The Prince Has All Kinds of Strange Hobbies [Spoilers]: Chapter 36-40

Chapter 35 – Shameful Dream

  • The two gets on a carriage while the witch’s spectating form follows them to a city, she never been to
  • Although it was late the soldiers who guarded the gates were frightened of the man and called him the bright saint
  • Black magic identifier in the dream is effective, they found 3 parties of black magic users who sold their souls to the devil and managed to imprison them at a high price
  • She realizes this is a dream of the far past and not a subconscious memory of her host body
  • They went to a pub to get a room and he lays down the girl to continue sleeping, she finally wakes up, the girl demands a hug and just runs up and hugs his thigh while he appears to be a tsun, her stickiness reminds her of that perverted prince
  • The man says she’s the devil of disaster that will cause pain and sorrow and his duty is to stop any dark things, and his greatest mercy is not killing her
  • The girl is crying and says “I am like this. Do you think I have the ability to provoke a war? The plague was created by Ferrer and I left him long ago and became like this. Al, you broke my heart.”
  •  The silver hair girl transforms into a woman…and molests him and gets him to bed her…with her teasing advances
  • The prince wakes up Snow White and she’s pissed and punches him for intruding at an important part of the dream; it was about to change to a different scene before she was rudely woken up.
  • Snow White ignores the prince the entire time while they go take the swan to Thomas.

Chapter 36 – She is My Lover

  • They go to return the black swan to Thomas; the swan complains to the witch calling her auntie saying Thomas is dirty and it wants to return to its lake
  • The witch asks to see the old craftsman room and Thomas didn’t want to show until they insisted. They go to the backyard and find a detached room falling apart. The witch observes the house will be hotter than an oven in the summer and freezing cold in the winter and it didn’t have a stove. The old craftsman used to work in there but eventually moved in there
  • The prince is looking at the witch all lovey dovey and Thomas figures it out and asks a vague question about if she’s a noblewoman, but the prince went ahead and said “she’s my lover.”
  • She opens a drawer and finds a small wooden horse that she takes back with her
  • Thomas, who was watching on the side, had already believed his royal highness’s words that the girl in front of him was a person he regarded as a treasure. Every action, every gaze conveys his love.
  • The red-haired man concealed his gaze and his fist suddenly clenched tightly. No one knew what he was thinking of at that moment, and no one would care for such a poor and lonely person
  • But soon, this desperate life with cease to exist. He will get everything he wants. Money, fame and fortune. Soon, he could replace his brother, take his place and take away everything that belonged to him.

Chapter 37 – Jealousy and Pride

  • Recently, a big event been circulating in the wealthy area that Allen Bliss lost his beloved black swan from his home.
  • Thomas quietly attempted to sell black quill pens at sky-high prices, but the craftsmanship was rough and poor. He was ill dressed and tried to sell it in the rich area streets.
  • Allen Bliss hears these rumors and knows it’s his brother, he goes to the home.
  • He reminisces this happy childhood memories while walking to the house and then looked at his lame leg
  • Apparently, his brother stolen Eve’s necklace and was framed so he was beaten to the point that his leg was lame
  • It’s revealed that his brother was addicted to gambling and not doing business. So, when he lost money, he was afraid of getting scolded by his father and instead stole his brother’s favorite girl jewelry
  • Allen Bliss knew their relationship was bad but held onto hope that it would be better. He worked hard making pens, and to become well-known and to propose to his favorite girl in the future
  • He vowed to Eve that they would be married after he became famous and they kissed passionately to seal the deal. Their romance ended when she was attacked in the remote wooded civilian area and the robbers took the necklace that her grandmother given her, and then they broke up.
  • Thomas, you used to frame me, then I argued with father to leave home. These things made me resent father until he died, and I refused to go back to see him. Now that you have done such a thing, I will never forgive you for this, you wicked man, you’re going to get what you deserve!
  • The witch and prince spies on them but the quill and wand talking blew their cover and they see them.
  • The soldiers in hiding took away Thomas and now it was only them three left
  • The black swan they gave Thomas was a fake and the real one was chilling in the palace in a custom-made golden nest…that it’s still sitting on
  • Auntie~ Can I really have these when I go back? Auntie~ I’m so happy, happy, happy~ ahahahha, ahahhaha, Laozi is so happy.
  • The witch gives Allen Bliss the wooden horse and asks him to promise to keep a secret and she will keep a secret. She casts the talking magic on it so Allen Bliss can hear what his father really thinks about him. The two walked away so he has private time with his creation that he gifted to his deceased father.
  • She thought about her weird dreams about war and stuff…and the spring-like picture that was shameful and unspeakable, but her face was strangely blushed, and her breathing and heartbeat accelerated uncontrollably.

