The Prince Has All Kinds of Strange Hobbies [Spoilers]: Chapter 28-30

Chapter 28 – Catch More Worms

  • Witch continues looking for Robert the quills craftsman
  • A baker comes out of his shop with a brand-new batch of bread, the Prince accidentally bumps into him and the baker drops his load. The prince runs away but blows his cover from the witch
  • He gets surrounded by his citizens and molested with kisses and touches
  • The prince looks pitiful and the witch falls for it and acknowledges him as her savior, so she goes and help the prince out of his citizen’s grip
  • Through that event, it was the first time the witch “held” hands with the prince, she also “gives” her handkerchief to him to wipe the kiss marks off his face
  • She gives him a mask to wear (she prepared it at Karon City)
  • They go to the Leziar quill shop together in the efforts of finding Robert; that shop owner does indeed know Robert
  • Chapter ends with a stranger coming into the shop bad mouthing Robert

Chapter 29 – The Second Watch of the Night

  • The dude that comes into the shop spits out hateful words while the Witch tries to get more information of Robert from him…he says Robert died
  • The witch swears that this unrecognized lame man is definitely the second person after the prince to make her feel so angry that she wants to die. No, the degree of dislike for him is who knows how much higher than the prince. If the prince knew what the witch was thinking, it is estimated that the whole person would have blackened (lol) at will.
  • The prince deduced the lame dude is also a quills craftsman based on attention to detail on his hands alone…then with things he heard of, he then correctly concludes this is the famous Allen Bliss
  • Allen Bliss is from civilian origins, but show contempt for the lower class and his peers
  • Basically, he’s an asshole but since he only makes 3 quills a year (starving marketing strategy) he can get away with it due to his high demand
  • Storeowner shows a sample of his work – a black quill made of black swan feathers inlaid with jewels
  • Allen Bliss quills are magical – while writing you feel happiness
  • Snow White wished she had that quill when she was taking the college entrance exam & prince notices her fascination with the quill
  • The storeowner had a partnership with Robert when he was poor and could make good quality quills – he did not have the money to buy higher quality raw material to make luxury quills
  • One night, Robert picked up an infant child in the streets to adopt while dropping off quills too the storeowner. His wife and him were barren at that time but later born a son.
  • Snow White doesn’t understand why Allen Bliss hates Robert so much
  • Storeowner says that Robert used to live at the most remote and poverty-stricken area in the city if he is still there
  • They leave on a carriage to Robert’s last known address, Snow White voice begins to torment her to be a bad person, it fuels her with anger

Chapter 30 – Mr. Bad Temper and Old Quill Craftsman

  • The witch screams and smacks her head from the voice
  • The road to the house is filled with animal excretion and smell of urine.
  • Robert’s house is poverty-stricken, his 30yr old son, Thomas answers the door and let them in
  • Robert has passed away, they couldn’t afford him to be buried in the cemetery so he’s bones are under the trees in the backyard.
  • Thomas mentions his brother got into a fight with their father and left home with a lame leg, the prince deduces that Allen Bliss is his brother and Thomas confirms
  • Allen Bliss quills are magical due to a black swan that Robert found. But Allen stole the swan before leaving the house.
  • The longest three feathers on the black swan, whoever uses it will not only feel the joy and happiness while writing but also sleeps wonderfully.

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    Thanks and is there really no hope that you will continue to translate this novel? (´・ω・`)

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      No hope, for such a good series, the least I can do is respect the author and give him the “chance” to earn a little revenue. $2 USD is less than a starbucks coffee…anyways the summaries are sufficient. Ahahah I also add the excerpts that really strikes me so thats a plus. If you machine translate it on it’s readable.

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        While i appreciate your advice, i am afraid my priorities are somewhere else. Whether it’s just $2 USD is pretty irrelevant but still thank you 😅

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