The Prince Has All Kinds of Strange Hobbies [Spoilers]: Chapter 41-45

Chapter 41 – I Don’t Want to Leave You at All

  • The prince doesn’t want to separate and is borderline going to the darkness and is having thoughts of caging her so that only he has access to her.
  • The witch is brave and faces off the prince “Even if you refuse, I will still go.” She does this to for her self-respect and so she isn’t dominated all the time.
  • The prince cries and the witch can’t believe it. He says, “If you don’t like the contract, then we can cancel it.”
  • Then he follows up saying that the condition is to let him follow, the witch agrees with a condition – you’re not allowed to do strange things to me.
  • They drop off the old quill pen next to Old Robert grave in a clear container, Allen Bliss was commission to take care of the old pen – they had a teary farewell. Poor pen can only wish for her safety and isn’t like the wand that can protect her, This shows all her objects are worry about their wellbeing.
  • The swan in the lake is full of jewels and sends them off with one of those enchanted pens. The swan added an extra enchantment that apparently can only be used once in its life.

Chapter 42 – Country of Truth

  • The black swan told her that in time of crisis, as long as she took out the enchanted quill pen and silently pray for her wishes, she would have a chance of achieving what she desires.
  • Her dreams the past two days was those “wet/spring dreams” and she questions the goose abilities of seeing “dreams of happiness” and the goose gets pissed.
  • Allen Bliss says his farewell and thanks them with gratitude for showing how vicious his brother was and finding out about his father’s true thoughts, his biggest regret in life was not coming home earlier to see his father.
  • The day his brother got arrested, she secretly cursed his vicious brother. The bad-hearted Thomas will have an unfortunate life. His nose will grow ugly and grow huge tumors, he will be scolded and despised by everyone for his malice. The only way to break the curse in his lifetime is to have a good heart and to become a good person.
  • The dark-haired young girl and the silver-haired young man took the magic wand and rented two dark horses to travel. The girls old ragged cloth bag was replaced with a sturdy and durable sheepskin bag
  • The birds are singing in the sky – “This is the rich plain od Dandelion / The dazzling sun hangs in the sky like a shiny ruby / Flying over a mountain and a canyon, there are countless animals / The animals are weird, they eat and sleep like humans.
  • The witch asks why the prince didn’t sneeze when the wild cat at Allen Bliss house and the prince misunderstands and is touched that she cares about her allergies.
  • He reveals he’s not allergic to cats and did those sneezes on purpose so Thomas can see his face aka he was scheming
  • They are going to a country in the north, the prince been there once but lied about his identity and was driven out of the country – in this country you cannot lie, and it is a punishable sin. The witch is excited since she can ask as many questions as she want without being lied to. To go to the country of the wise man, it is required to pass through this country.
  • The witch rescues the near dying man while traveling, reveals he just came from the country of truth and shows a weird expression, he held a simple silver ring nervously.
  • The silver ring was trusty with strange tentacles that has never been seen before as if carved by a strange beast.
  • Unfortunate things happen to the man regardless of the truths he says and he finally escaped.

Chapter 43 – Ring with Three Nights

  • The country became less and less populated and more and more dishonest. The caramel and milk he used to buy was bad goods and when he went to question the vendor he was thrown in jail.
  • He told the truth, but the seller said he stole the caramel and milk. He was imprisoned for months and asked when he can be let go, but no one would tell him the truth and was vague.
  • More and more people were place in prison and they were from neighboring countries, when you tell a truth you will be put in jail.
  • At the moment of despair, an old scholar provided this ring that he obtained from a bachelor from the kingdom of truth. If you put it on, it will summon a spirit that will grant your wishes. Every time someone put on the ring on the full moon, the person will disappear for no reason on the fourth morning.
  • The guards noticed they disappear and didn’t know how, they dismissed it as successful escapes. He got the ring from a flower vendor he shared his cell with who had used the ring to disappear. He used it and a small thing came into his cell after 3 knocks – wearing a round gray dress with an axe in hand and pointed hat like a puppet sold in a toy store, it was walnut sized.
  • The thing took off its pointed hat and placed it on his chest to bow in a gentleman’s ceremony. It said that it would fulfill one of his wishes if he can answer one of its questions correctly. He answered wrong and its mask cracked, the thing had a crying face. He has two more chances. The witch thinks his answer was appropriate for this question and should have been right.
  • It came the next day the same way, it was the size of a cobblestone, wore a weird mask, red petti-skirt and the same pointed hat with a sword. He got the answer wrong again and it had a horrified angry face. The witch also agrees that the answer the vendor provided was appropriate for this question as well.
  • It came the next night, it was the size of a round cup, with a weird mask, wore black armor, a gun in hand and helmet on his head. It walked in like a solider and didn’t take off its hat this time but instead saluted him. He answered correctly this time and the witch looks at the ring in surprise like a child who found a new toy.

