The Prince Has All Kinds of Strange Hobbies – Chapter 5

Noisy Furniture

The words of the old tree were like a magic spell – planting a seed in the witch’s heart, and a tender bud named temptation gradually grew.  

  The witch has been avoiding the sticky prince these few days and quietly packs up her small bags.

  She still has nostalgia for this peaceful marsh she has lived on for many years, but the unknown world was waiting for her, in fact, it was not just for the loyalty contract.

  In the deepest part of the witch’s heart, there is something that she loves most.

  ”Do you want to go back to the world that you truly belong to?”

  The answer is: Yes, very much.

  She often dreams of waking up with her eyes wide open to find that it was all just a grotesque and bizarre dream. She would still be lying in her bed at home. Her mother will call her down for breakfast and then she would go to school.

  Unfortunately, that wasn’t a dream.

  I want to go home and sit with my family and listen to my parents’ tedious nagging.

  Perhaps traveling the outside world, she will be able to find the answer to her question.

  The witch went into town to buy maps and travel essentials. Her savings was meager. Every time she watched her money disappear from her purse, she suffered internally.

  The things she purchased were parchment maps, traveler’s manuals, water bags, dry food, essential medicines.

  The prince followed the witch and watched her petite figure move like a fish within the dense city. Her eyes lingered on a variety of shops, and even at the little owls at the pet shop she stopped at. She tease the owls for a long time, and finally reluctantly left when she squeezed her depleting funds.

  He stood at the door of the pet shop and looked at the owl in the glass window. The figure of the witch has disappeared in a blink of an eye. He felt like getting rid of that annoying thing.

  The witch breathed a sigh of relief on her way back to the swamp. She raised her hand and wiped the sweat from her forehead. She carried heavy objects with a brisk, light pace. When she returns home, she placed a magic formation on the swamp. At the swamp’s entrance, she placed the abandoned toy soldier she found from the town.

  The little tin soldier was falling apart, the white paint was chipping and exposed the rotten wooden body, the rotten body was incomplete, with a wooden foot and arm that was cut off.

  The witch gave it a glorious mission.

  ”Soldier, you have to remember this question, no matter who, if they can’t answer it, don’t let them in.”

  ”Rest assure witch, I swear by the spirit of the supreme warrior, I will guard the swamp for you!”

  The witch was satisfied and went back in her home to begin packing her bags. She couldn’t carry too much, so she settled for a backpack, regretfully not a lot of things can go with her.

  The furniture in the house rushed to recommend themselves. They have never been out since they spoke, and they want to go outside to see the world.

  Fruit basket: “Witch, witch, bring me, I can fill you with sweet and delicious fruit.”

  Kettle: “Witch, what do you do when you are thirsty? Bring me! I can pack a lot of water, and provide you with sweet water to quench your thirst.”

  Magic wand: “Witch, witch, you will bring me right? I can protect you when you are in danger!”

  Various furniture: “Witch, witch, witch, witch…I, I am…”

  ”Enough!” The witch shouted helplessly and sat down on the stool with a headache. She picked up the quill on the table and opened the drawer.

  ”Comrades, I am going to work outside, not to travel, you are all going to stay at home.”

  The quill in her hand began to weep, and accused her: “You… I who was abandoned in the beginning you said that you would love me forever, and would take me to see the bustling world, but after a long time you changed you mind.”

Wait, when did she say this?

  ”I didn’t say that!”

  ”Oh, you did! You wrote it with me and carefully placed it in the locked drawer.”

  She finally remembered what was going on, and her forehead made a few black lines.

  ”Hey, that’s a manuscript I wrote…that wasn’t for you.” The

  quill began to cry and roll, and the ink started to smudge on the paper.

  ”Witch it was obviously written to me, you just don’t keep promises, so hateful~”

  White paper: “Quick quill go, you dirty me and whine…”

  Wooden stool: “The witch sits on me, I’m warm and happy~”

  All kinds of furniture began to quarrel again: “Witch, witch and witch…, take me with you to, take me~”

  Really enough!

  ”Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Believe it or not, I will lift your magic!” The crumpling witch bellowed deeply.

  Suddenly, all the sounds disappeared.

  But for one second –

  ”Whoooa, whooa, whoa, witch shout for me!!~”

  Her clumsy way of dealing with this group of little bastards was not enough, so the witch simply took out her magic wand and began to pretend to chant incantations.

  Suddenly, the old quill that had always been silent, cleverly fell on the ground from the drawer. She bent down and picked it up, but heard the old quill saying, “Witch, you should be careful when you go out, don’t worry us.”

  All the furniture that heard the old quill was silent.

  In fact, the furniture didn’t pester her just because they wanted to go outside to play, they were just… worried about her wandering outside alone.

  ”Witch, what if you don’t bring me, what if you are thirsty?” said the kettle.

  ”Witch, if you don’t bring me, what if you need to write something?” said the quill.

  ”Witch, if you don’t bring me, what if you don’t have money, you can sell me for food,” said the candlestick.

  She looked down sadly, quietly wiped away tears from her eyes, and her voice was hoarse.

  ”Okay, don’t worry about me, I will be fine, and don’t you see who I am.”

  ”You are a witch!” The furniture replied in unison.

  ”When I am away, you have to guard the swamp for me, wait for me to return.”

  She silently put the magic wand into her skirt, but heard the old quill saying, “Witch, can I ask you one thing?”


  “Can you bring me along with you too? I want to find a very important person.”

  The quill began to tell a story about itself – from probably a long time ago, just when it was still a semi-finished product, the old craftsman who made the quill was unfortunately scratched by a knife, and the doctor told the old craftsman that it would be better not to make a quill.

  ”But, if I don’t finish these pens, how pitiful they are.” The old craftsmen looked at the goose feathers on the scaffolding which the engraving pens needed to be complete.

  ”They are feathers that I carefully selected to make the best quills. I spent countless hours degreasing and hardening them. When they were supposed to be finished, they were going to be carefully packaged and sent to those in need, but my wound had turned them into a pile of waste.”

  The old craftsman did not want his efforts to be lost, and he endured the pain to carve them one by one.

  The old quill was sad. “I was the last quill. When he carved me, his hand could never hold anything again.”

  The witch put it in her skirt with the magic wand.

  ”I want to say thank you to him personally, witch. In return, I will tell you a secret.”

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