a gentle tone and paused. He stood in front of the crow, lifted his black boots and crushed him to pieces. Suddenly, the corners of his mouth rose slightly into an obscure arc.  

  The purple eyes with the crescent curvature didn’t reach the bottom of his eyes.

  ”Don’t dare pass on these trivial things, I will burn all the birds here to charcoal.”


  Engelmod is an ancient and prosperous capital located in the Guangrao Plain on the lower reaches of the Klubi Mountains. Its terrain is flat and vast, and it has been expanding outward from the center of the circle for centuries.

  The prince’s palace is located on the side of the palace. When she left the prince’s palace, she ventured into the exclusive area of ​​the nobility, she not only saw well-dressed people but also patrol guards.

  Unlike the country village where the witch used to live, it feels more larger and more prosperous than Karon City. The palace was surrounded by iron and copper walls which looked as if it was drawn by rulers. The walls divided the circular Engelmod into four areas.  

  The witch hurried out of the palace with her old cloth bag and head lowered. She began a difficult journey with a map of Engelmod, which she had obtained from a guard in the palace.  

  Because of the vast territory of Engelmod, there will be a convenient horse station every so often. The rent of the horses varies from 20 copper coins to 50 silver coins depending on the quality of the horse.

  It took the witch 30 minutes to locate the horse station near the Rose Square in the aristocratic area. If it hadn’t been for the exquisite birch sign above the gate engraved with the words “horse station,” and the carriages entering and leaving, no one would have regarded the horse yard to look like an aristocrat’s transportation station.

  “Hello, I want to rent a carriage.”

  “You can pick your favorite horse from the list in front of the counter.”

  A tall black lacquered-wood counter displayed five or six silver plaques carved with horse heads. The information on it describes the prices of the horses and their information.

  The girl looked at the few plaques left and hesitated for a long time. “That, is there anything cheaper, please?”

  The old man sitting at the counter had a plain voice, and had his head buried writing. When he heard the witch’s question, he seemed surprised. He stopped his pen and glanced at her.

  ”Sorry, there’s no cheaper horse here than 20 silver.”


  [(T ^ T)]

  In a different world, sitting in a BMW is also considered a luxury, top of the line.

  The witch reluctantly chose a pleasant white horse. The petite body slipped into the carriage, and the carriage carried her to the heart of the capital, downtown.

  Because she didn’t know where the craftsman who made the old quill was, she took out the old quill from her skirt and carefully smoothed its yellow feathers. The quill pen’s body was smoothly polished due to the years of frequent use. Several characters had been inscribed on the pen’s head, which had become less visible.

  - Robert

  The gentleman named Robert should be a craftsman who made goose quill pens. The witch came up with a silly idea. She asked the driver about the addresses of several stationery stores in the city and planned to visit them one by one.

  After passing through the exclusive area for ​​the nobility, gradually, the types of streets and residential buildings became more and more abundant. People were moving within the lively streets. The witch curiously stretched her neck and looked out of the carriage.

  This place doesn’t look like the civilian area when she first entered the city. Occasionally there were beautifully crafted mansions, public offices and churches flashing by. The hotels and shops here were not simple and cheap. They all looked good.

  The driver told the witch that the people who lived in this area were generally wealthy businessmen, well-off scholars, soldiers on duty in the city and knights of civilian origin.

  ”So it is.” The witch suddenly realized, well, it’s probably the same as the upscale part of her world.

  ”Miss, I’ll drop you off here. There are a lot of old-fashioned quill shops here, you can find them.”

  The old quill’s body moved, as if it was a little uneasy. The witch picked it up and lowered her voice and quietly said to it, “Don’t worry.”

  She put the old quill back into her skirt and took out a gold coin from the old cloth bag. “Sir, this is my reward. You can change it to silver first. 20 pieces for the fare and the rest will be given as tip.”

  ”This! Thank you very much! Beautiful lady, you are an angel!”

  The witch, flushed from the praise, she laughed and got out of the carriage. Ha-ha, how did she break her heart for the first time? She didn’t want to pay with a gold coin, but she didn’t have change or want to whine for it.

  The girl carrying a cloth bag, merged into the crowd of bustling people. At the same time, a black figure quickly followed her footsteps and hid within the bustling streets.

  ”Girl, this is a ham bacon from a Cracked Teeth Dragon, Engelmod’s specialty. Would you like to try some?”

  ”Welcome to our store. What kind of jewelry do you like? Engelmod’s latest cuckoo mosaic headdress, the fluff and gemstones are inlaid and will shine during the evenings. It is loved by ladies and our bestseller. Do you want to wear one?” 

  Even if the hot sun is like a passionate fire that roasts the streets. It will not stop the people of Engelmod from their love of shopping.

  Our witch has no resistance to these beautiful gadgets. Sure enough, the countryside and the city are two completely different worlds. Look at all these cute things. Ah, ah, ah, I really want to buy them!


  The girl’s face is full of surprise, she happily plunges into the stores. She felt it here and there, the shining eyes like bright jewels, and the dark shadow behind the witch’s buttocks watching her figure stealthily.

  A cat in the candy cabin followed an idiot and probed out complainingly:


  Pu Shi said that he must keep a distance and create a sense of mystery. He did not seem to call out to Snow White. He has been deliberately keeping a distance since she left home to let Snow White know that he also has a mysterious and cold side.

   But –

  Why until now?

  Snow White hasn’t found me yet?!

  [(T ^ T)]


  A beautiful brunette girl shuttles through the shops, holding an old yellow goose quill, asking the clerk about the strange engraved name.

  ”Beautiful lady, I want to ask you if you know the craftsman who made this quill?”

  ”Sorry, girl, there is no such gentleman named Robert among the craftsmen I know.”

Author’s Notes:

_(:з”∠)_, I spit out a long chapter today, and almost didn’t want my life. This chapter is written here. The author’s little cold style is loved by the little angels. The author is going to cheer! (grip)

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