The Prince Has All Kinds of Strange Hobbies [Spoilers]: Chapter 31-35

Chapter 31 – Black Swan, Bad-hearted Brother and Poor Brother

  • Two stone tombstones in the backyard, the old quill expresses his gratitude towards his benefactor.
  • Thomas watches the witch’s weird movements and thinks why the heck she came to his father’s grave with a quill and talking to it.
  • Thomas wanted to talk to the witch but the prince’s heavy atmosphere stopped him…then suddenly the prince has a sneezing fit.
  • His sneezes made his mask come off and Thomas found out he was the prince.
  • Hey, our prince is allergic to cats?
  • Cats: Meow~ [o(` ω  )o]
  • As they were leaving, Thomas requests the prince to retrieve his black swan from his brother Allen Bliss
  • He mentions that his father would have wanted him to be successful since Allen Bliss took away his success and the old quill encourages them to help him
  • After Thomas begs and plead, the prince agrees to help under the condition that their identities will not be revealed
  • The old quill and want praised the prince as a good person.
  • They go to the pub which is near Allen Bliss house to go see the black swan and find out its origins before stealing it back.

Chapter 32 – Stone House Next to the Rhinoceros Statue on the Corner Street

  • How does the prince know where Allen lives? The witch asks and the prince plays stupid and said Robert told them (when really the animals told them in a previous chapter but he’s still pretending he can’t understand animals)
  • They ate at the pub, then sat in the street, while Snow White admires the scenery the prince admires her.
  • She’s amazed the streetlamps are powered by magic and asks the prince about the scarce magicians. He answers its because they have people from the country in charge of such infrastructure and the citizens support it with their taxes.
  • She said, “like civil servants?” He answered, “Hey, that sounds so nostalgic.” Then the witch doesn’t know if she actually heard him say that.
  •  They start wandering the streets and go window shopping…then the witch sees him being perverted and standing in front of a lingerie shop blushing with a weird smile…
  • Then he coughs and his masks come back…his inner thoughts. [Pink corset with a bell, fluffy rabbit ears and a black cat tail ah ah ah so lovable! I really want to buy them all.]
  • They go to Allen’s house…and the mailbox greeted them and started knocking on the door to let him know he had guests.
  • Allen comes out and recognize them and chase them away when Snow White tries to reason and say they are brothers that have a misunderstanding.
  • The prince casts magic to keep the door open without Snow White knowing and tells her Allen must have forgotten in anger. They go back into the house without Allen knowing.
  • Snow White sees all sorts of exquisite toy soldiers built by Allen. The prince tells Snow White to cast a spell on an object so it can tell them where Allen sleeps…she casts it on a scarf
  • The scarf starts talking about its pasts and totally ignores them. Then the price has a fireball ignited in his hand and said “Scarf, if you are to ignore us, I will burn you.” Then everyone was quiet.
  • The scarf told them that his master goes and feed the black swan around this time
  • “In fact, I was just kidding, you are a birthday gift to you master, and after his father passed away, he still uses you, so you are important in his heart, how can I burn you?”
  • Scarf: [QAQ] Why is that sentence more frightening?
  • The scarf leads them to that room and the prince and witch hides in a corner. The prince has the witch disable the magic on the scarf and watch as the person outside walks in.

Chapter 33 – Farewell, Don’t Be Disturbed

  • Using this opportunity, the prince embraces her and molests her; she doesn’t cry out for fear they will be caught by Allen Bliss
  • [I really want to be selfish and brand her. She can only bloom beautifully under his body, let him completely taste her and even inhale her.]
  • The witch managed to escape since Allen Bliss left and felt that the God of Plot Armor saved her
  • The prince is frozen in the same spot and doesn’t move.
  • She went to use the magic wand to open the drawer that Allen Bliss had opened to see an old quill that was even older than the quill she had, when Allen looked at the quill earlier, he sighed.
  • The witch discovered that Allen is a tsun, he curses out his father but kept the old woolen scarf and kept everything the father gift him preciously
  • The prince finally comes out of his spot and says, “Snow White, it’s going up. It’s uncomfortable.”
  • The older quill speaks of the past and relationship between adopted son and foster father then dispels the talking magic
  • The prince is still AFK in his mind…while this all happens; Prince: [ (/// Д ///) ]
  • They go out to find the black swan in the middle of the lake, they concluded the best way to approach the swan quietly was to freeze the lake
  • The prince freezes the lake but all the organisms as well – this is simply terrible!
  • The prince grabs the swan when the witch unfreeze it, a piece of gold pearl fell from its necklace and it’s unconscious; they take the swan and undo the spell
  • The black swan can speak the human language and is decorated with gold pearls, the prince is man handling it and its pearls are falling. The black swan gives up its struggles but secretly sticks out its claws to swipe the fallen pearls to stick it under its ass and sit on it.
  • They discover it likes gold and jewels…and there’s a funny joke in an end where the witch and prince collaborate to bully it

Chapter 34 – Black Swan, Blessings and Strange Dreams

  • Black swan doesn’t know how its enchanted, it shows that it’s going bald since its feathers keeps getting plucked. Also, it refers to itself as Laozi aka Old Man…
  • The swan tries to hug the with but gets blocked by the jealous prince
  • Both brothers picked up the swan, it tells a story of the past where it was just a chick in a swamp…one day its parents didn’t come home, and it was starving so a squirrel fed it something magically thinking it was food
  • The little black swan left the swamp looking for its parents and ask different creatures along the way…it then asked a hungry wolf that said he seen 3 black swans…2 in his stomach and one that’s about to be in his stomach, then the brothers saved it from the wolf.
  • ….There’s jewels and gold dropping from the bird’s butt…it stores stuff in its fluff somehow…
  • The witch let the bird go…the prince insists to bring it back to the palace… honestly the prince is eating vinegar and wants to punish it later
  • The swan was given that magical object which was blessed by the god of light thus the feather holding magic to dispel darkness/nightmares
  • She sleeps and enters that dream where she sees events that are “live” it shows a town that has been ravage by war and many people who are diseased from the plague and are starving
  • She sees a brunette guy holding a silver haired girl whose faces are erased, that girl is the same silvered hair woman from her last dream

Chapter 35 – Shameful Dream

  • The two gets on a carriage while the witch’s spectating form follows them to a city, she never been to
  • Although it was late the soldiers who guarded the gates were frightened of the man and called him the bright saint
  • Black magic identifier in the dream is effective, they found 3 parties of black magic users who sold their souls to the devil and managed to imprison them at a high price
  • She realizes this is a dream of the far past and not a subconscious memory of her host body
  • They went to a pub to get a room and he lays down the girl to continue sleeping, she finally wakes up, the girl demands a hug and just runs up and hugs his thigh while he appears to be a tsun, her stickiness reminds her of that perverted prince
  • The man says she’s the devil of disaster that will cause pain and sorrow and his duty is to stop any dark things, and his greatest mercy is not killing her
  • The girl is crying and says “I am like this. Do you think I have the ability to provoke a war? The plague was created by Ferrer and I left him long ago and became like this. Al, you broke my heart.”
  •  The silver hair girl transforms into a woman…and molests him and gets him to bed her…with her teasing advances
  • The prince wakes up Snow White and she’s pissed and punches him for intruding at an important part of the dream; it was about to change to a different scene before she was rudely woken up.
  • Snow White ignores the prince the entire time while they go take the swan to Thomas.

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