The Prince Has All Kinds of Strange Hobbies – Chapter 6

The Treasure Chest in the Dragon’s Lair

 Ah ah ah ah, when did the world provide her with such an opportunity.

  The witch said that it was quite touching, huh.

  Especially the secret that the quill told her.

  The secret about the dead dragon.

  The quill said that it was the nightingale that flew down to the window. The nightingale said that the dragon had buried a treasure chest under the third stone in the corner of his nest.

  The dragon hoards all kinds of treasures. It is a well-known fact. It piles up the gold and silver jewels that it has plundered into the mountains, it slept on a variety of shiny gems, gold and silver every day.

  Only that the treasure chest was buried deep underground.

  It must have been its most prized possession, so carefully hidden and being afraid of it being discovered.

  The fact was if the dragon treasured it to the point of hiding it – it must have been priceless. The witch decided to go to the dragon’s lair to find out.

  She strolled lightly to the corner of the wooden fence and picked up her broom, only to hear the stern voice of the soldier coming from the simple fence wall.

  ”Sir, the entrance secret code is wrong, I can’t let you in! Um… I am an honest soldier, don’t bribe me.”


  The witch laughs secretly in her heart, she got on the broom and prepare to slip away quietly but was called by the old tree.

  ”Witch, I have a farewell gift for you.”

  In her hands lay a dead branch from the old tree, and in her ears was its old and gentle advice –

  “If you encounter any difficulties, please entrust my bird friends to bring it back.”

  The witch nodded knowingly, and wanted to say something, but felt a fierce turmoil within the earth.

  This is bad!

  That guy forcibly broke the magic array!

  ”Goodbye old tree! I am leaving!” The witch panicked and sat on her broom and rushed to quickly fly into the blue sky. The swamp gradually drifted further and further away from view.

  The witch panicked and flew around aimlessly in order to throw off traces of herself from the prince then headed to the dragon’s lair. The dragon’s nest was covered in ruins, broken rocks and truncated trees, and coarse gravel mixed with dried black blood, it looked like a horrible killing scene. Although it is not really described, it should be the scene of killing a dragon.

  The darkness within the dragon’s cave was extremely sinister, and the darkness engulf everything. It seems that a horrible monster will come out at any time.

  She used the magic wand to display light magic uneasily, only to find that the empty cave was surrounded by a lot of bones that were not known to be human or animal.

  The dragon’s treasures were plundered by those guys, and it looked bleak and desolate.

  Because there were stones scattered everywhere, it was impossible to distinguish which piece was the third stone in the corner, she had to use a stupid method, that is, to dig up all the soil in the corner.

  Searching for treasure was probably like this, while looking forward to finding the treasure and feeling exhausted. But the witch’s luck was good, when she dug the ground at the sixth stone in the corner, she found the treasure chest.

  ”Hey, is this it?” She sat on the side of the mound with a gray head and a dirty little face, like a colored cat, and the quill poked out of her skirt, revealing its small white feathers.

  ”Witch, witch, the treasure chest buried in the dragon’s lair looks like that.”

  The witch curiously held the box in her hand and shook the dust off the box and gradually reveal its simple appearance.

  ”It seems to be an ordinary box.” She whispered softly, opening the lid gently, and a transparent ball the size of a fist immediately appears before her eyes.


  The beads looked like ordinary glass beads, but they had strange runes cast in gold foil, characters she had never seen before.

  The witch carefully picked up the beads and stood up. When her hand touched the beads, the plain beads suddenly gave off a golden light as dazzling as the sun –


  what is this?

  She closed her eyes tightly and turned her head away.


  A weird movement came from the mouth of the cave—a black shadow gradually became clear in the white light, and the witch resisted the sting of the light and slightly narrowed her eyes but heard a gloomy voice ringing in her ear.

  ”Found you…”

    The witch’s reflex was slow, probably because she feels that the atmosphere in the Dragon Nest is comparable to a ghost film. It must be known that the soft girl is generally afraid of gods, ghost, or the thing suddenly appearing in front of her eyes. Suddenly, the figure appeared in front of her eyes, she was so frightened that she released her hands and trembled on the spot.


  The slippery beads fell out of her hand and crashed onto the hard, cold stone floor, and was not broken!

  The beads lost its golden light the moment of impact, then turned back to its unremarkable appearance. It seemed to have an elastic property. It bounced on the ground two or three times and then rolled away. Roll…until it hits the bottom of a pair of black short boots.

  The beads retreated and then stopped in the shadow in front of the boots. The owner of the boots slowly squatted and picked up the beads.

  A black mist of smog suddenly shrouded him, and the cave, which was already very gloomy, suddenly blew a cold wind.

  The witch’s eyes looked stunned, her mouth twitched slightly, and her brain continue to overload.

  Can you give me a path to survive?

  Handsome, but wait, what the hell is going on! Can you let her be the protagonist? Why is this guy called the prince always running to steal her limelight!

  Why did he find me here? This is not scientific! Why does this guy react with such a different aura when picking up the beads?

  As the protagonist, I can’t understand the plot at all!

  ”Snow White is always like this.” The beautiful prince stared at her blankly, seemingly – very angry?

  No wonder, after all, he was treated as a cumbersome problem and she tried her best to get rid of. She did not look at him at all and totally stepped on his noble prince’s dignity.

  The consequences are serious.

  The eyes were a bit scary, gloomy, with undisguised aggressiveness.

  ”You always leave without saying a word, I am very sad, and very… angry.”

    The witch took out the magic wand and pointed it at him, and her heart shook.

  That guy is absolutely smart, isn’t he?

  Mom, who is this person! That thick black unidentified fog behind him is so scary!

  ”Hey, don’t come over here, or I will do it!”


  The witch waved her wand and fired a dense magical fireball at him, but the man easily avoided it. She hurriedly stepped back and wanted to escape him. However, he pulled out a long sword with a cold light and waved it high –


  The big stone was cut in half like tofu.

  Witch: Ah, ah, ah, ah, what is that guy doing, hey, don’t catch her, let go of her~

  Their posture is ambiguous, because the prince trapped her on the stone wall and leaned on it! The cracks have appeared, and the trenches have been dug. Is it necessary for the story to develop this shamefully towards the girl?


  ”I am really angry now.”

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