The Prince Has All Kinds of Strange Hobbies – Chapter 9

Translated by Novice Translations

The Mysterious Forest and Small Animals

On the full moon, the animals will come out and gather.


  Why does this scenario sound familiar?

  The witch stilled for ten seconds. As soon as she thought about it, she couldn’t help but glance up to the left involuntarily. She suddenly felt that her skirt rustled. She looked down and saw the old quill gently poking her with its feather tail.

  ”Witch, witch, you have to protect us, I am afraid of mice.”

  The magic wand panicked. “I’m afraid of mice, too. They like to use their hard teeth to bite hard objects, I may be bitten by them …… whoop. “

  She placed the old magic wand and quill into her skirt pocket, and the old cloth bag onto the bed, and whispered to comfort them, “Do not worry, I’ll protect you. “

  The night was approaching. The witch saw a big round moon rising above the dark night through the small window. The pale white bright moon glittered like a pearl, covering the earth.

  On the quiet and serene dirt road an unseen figure appeared, the black outline vaguely seen in the distance dark forest. The forest sleeps peacefully under the dark seemingly tranquil night, but it emits a strange smell, there seems to be an invisible monster, quietly lurking.

  The witch shut the window tightly and laid back on the bed.

  There seemed to be no change in the quiet night. She closed her eyes and tried to fall asleep into a dream. She doesn’t know how much time passed, but the witch who fell asleep was woken up by a rustle. Across the thin wooden wall, she could vaguely hear something singing strange songs in a whisper.

  ”How beautiful is the full moon tonight on the fifteenth.”

  ”Squeak, it looks like a delicious round cake, it is like a beautiful and precious gem.”

  ”Squeak, the cheese and wine in the cellar are at our disposal. We sing, drink and ear fragrant cheese. The swallow next door holding its favorite grasshopper, the big fat goose holding corn, we can’t wait to go to the forest.”

  ”Squeak~, there are new tenants living here, why don’t you walk into the room.”

  The witch opened her eyes and got up from the bed, curiously sticking her ears to the wooden wall, and heard the small sounds. “I saw a beautiful girl living next door, her eyes sparkled like a charming blue-green lake.”

  ”I also saw the girl carrying a small cloth bag. The cloth bag was so tattered that there must be no delicious food in it.”

  ”Squeak – but I still want to look in that room.”

  The annoying voices lingered for a long time, it seems as if they were unwilling to give up going into her room. The witch swiftly carried the cloth bag back over her body, covered her skirt pocket, and heard the magic wand twisting and calling her. “Witch, hold me in your hand, I will protect you.”

  The dog-legged magic wand was clearly afraid itself, and it said it wanted to protect the witch.

  The little animals were noisy for a long time and finally stopped. The witch heard all kinds of animal calls outside like boiling hot water. It was much livelier than the town in the daytime.

  She secretly opened a small gap in the window, and black shadows swept past the moonlit window. The oily and sleek mice with cheese on their heads and wine on their shoulders, kept creeping past her eyes without noticing her.

  Bump and roll.

  An inadvertently heavy bottle was unstable and tumble down from the sloping roof tiles and crashed into the ground.

  ”Squeak, I blame you for being careless.” The two mice stopped at the window and argued with each other.

  ”Squeak, obviously you were going too fast.”

  ”Don’t argue anymore. The party will begin soon. After the magic moment, we will not be able to go to the old willow tree in the middle of the deep lake within the deepest part of the forest.”

  Several mice with slender tails began to move again and disappeared quickly.

  The witch was somewhat dismayed. She stood by the window and pondered for a long while. The mice just seemed to mention a magic moment.

  The night of the full moon, the animals will gather to the center of the deep lake within the deepest part of the mysterious forest. They will take their favorite food and go gather, is this related to magic?

  Why is there such a big commotion at night, but the residents in the town have no reaction at all?


  Waiting for the movements to finish, the witch slightly opened the window. Through the bright moonlight, she saw a mess outside. The road was full of food residues and the strong smell of urine in the air mixed with many strange odors.

  The witch stooped out of the window and climb the tree. She examined the dirt road clearly marked with the footprints of various animals. She followed the footprints to the western entrance of the deep dark forest. The dark forest hole looks as if a devil may appear at any time. The witch picks up her magic wand that has been whispering this entire time.

  ”Witch, witch, where are you going?” asked the old quill.

  ”I want to go into the forest to see what the little animals are doing.”

  Magic wand: “Don’t go… ouch, witch, I am scared.”

  The witch used her magic wand to produce a small beam of light. The trees in the forest were covered in darkness, and the moonlight poured down on the fallen leaves and left speckles of silver.

