The Prince Has All Kinds of Strange Hobbies – Chapter 8

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Translated by Novice Translations

The Small Animals and The Full Moon

In this way, our Witch embarked on her journey with an old cloth bag, a talking magic wand, an old quill, a strange glowing bead and a dead branch.

  She knows nothing about this world. Everything is as tempting as an unopened treasure. The witch’s heart is eager to explore the world. Although she has embarked on her journey, she has begun to miss the animals in the swamp and the objects in her house, whenever she looks at the rose on her hand, she felt this journey was necessary.

  Then there’s the inexplicable prince.

  Oh, don’t mention that guy, I really want to strangle him.

  [Strangulation is not a very good choice. In fact, I recommend that you choose a sharp knife to quench your bloodlust, and then stick it into his chest.]

  The voice in her head honestly recommends a plan that it thought was the most sensible. But the witch rolled her eyes and blocked its suggestion.   

  Shut up, can pretend you’re dead for me!

  Hey, telling a setting to shut up and pretend to die, this was probably impossible.

  The witch flew for three days and three nights and chose a small town as a resting point. The name of the small town is Tuvalana. The people here were no different from the people she met, but they were much more prosperous than the previous villages.  

  She commanded the broom to fly back to the swamp. The broom was weeping and didn’t want to go back. But after all, the broom was too conspicuous. If she was discovered to be a witch, she might be captured alive and burned alive.

  On both sides of the muddy dirt road were dilapidated residential dwellings. From time to time, she saw several tall second-floor houses along the path. The witch, like the travelers on the road, wore an old patched rough hemp skirt. She was curious and felt fresh as she roamed this small, small, egg-shaped town occasionally saw a few cow carts tossing their tails about walking past her.

  The witch who looked around did not pay attention to a fat gray goose in the weeds on the roadside, and almost stepped on it. The fat gray goose screamed and flapped its slick wings and rushed onto the dirt road in fright, causing some confusion.


  But the people who walked seem to have no particular emotional fluctuations. The big merchants in the khaki robes that was selling potatoes silently picks up the potatoes that have been toss by the fat gray goose. The little boy with a basket of eggs in his hand has left quietly with the goose. The town looked particularly quiet, and there seemed to be no trace of bustling activity.

  ”This is a strange place.” The witch muttered.

  The air was filthy, and the animal’s feces were filled on the street from time to time, with the smell of burnt coal ash and the stench of a pot that has just been used.

  This smell seems to be everywhere, and her most basic understanding of this world is it was probably the lingering smell of a ghost.

  The witch carefully avoided the nauseating excrement along the path. She stood in front of a hotel and looked up at the signboard in front of the hotel that had several holes and that was still stained with bird excrement.

  ”Witch, witch.”

  ”Shh, don’t talk.” The witch turned her head and raised her fingers and whispered softly to the incompetent magic wand in her old cloth bag.

  She hesitated for a long time, then walked into the hotel.

  The dilapidated little hotel looks very cold. There stood a bald, stout old man behind the counter, wearing a heavy single-framed glass on his left eye. His clothes were dirty, which sported several obvious dark stains.  

  He wiped his glasses with a piece of dirty cloth that no longer resembled its original color. Even when he heard the crisp bell ringing by the door, he did not raise his head.

  ”Hello.” The witch walked over and politely greeted.

  The old man still didn’t look up, but he heard a weak inquiry from the front of the cabinet filled with glassware.

  ”Do you know anyone who has knowledge about magic here?”


  Magic, but not everyone can use magic.

  The old man’s hands froze, and he lowered his head and looked at the girl who stood by the side of the tall counter through his single-frame glass. 

  It was a beautiful girl, and her shiny black hair was carefully made into a long braid. Her eyes were as clear, deep and mysterious as a lake. Currently, her bright eyes were watching him. Facing him, her white face was slightly raised, and the bright red lips like a rose was slightly curled up.

  She seems a bit nervous and timid.

  The old man was a bit surprised, his expression frozen for a long time, staring at the witch strangely. She was forced to sit on pins and needles by his strange sights, and her eyes started to shake. When the witch was getting a little frustrated, the old man suddenly revealed a smile, displaying his row of dirty yellow teeth.

