The Prince Has All Kinds of Strange Hobbies – Chapter 4

The Moon, Stars and Old Tree

  The witch is actually a very good person. She rarely gets fluster, but recently she was almost exhausted by the inexplicable prince that her self-control was slipping. She obviously felt her anxiety.

  He is a super-contradictory person from his social status to his personality. Really, since encountering this deadly pervert, she feels that the door of a new century is opened magnificently before her eyes.

  This guy easily blushes and acts shy, but his mouth will force people to want punch him, but this is probably impossible, because he is much stronger than her, tears.

  He started stuttering, “because I like you, so I want to cultivate my feelings with you.”

  ”I don’t want to force my love one to move to the kingdom, so I decided to stay here and cultivate my feelings.”

  ”In fact, I am a gentleman. So please give me a chance!”

  The witch angrily asked him, “You said you would not force me, why do you still ask me to conclude the marriage contract?”

  “That’s not an imperial edict.” The prince’s face was gentle, and he raised his hand to furtively touch her cheek, but she dodged.

  He did not indulge in the past, his eyes were unchanged, and he still looked at her with deep affection. The white face of Snow White had tinted to a beautiful pink. He was nervous as a student saying a speech, and he raised his hand and pretended to wipe his sweat. He quickly said, “I thought I would lose my way in this ever-changing time, but I met you at this wonderful moment. You are the best gift that God has given me, so this is my most sincere commitment to you.”

  ”We will be together forever, until we die.”

  The witch was stunned.

  ”Don’t change the subject one me!” She turned pale.

  ”I am telling the truth, why don’t you believe it?” The prince was so sad that he threw a piece of paper that was filled with words into a small dark pocket of a gorgeous clothing. He really questioned the witch and his eyes overflowed with sadness.

  ”That…the soul is weak; can you take your hand away from my chest?! Hey!”

  So, the topic was skewed.

  This is always the case.

  The witch said that his thick-faced behavior has caused serious interference to herself.

  Even going out to the nearby town, the goods will stick to her back.  His loyal men had been lying in the town for a long time. Every time they came up to buy wine, they really wanted to kick the poor acting skills.

  If people want to buy wine, they are not allowed to get close to her, the witch is really very angry. She turned to the prince and shouts, “can you tell those people to go away?”

  ”Dear Snow White, I told them to leave, but they said If you don’t fall in love with me, they dare not go back, fearing that my father will punish them.”

  ”Wait, why do I have to fall in love with you?”

  ”If you fall in love with me, you can go back with me, then they will not be punished.”

  ”Get out of here…”

  The prince is distressed:

(≧≦) unless you fall in love with me.

  [They are too annoying, kill them.]

  For the first time, the witch agreed with the voice in her mind. Perhaps it was stunned that the witch finally agreed with it. After a long silence, probably some discomfort, then the voice sounded again.

[You can curse them to be infected with a terrible plague and they will eat rat meat indiscriminately, and then the plague will spread to the town which will soon become a dead city.]

  Witch: I’m sorry….I take back what I just said.

  Because of the appearance of the prince, the deadly swamps have become more and more lively.

  Neighbors living near the swamps are very curious about the new residents, and everyone is quietly talking behind their backs.

  ”Hey, hey, hey, that young man I have seen, he is as powerful as the sun god Apollo. I saw him pull out his sabre and kill a bear without any difficulty.”

  A group of small frogs sat on the dead leaves of the marsh mud and talked with each other, as if they were very fond of the new young man.

  ”Hey, hey, hey, I have seen that young man, he is as beautiful as Adonis, the God of plants, such as the beauty of flowers to all things in the world eclipse, I fell in love with him at first sight.”

  The crickets hiding in the tree’s old roots. The singing voice under the roots sang, and echoed: “Hey, hey, hey, I have seen that young man. He and the witch are a couple who love each other. Wherever the witch goes, he must follow closely. What a nice lover! “

  ”I know the young people you’re talking about…”

  The ancient tree in the front of the witch’s house, the vines that have climbed on the branches have withered. It shook the dried branches and made an unexpected noise, frightening the crickets under the roots that leap onto the leaves beside it.

  The silent old tree seldom speaks aloud to everyone. It is the oldest elder here, and everyone respects it very much.

  The withered vine wrapped around the old tree and the crow standing on it cried at the same time.

“Old Tree, Old Tree, what do you see? Speak up.”  

  “My brooding friend told me that it saw the young man piercing the heart of the dragon with his sword in his hands and cutting its head. He is an adventurer, the most cherished little prince known as Ibis the Great.”

  Many little animals exclaimed: “What a great young man! He killed the evil dragon and is loved by everyone. “

  “But he appeared in the witch’s house.” The branches of the old tree rattled, “What does this mean?”

  “He likes witches.” Said the little frog.

  ”He and the witch are lovers who love each other.” Said the cricket.

  ”He wants the witch to be his concubine.” The vine said.

  Only the crow flapped its wings and shrieked, “the witch is evil and vicious. He must have come to kill the witch. Like the dead dragon, he will pierce and cut down….GA!”

  The crow’s words were not allowed to finish, because the witch had caught its throat.

  The fat black crow struggled wildly in the witch’s hand, the sharp beak ridiculously opened, and the small yellow eyes was stunned and could not help but roll its eyes back.

  The witch was so angry that in the middle of the night she the hateful crow standing on the old tree and cursing her. The frogs and the crickets in the swamps gathered together with joy and gossip about her.

  I have never seen this small group of critters so active since I first came into this world.

  ”Have you said enough?” The witch angrily seized the crow’s wings and swayed it side to side. “Don’t talk about me behind my back, or I’ll cut off your tongue and put out in the sun.”

  At that moment, the little animals were scared and frightened and fled.

  The frogs hopped into the swamp.

  The crickets were so frightened that it kicked up its hind legs and jumped back into its nest.

  The crows whined several times and flew to the sky.

  The world is quiet.

  She couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night, so she went out to breathe. The sweet-mouthed man was estimated to have been sleeping for a long time. He was just an ordinary person, and it was impossible to hear the arguments of the little animals.

  The witch sat on a dry stone under the old tree, both hands on her chin, looking up at the clear moon, the stars sparsely dotted in the late night. The moonlight was gentle as it caressed the girl’s face, emitting a faint halo.

  ”Old tree, they all say that you are the elder who lived here the longest. Can you tell me if there is any way to get rid of this world’s strongest loyalty contract?”

  The old tree gently swayed its dead branches, and a dead leaf fell. In her soft, long black hair, the witch squinted and raised her hand to pick up the dead leaf with a dim expression.

  She looked at the rose mark on her hand, and her heart was blank. She didn’t believe in love, and she couldn’t believe that she would fall in love with the prince. Even if there was true love in the world, how can she fall in love with someone?

  If not, what will wait for them in the future is the reversal of the contract. How can that fool easily conclude such a sacred contract with a strange woman?

  ”Sorry, Snow White, I don’t know. Even if I live longer than other animals, I can’t move. I can’t fly everywhere like the crow and see everything in the world. I can’t walk freely in that little swamp like a frog and communicate with distant animals. I’m just the most common tree growing in the swamp.”

  ”Sorry, the old tree please don’t be sad.”

  ”Snow White, the only advice I can give you is that there are many different countries on this vast land, where there are many sages living in seclusion. Maybe you should go out and have a look. Maybe you will get the answer you want.”

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