  The trees were like monsters with fangs and claws. Her footprints squeak from time to time on the dry and heavily fallen leaves.

  She blindly wandered in the depths of the forest for a long time, silently only hearing her heavy breathing. Then suddenly there was a strange noise coming from the tree overhead. The witch raised her head, and a dark object fell suddenly in front of her –


  The sudden scream frightened the unidentified black object into its own sharp scream.


  The witch quickly grasped the black object and opened her eyes. She raised her magic wand’s faint light to see the creature with a warm body temperature within her hand.

  A small bat was caught in her hand, and they stared at each other. 

  The bat scratched and scratched. “Quickly let me go, you abominable human!”

  ”Sorry, little bat.” She hurriedly loosened her grip, and in the bright light the bat’s eyes looked like a pair of glass beads, which seems very angry.

  There was a small dead mouse in his sharp mouth. As soon as it spoke, the dead mouse rolled out of his mouth and fell onto the witch’s skirt. The witch showed a disgusted expression and raised her brow and looked down. In her skirt, the old quill yelled. “Witch, witch, the blood of the dirty mouse has stained my feathers.”

  ”I’ll wash you later.”

  The magic wand gloated, “fortunately, I asked the witch to hold me, otherwise the dead mouse would have also stained me.”

  The little bat stopped struggling, its mungbean eyes blinked and curiously asked, “You are a witch, do you know how to use magic?”


  “Are you also a guest invited by the old willow? Is that why you are not asleep in a dream today?”

  The witch happily grabbed the tail of the dead mouse with her fingers and took it off her skirt. “Little bat, are you going to the old willow tree in the deepest part of the forest? I’m going to go too, but I can’t get lost. Let’s go together?”

  ”Squeak, okay, witch, can you let me go, my wings are being squished. It hurts a bit.”

  The little animal held the dead mice and simply treated the witch as a guest who was going to dinner together, enthusiastically led her to the depths of the mysterious forest.

  When they reached the depths of the forest, the fireflies gathered into a colorful ray of light floating at the center of the lake. The darkness was expelled by the light. Countless small animals were crowded noisily at the center of the narrow lake. They looked at me while standing next to the bat. They continue to sang and share their food.

  Look, a group of mice stepped on the enchanted water and swayed their slender tail around the lake.

  ”Squeak, on the day of the full moon, we bring delicious food and wine to celebrate the great moon god Artemis, when she brings us together to enjoy the beautiful full moon.”

  Big fat geese ate ryegrass by the lake and flutter their wings. The birds flew onto the dense branches of the old willow trees and sang a moving melody.

  Chirp, chirp.

  The crisp and melodious bird song broke the silence of the night. Under the fluorescence full moon above the sky, a group of small animals began to get restless.

  ”We have a strange guest tonight, she claims to be a witch,”

  ”Moo, moo, I saw her on the roadside today. She is a strange traveler. Her magic wand can talk. There is also a quill in her skirt. We tried to share our favorite ryegrass, but she said she didn’t eat grass.”

  ”Squeak, the witch lives in the town’s only hotel, we walk through the innkeeper’s room. The old man was grinding his knife in the dirty and smelly kitchen. He drunkenly raises the knife to cut off one hand and one foot. We took out the cheese and wine from the cellar, but unfortunately could not find our favorite butter.”

  The witch was surrounded by small animals, and the small animals were warmly entertained before her eyes.

  The swallow brought the grasshopper in front her. The mice brought a bottle of fine wine and a piece of cheese. The frog croaked and took out a beautiful lotus flower from the water. They celebrated this beautiful night with joy and no worries.

  The witch shyly took two pieces of dry food from her old cloth bag.

  ”I only have these breads in my hands…”

  [The old willow tree has buried Artemis’ lost treasure under its roots, if you steal it, it will lose its magic and return to its original appearance. Those small animals will lose consciousness and you will be able to catch few to kill as dry food.]

The annoying voice in her head appeared again, and the witch pretended not to hear it.

  The little animals said in unison. “The witch shared her food with us. She is different from those human beings.”

“Those humans cruelly kill us.”

  ”Those humans always plunder everything we have.”

  ”Those human beings have no mercy.”

  The old willow tree, which had never spoken from the middle of the lake, suddenly made a sound, and its old and solemn voice rang deep in the forest.

  ”Cursed witch, why are you here?”

TL Note: I translated like 5+ chapters ahead and I got to say all cute little animals and objects interactions with Snow White is so cute. The perverted prince is a plus. P.S. I am planning to have up to Ch. 27 release within the next two weeks, so that’s 1+ chapter/day. Trying to drop this series as fast as possible so I can pick up other stuff.

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