Chapter 38 – Devil and Light Envoy

  • The silver haired woman has a mysterious magic that can enchant people and that son of light couldn’t resist and his struggles were futile
  • She goes back to the after scene of their steamy sex. Al says one day I will put a sword through your heart and the silver haired girl gets sad even though the witch can tell he didn’t mean it
  • I can’t deny the mistakes I’ve made. I lost my wings. I haven’t been able to go back to the land of demons. I have lost my strength. Nowadays, even small ordinary magic will seriously injure me. Al, don’t you see my self-punishment?
  • Al says if it wasn’t for her temptations to start the war, there wouldn’t have been many that would have died
  • Her voice sounded a little hoarse, but she said firmly, “The devil isn’t terrible, it’s the human heart that is terrible. Do you really understand?”
  • Al gets angry and uses holy magic on her. She doesn’t dodge but hits it head on even though her skin is burning like a vampire touching light. Instead she kisses him and says she wishes that she was an ordinary person and didn’t want to be the devil of disaster and was obsessed with him where she had a black magic array contract on him that binds him to her and is only lifted once the moon rises
  • Then the woman forcibly engages sex…silver haired woman’s inner thoughts: I really want to swallow you, you are mine, only belong to me alone
  • When she wakes up, she asks the prince if he knew of the town from her dreams and he was surprised and asked where she heard of it and she answered in her dreams. He then said it was destroyed 200 years ago from the great war
  • The witch tells him who was in her dreams and he’s acting weird.

Chapter 39 – Gifts From His Royal Highness

  • They return to the palace with Allen Bliss as their guest
  • Allen Bliss became a new person after his conversation with the wooden horse. He was always sensitive about his origins and how he was truly not blood and it was a thorn in his heart, but he realized he ignored his father’s love for him
  • The wooden horse doesn’t understand human emotions and tell him that old Robert has been living in the shack since he left home. He was worried about his son whose leg was injured and would be alone outside and didn’t have a place to shield him from the wind and rain
  • Old Robert tells the horse, “Little trojan, I still haven’t found my eldest son yet. After he left, this family seems less and less like home. Now that I am getting older, I know I will not live long. Every year my only wish is to see him return, but it seems that this hope is getting smaller and smaller.”
  • His other son drove him to the log cabin, and he was having a hard time and was in much pain from his old age and shitty environment, but he always held the iron box with the small wooden horse and his cherished quill.
  • “He rarely speaks. But I always felt that I was a very important toy, otherwise he wouldn’t look at me in the afternoon.” The trojan said with some pride.
  • Allen Bliss cries and the witch cries with him because she realizes she’s homesick and her parents could be looking at her things thinking about her too
  • She looks at the rose tattoo that symbolize the contract between herself and the prince and ponder what love was and thought about Allen Bliss family love and romantic love between herself and the prince; the silver haired woman and the black hair man in her dreams
  • Her quill says it wants to stay behind and accompany the old craftsman “I spent the rest of my life waiting and unfortunately he endured such loneliness. People feel heartache, I decided to stay with him, accompany him to see the first sunshine in the morning, listen to the insects and the wind under the night sky.”
  • The witch was red eyed and said, “But quill, if you leave me, you will change back to the original quill that can’t talk.” Quill: “Witch, I’m not afraid. As long as my grateful heart is still there, I will not be afraid if I change back to the original quill that couldn’t talk.”
  • The prince saw she was about to cry and tried to comfort her. The uncle Pu Shi taught him how to get a woman to marry him, 1st to learn gentle and sweet words, 2nd to give gifts to make her happy, so he went with 2nd since he doesn’t know 1st
  • Send a gift = surprise; then Pu Shi held up his remaining 3 fingers in the flashback and told the prince to memorize the phrase he’s about to give him
  • The prince knocks on her door and takes her to a different room and turns on the light for the witch to see. “Snow White, I, I invite you to see some beautiful things I have carefully collected, are you willing to go?” Then he drags her with him.
  • Black question mark expression.jpg
  • Carefully collected? Cat tail with black lace inside? Pink bell corset? Fluffy rabbit ears? Angel wings transparent pajamas? Plus, rabbit tail skirt…
  • Then the prince says shyly that she likes beautiful objects and that it would look nice on her, so he bought it all for her as a surprise
  • Then she yells at him why don’t he dresses up himself!!

Chapter 40 – Forced Kiss

  • The next night she sees him dressed up as a strange black cat lying on her bed shyly after she came out of the bathroom, he stuck out his fluffy claws pulling uncomfortably on the black belt on his chest.
  • “Snow White, Snow White, hey, my master, I am your pet, please be sure to love me.” Someone forced his claws to sell. Then Snow White tells him to go away.
  • Didn’t Pu Shi said to show off his masculinity? He showed his muscles all over and wore a hot and sexy cat costume. Why didn’t Snow White notice his charm? [(T ^ T)]
  • She keeps thinking about that spring filled dream and she reacted to the person’s body in front of her and there was a weak voice that urged her to really kiss his soft lips
  • Her inner witch voice yells at her to wake up after she just French kissed the fuck out of the surprised prince who is still lying in bed. Then she slaps the prince and blames him for her oddness…
  • The quill scolds the prince saying how could it trust her into the prince’s care if the witch is always angry at him. Then the prince tells it that he doesn’t know how to pursue love. The quill suggests that he apologizes.
  • Next to the quill was the prayer bead, he picked it up and was shrouded in a dark mist, but within that mist was a pure golden light in the depths, shining faintly
  • The witch ran all the way to the back garden in the corner with the roses
  • Then while she was sulking about her initiative some rude critters gossip about her. Isn’t this the girl always with his highness, did she get abandoned? The prince finds her and apologizes, then after she starts crying
  • She rubs her tears with the rose tattoo on her hand, then says to the prince no matter what I want to leave to the next town to lift this contract and part ways with him.

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