Chapter 44 – Strange Country of Truth

  • The merchant gives the witch the ring just in case they encounter trouble in the kingdom of truth for helping him out in his time of need. The witch was going to refuse but the prince took it – the vendor showed an expression of relief briefly that was well-covered up. They gave a horse and some food money to the vendor.
  • The witch looks at the prince…the prince misunderstands and looks away, holds the rope tightly nervously and ears began to turn red. He thinks Snow White is looking at him affectionately and changed her mind about her cruel words that one night…then thinks those words were said out of affection… [(/// ▽ ///)] … then the witch calls out to him and he thinks she’s going to confess to him. His face turns red and he blinks fast unnaturally but turns to her…
  • She asks why he accepted the ring, she thought it was safer not to touch it since it was strange, and it bothered her all night that the prince accepted it. When the prince heard, his face was at a loss but pretends to be staring off at the distant intently.
  • He said that the things the merchants said wasn’t simple and that ring may had belonged to an old friend of his – the old prince from the kingdom of truth
  • The magic wand calls out that the atmosphere feels familiar to it and the witch pulls it out with a grimace “Magic Wand, do you also have acquaintances here?” [TL Note: Pretty sure she’s still sad the quill pen left her for an old acquaintance].
  • The wand doesn’t know, and the prince actually kept his words previously and gave her a universal pass for her to travel easily but the prince asks she doesn’t show it right away.
  • They didn’t show the pass and instead the prince openly lied saying the bright sky will soon have a downpour and they have to go home quickly and the solider agrees and let them in…the witch almost vomits blood.
  • The streets are deserted and after eating dry food for a while, the witch wants to go to the pub for real food, a table is complaining about the steaks being nasty and unpalatable and the rums tastes like sewage but eats and drinks happily.
  • The witch notices their strangeness and asks the prince, the prince advises she asks the objects and animals of this country, so later that afternoon she goes and asks.
  • Grey pigeon complained about the rain drenching its feathers from earlier and it would rain even worse later but stayed in the same spot after it said it needs to hide from the rain.

Chapter 45 – Witch and Knocking in the Middle of the Night

  • The girl asks why the pigeon doesn’t move, “Little pigeon, didn’t you say you wanted to take shelter from the rain? Why are you still in the same spot?” Pigeon “Grumbling, this abominable and ugly girl, why do you talk so much, I don’t want to move anymore, let the storm drench me, I am already soaked.” The prince then takes a rock and hits the pigeon with it.
  • The prince asks the girl who had two tears streaming from her face what it said, she replied it was like those in the country that says opposite of the truth, the prince notices her strange expression and asked her what else it said to her. She said it told her she was ugly, and the prince’s eyes softened.
  • The prince said she forgotten that the gray dove says the opposite of the truth, so it was actually bragging about her beauty and he misunderstands thinking Snow White was like other girls who likes to be complimented. Witch feels strange and blushes.
  • They want to leave the city through the southern gate but since the residents don’t tell the truth anymore when they ask for directions, they have a lot of setbacks.
  • While being lost and running around, they saw many animals that acted like humans and mingled with humans. A raccoon was eating with a woman with a knife and fork and the witch remembers the birds song from earlier while they were traveling.
  • They finally found the southern gate but wasn’t allowed to leave, no one could leave since the prince of the country’s precious ruby scepter was stolen. But they know it’s a lie since they saw no soldiers earlier who was trying to look for the thief.
  • Its already the early morning when they return to the city and they go to a tavern to spend the night but the owner says its full…the witch was about to flip out but the prince goes along with the owners lie saying how bustling and full his shop was. They got a room and return to the time of cohabitation…
  • The witch offers to sleep on the floor, but the prince does. The witch thinks he is being really honest today and she didn’t make any excessive demands and felt something was wrong…The prince felt the little bed was too small for two people and felt he could watch Snow White sleep (voyeur) or cover her with the quilt at night (idiot). The witch feels very satisfied that the goods is finally very honest.
  • Someone knocked on the door while she was asleep and right when she was about to fall back to sleep a small voice like a child sounded in her ear, “Dear lady, did you call me?”

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