  ”Are you a traveler?” His voice was as hoarse like a rough gravel.

  ”Yes.” The witch nodded honestly. “I want to find out if there is any magic in this town.”

  ”Dear Miss, there is no magic here, how can magic exist in this poor and remote town? If you seek magic, go to Engelmod, there is a magical association.”

  Our good student, the witch immediately took out her sheepskin map from her old cloth bag and buried her face in it for a long time. She looked up pitifully, “It’s far away.”

  ”If you are traveling form here, cut through the mysterious forest to venture to the next city, Karon, but miss, the sun is now setting, the mysterious forest at night… will have a lot of horrible beasts wandering about. You should stay here for a night, it’s better to start your journey tomorrow.”

  The old man kindly advised the witch who was very grateful, but she was embarrassed of her bag. She took out her patched money purse from the old cloth bag. The light money bag held a few coins, she sighed and hesitated to take out a few pieces of copper coins.

  ”I will have to trouble you for a room.”

  The hotel was a little old. As the old man took her up the stairs, every time she stepped on the old decayed stairs, it would squeak. There were no other guests on the second floor. The old man took her to the last room from the stairs which had a dusty bed and quilt.  

  The witch was smothered by the dust and coughed, covering her mouth and nose. She couldn’t wait to open the windows and heard voices outside that intertwined into her ears.

  She stood by the window and sniffed several mouthfuls of air contaminated with urine and a foul odor, she turned around and couldn’t help but look at the old man. 

  His gaze was full of inquiry and a trace of unambiguous emotions.

  ”Shop owner, is there something on my face?” She raised her hand and touched her face somewhat unnaturally, but saw the old man suddenly revealing his black and yellow irregular teeth.

  ”Dear Miss, there is nothing wrong with your face. You are so beautiful and charming like a beautiful rose, and your smile is more brilliant. I wish you a pleasant stay here.” The quirky old man looked out at the dim day, muttering, “today the annoying full moon will show itself.”

  The day of the annoying full moon?

  The witch inexplicably raised her and looked at the sky with her head tilted.

  ”What is annoying about the day of the full moon? What a strange person.” As soon as the old man left, the objects in the old cloth bag could not be stilled, and the magic wand was contained in the dark cloth bag for almost a few hours felt suffocated.

  ”Witch, why don’t we travel to the next place, why do we have to stay here?”

  ”That man was very strange.” The tone of the old quill sounded worried. “Witch, witch, lock the door when you go to bed at night.”

  ”Do not worry, I will be careful.”

  The witch laid idly on the bed bored, staring at the ceiling with her legs crossed. She naturally understood quill’s worries, the old man did not flinch from the strange smell everywhere, so she picked up her magic wand. She cast a defensive enchantment magic to the door and window.   

  But there was no point. 

  She walked up to the small cabinet and picked up a rough copper lamp. Because of the years that have passed, some parts of the copper lamp have been polished smooth and lost its original bright colors. The witch waved her hand and casted magic on it.

  ”Lamp, I will put you on the windowsill tonight, and you must be my vigil.”

  ”Witch, witch, please leave it to me.” The rusty copper lamp shook its slender candles. It revealed a brisk tone, “tonight is the happiest moment of my life, I will keep you safe tonight, but at the time of the full moon, do not go out.”

  The full moon?

  The witch heard this abnormal statement and asked suspiciously. “Why can’t I go out during the full moon?”

  The lamp ignited half of its wick and moved meticulously. “You still don’t know? Every time there is a full moon in this town, the animals will act differently. They will gather within the town and then enter the deepest part of the mysterious forest, but no one knows why they go there or what they do there.”

  “The animals in the town? I’m sorry, I can’t understand it.” The witch repeated with wide eyes and heard the lamp responding, “The animals like a chicken, a duck, a goose, a mouse, a cow, and so on.”

  ”They start to get excited on the full moon. Every time at this time, the mice living here empty the cheese and rum stored in the cellar. They drink rum with cheese in their arms. They get drunk and sing weird songs from their mouths.”

  The lamp seems to recall an unpleasant memory, and complained, “last time a rat wanted to take me there, and then said that the candle on my head looked delicious. Fortunately, I fostered a good friendship with a wildcat, which helped me drive away the mice.”

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