The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 1

Translated by Novice Translations

Forced to Pretend to be Killed by Lightning

    In order to save a child who ran through a red light, Nan Xun was badly hit by a car and died.

    But now, she looked at the darkness around her, somewhat confused.

    Where is this? Why can’t she see anything in the dark? Could it be…

    Shit, she died in a pile of mud to save people, but went into hell instead of going to heaven?

    Nan Xun just wanted to swear at the sky, but the darkness in front of her suddenly stirred and formed a whirlpool.

    The whirlpool grew bigger and bigger and eventually spread out into the glorious starry sky!

    Nan Xun stared at the wonders in front of her.

    Tap Tap Tap, it sounded like running.

    Nan Xun’s eyes widened and stared at a snow-white horse who leaped out of the starry sky, crossed a beautiful arc in the air, and then landed steadily in front of Nan Xun.

    It has slender limbs, a fluffy mane and beautiful tail like an umbrella, which shines a star-like light.

    “Do you want to live?” The white horse stared at Nan Xun and asked.

    On the surface Nan Xun was not alarmed, but her heart was full of shock and was thunderous.

    She died, and then saw a horse, a horse with a halo who was talking!

    “I am an ancient mythical beast, with a divine power. I am the master of time and space, I can break the void and travel through time and space and go back to the past or the future.” The white horse said.

    Break the void? Travel through time and space?

    Nan Xun was stunned at first, then she pointed at it and laughed. “Baby, don’t tease me, haha…”

    However, before Nan Xun could laugh enough, she felt a huge sense of oppression sweeping over her, and her soul was squeezed and distorted in an instant!

    In a blink of an eye, she was already in an antique hall, and the women inside are wearing wide sleeve flowing skirts.

    Nan Xun became a stone sculpture, but it was too late to look closely. Her soul was twisted again.

    In a dozen rounds, Nan Xun saw a variety of different worlds, such as ancient royal families, warlords from the Republic of China, modern space, the real world, interstellar world…

    It also had a primitive society, nothing to wear, wrapped in leaves below, she had especially spicy eyes.

    The beast flicked its halo tail and said, “As long as you help me heal some people who are very angry and evil, purify their ugly hearts and help me collect enough merits, I will take you back to the past and change the outcome of your death.”

    Nan Xun blinked and asked: What kind of psychopath, murderous maniac? The kind of villainous boss who wants to destroy the world even if everyone dies?”

    The void beast grew silent.

    Nan Xun was also silent for a while, but she quickly laughed. “Well, I’m already dead anyway. This business is not bad, is it?”

    She smiled and her brows curved, and the dark eyes reflected the whole starry sky, brighter than the stars.

    The Void beast nodded with satisfaction.

    The next moment, its body shrank smaller and smaller, and finally turned into a round ball. The ball have eyes, nose and a mouth, and almost all the short limbs are hidden under the fluffy hair.

    “How did you become like this?” Nan Xun was surprised, her eyes lit up.

    Furry, so cute.

    The void beast that became a ball of hair uncomfortably twisted its rounded waist and snorted. “It’s not just the worlds that I have just taken you through, the spiritual power is overdrawn, so it has changed me back to my infancy.”

    “Ah, so don’t pretend to be forced, pretend to be struck by lightning, ha ha ha…” Nan Xun couldn’t help but laugh, she laughed more and more freely

    The void beast raised its paws with a straight face and suddenly placed a drop of blood onto Nan Xun’s forehead. It said coldly: “The soul contract is signed successfully and enters the first world…”

    “Oh, wait, I am still not sure yet-” Nan Xun has not finished her sentence, and her soul is distorted in a familiar sense of oppression.

    Then her eyes went black and she knew nothing.

    There was a sound.

    The sound of a sharp instrument piercing the flesh is so clear.

    When Nan Xun opened her eyes, she felt something splashed on her face. She reached out and touched it.

    Bright red and sticky, she touched a handful of blood.

    Looking up again, a round monster’s head fell in front of her, blood dripping.

    Nan Xun: …

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    As a death person, she’s so cheerful😆

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    well, i’m gonna start this, and hope it’ll be good! ahahah! she’s a cheerful one so far!

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    Obrigada pelo seu trabalho duro fansub 😆

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      Novice TL Admin

      não há de quê

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    I’m from Indonesia. I Would like to ask your permission to re-translate this work of your into Bahasa and posting it in Indonesian wattpad. Do you mind? My translation is fully non commercial and I’ll credit to this blog, of course.
    Thank you.

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      That’s fine, thanks for asking!

      I recommend you use my old blog so you can copy paste the stuff.

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        Thank you for your permission 🙂
        Nah, it’s okay. It’s not my style to just copy-paste the whole chapter and let Google Translator do the rest. For re-translation, as long I can read and understand the writings, I can just type everything in my own language.

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