The Prince Has All Kinds of Strange Hobbies – Chapter 7

The Plot Progressed Too Fast and Collapse

The prince said he was very angry.

Can she laugh?

Uh. She dares not.

Because the bad prince has her pinned!

The bodies of the two were very close to each other in the corner of the dark dragon’s cave. The beads were held in his hands very casually. The prince was so mad that it looked as if he will swallow her.

Mother, who will save me, I am so scared.

This is a good place to kill people, please don’t do something so cruel (tears).

The witch was crying and sulking, and her neck was awkwardly craned to avoid his breath. The slightly hot breath was sprayed beneath her ear and made her feel uncomfortable.

This was not an ordinary killing scene, the atmosphere felt as if this was a savage murder about to take place. He kept on breathing heavily on her. Why does it sound like he was nervous too!

“You…let go of me first, I have something to say.” She sneaked a look at him and noticed there were four big words in those eyes “I am very sad.”

Hey, prince, don’t rush and start to blacken! Wake up, wake me up!

“There’s nothing to say…Well, Snow White, don’t you think?” His voice was originally magnetic, but it sounded huskier, she didn’t know if it was deliberate. Deliberate or not, she listened to the voice that was directly in her ear and felt her scalp tingling.

The prince inched closer and closer, until the tip of his nose touched her neck, and the soft hair pushed onto the witch’s small face, her head suddenly thundered –

It’s going to explode.

The witch was in tears: this gentleman, you can talk well, even if there’s nothing to say, don’t get so close?

Her hands were restless to push his stiff muscles, but his body disregard her.

“Don’t do this…” She tried to find a way to distract him, and anxiously craned her neck and hurriedly shouted: “Dear prince, you said you were a gentleman, right?! Gentlemen can’t do these sorts of things – ah ah ah?!”

The prince was silent for a few seconds, and his face collapsed instantly, he stuttered.

“Then, I am not a gentleman, please call me a beast.”

Wa, What?!

What is he doing, what is this beast going to do to her! Ah, wahhh, please no, mother, help.

“You said that you were a gentleman…” The witch almost couldn’t shed her tears of remorse. She knew that he was this type of person, if she didn’t rush here in the beginning, she can only blame herself for being cheap.


The beastly prince kissed her face without thinking. She turned her slightly stunned face and found his strange appearance. He was flushed and licked his lips, then held her face and rubbed her delicate cheek.

“Do you still think I am a gentleman?” he calmly said.

In fact, this was the first time he did this kind of thing, he was so nervous, and his heart was beating fast in the wrong direction. Shouldn’t he kiss her right check? It seems unfair to just kiss one side.


The prince’s intoxicated thoughts were broken and kissed the girl on her right cheek, who was about to cry.

“Snow White, do you like a gentleman or a beast? Gentleman —-” He pulled out his tongue and licked his lips solemnly, his eyes drifting, seemingly hesitate on what to do to her.

“Kiss your delicate red lips, while a beast would kiss you twice.”

Uh. [=_=]

But this is what the situation was.

The skills of this witch were stupid and hopeless.

Afterall, the male lord is just a pure (?) and shy (?) prince, we will forgive him.

“You are a beast!” No, not even beasts can be compared to this abnormal pervert.

The witch was bullied and tearful. “Is there anything I can say? I am very uncomfortable if you progressed too fast.”

“Do you want to give me a chance to speak?” The prince’s face changing technique was simply too advance, which can change to all sorts of vivid expressions. At this time, he looked at her gloomily, almost scared the witch to pee herself.

“But we really don’t know each other well. Have you even considered my feelings? You deceived me when we made the contract and you followed me everywhere.”

She felt aggrieved, and sadly clutched her clothes, her voice became smaller and smaller.

What on earth has she done wrong, why did she meet such a ghost, this sounded like it was all a joke, is there anyone who will act like such a rouge at the first meeting?

There were two lines of tears streaming from her sad face, and the prince was stunned and could not help but to let go of her.

“Don’t cry.” He uttered.

He originally thought that his pursuit will move her, but he did not expect her to react this way, was he wrong?

But he likes her so much.

He invested his heart into her.

Why, why hasn’t she fallen in love with him.

“Snow White, my heart has been for you for so long, why can’t you…why…”

His voice became smaller and smaller and he took a step back in frustration.

His whole person was devastated, like a small animal that has been abandoned, with his shoulders sagged and bowed his head without saying a word.

The witch couldn’t keep up with the plot at all. What’s the matter with this guy? Last second, the tyrant prince caught me, but how is it the next second, he looks so pitiful as if I was the one to abandon him?

Come on, come out, let’s have a good talk about life, OK?!

The prince tightened his hold onto the beads, and a black mist has dispersed around him began to spread out again, so that the witch’s face turned green.

“I’m sorry.” She sincerely apologized.

I can’t afford to take medicine, I am really sorry! She has desperately refused to ask for such a broken plot. If she can escape, even if she owes him, she can be shameless.

However, this sentence felt as an apology owed to the prince, does this means she understands his feelings?

“I…. I really like you.” He stammered a confession relentlessly without hiding his feelings, “please don’t abandon me anymore.”

The bitter witch: …

But I am afraid of you!

“Should we try to get along first?” she whispered tentatively.

Get along first?

Prince: Snow White means to get along as ordinary couples first? Excellent! She has finally accepted me!

I am so, so, happy, happy, happy.


“Hmmm!” It was such a pleasant decision.

The young man shyly blinked and nodded heavily, expressing his great approval.

“So, let’s take an oath by clapping hands.” The witch raised her hand cautiously. “I have a custom in my hometown, eh…both sides will applaud each other when they agree to keep their promises.”

The prince stayed still for a long time. His face shone with a shy smile. He twisted his left hand, but the girl wrinkled her brows slightly.

“Usually we all swear with our right hand.” She naturally took his right hand and took the glowing beads from his hands. When the beads contacted the witch’s palm, the light suddenly transformed into golden hue.

This change clearly of great interest to her, but now was not the time to study it.

The witch’s black eyes swam, and she stuffed the beads into her pockets and raised her right hand, and her voice became very light.

“Come on, let’s clap hands.”

The prince nodded seriously and raise his right hand –

Then something unexpected happened.

In about half a second, it was too fast to respond. He saw the witch quickly pull out her magic wand from her pocket: “Petrified Curse!”

The prince was shocked, and his eyes rounded and was instantly petrified to the spot.

What happened?

He was glaring at her incredulously, the anger in his eyes burning wildly, and there seemed to be a bit of sadness within its depths of the raging anger.

“I’m sorry.” The witch bent down and sincerely apologized to him, “for deceiving you.”

“You will find a woman who is a thousand times better than me and can return your love.”

She seems to have become a bad woman.

She used his trust.

Until the witch got on her broom and flew out of the dragon’s lair, his sharp gaze pierced her back.

In the air, the magic wand that was quiet in her skirt suddenly made a sound –

“Witch…you a woman that is really good at deceiving others.”

She looked back to the forest that was far away and whispered back. “Sometimes deception comes from goodwill.”

She was a mere passerby in this world. She doesn’t want to talk too much about grievances and wrongs. These kinds of things the magic wand will not understand, and the prince will not understand them either…

“There’s nothing wrong with that.”

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