The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 100

TL Note: So Li Chen always calls her “baby” which is 宝贝儿. This also means treasured object/treasure as well. That’s why this arc is called The Black Bellied President’s Treasured Sweetheart. Sometimes, Nan Xun will also call that same word to little eight when she feeling especially affectionate or smartass.

Also, going on a mini-break from this series, VBA, to work on my other series. Good breaking point since we finish this arc and next arc is sooo long, going take me 2 months to finish. (43 chapters)

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Li Chen, It’s Better to Die

    Li Xiao Nan has been dead for five days. The man just held her body for five days. He didn’t eat or drink. If it wasn’t for the occasional tremor of his eyelashes, maybe no one would have thought he was still alive.

    His eyes were hollow and empty, but his eyes always fell on the body in his arms, which had no body temperature for a long time.  

    After watching this entire time, his empty eyes would occasionally flash with a ray of tenderness, which was his most energetic moment in the day.

    Except for the cold body in his arms, he seemed to have forgotten everything. This was his all, his treasure, he won’t allow anyone else to touch.

    “Li Chen.” Old Li gave a low cry.  

    However, the man gave no response.

    After this incident, the old man looked even older. His eyes looked at the walking corpse, then sighed for a long time.

    He felt pain because he watched Li Xiao Nan grow up. In his eyes, she was his granddaughter. But compared with Li Chen, his pain was insignificant.

    Li Chen loved Li Xiao Nan as if she was his heart, even if she wanted the stars and the moon in the sky, he would find a way to pluck them for her.  

    He loves her more than his own life.

    And it was such a person who was more important than Li Chen’s life who died or blocked the bullet for him. He saw her rushing to him with his own eyes. She didn’t even hesitate as she desperately block the bullet that should have pierced his chest.

    The girl’s mouth flowed with dazzling blood that quickly rushed out. She could only call his name before she swallowed her last breath in front of Li Chen.

    Ordinary people would have been shocked, guilty and grateful, but for Li Chen who personally witnessed this scene with his own eyes, could only collapse.

    Li Xiao Nan did save his life, but for Li Chen, this wasn’t salvation, it was a punishment.

    He would rather die than for Li Xiao Nan to die or die with Li Xiao Nan.  

    He will soon be with her if he doesn’t drink or eat for five days and nights.

    The Li Chen in front of old Li could be described as haggard, pale and totally lost his former fierce spirit.

    He was a man who was indifferent and calm. There was nothing that could make him feel panicked. He was a hunter. After a loss, he would slowly cast his net, when the prey was lured into his net, he will fiercely tear the prey.

    Only Li Xiao Nan could make him go crazy.

    Old Li gently patted him on the shoulder. He didn’t dare use strength as he was afraid that he would knock people out by accident.

    “Li Chen, if Nan Nan sees you like this, she will be sad. Do you have the heart to make her sad?”

    Li Chen’s eyelashes didn’t even tremble.

    Old Li was angry and said: “Do you want Nan Nan’s sacrifice for you to be for naught? Li Chen, if you don’t eat or drink and continue like this, you will die. You really will! Look at your own virtue. Nan Nan always said her father was handsomer than a star and has better temperament than a model. But what kind of temperament do you have now!”

    Li Chen was still indifferent, his eyes fell quietly on the body in his arms, as if immersed in his own world and had difficulty to hear outside sounds.

    Old Li gasped for breath. “Okay, I’ll say a few more words. If you want to be like this, you can accompany Nan Nan to death. I should have never had you! But even if you’re going to die, shouldn’t you avenge Nan Nan? The traitor who revealed your whereabouts has been captured. It’s up to you to kill or torture him!”

    It seemed to entered Li Chen’s ears and his dead eyes finally slightly moved.

    “Where?” he asked, because he didn’t have water for the past few days, his voice became dry and hoarse and it was a little difficult to hear.

    Old Li breathed a sigh of relief and quickly replied: “The traitor is now in the basement of the Li family’s other villa.”

    Li Chen moved his arms and slowly placed the body he held onto the bed. He also carefully gave her a quilt.

    He touched the girl’s cold face, then leaned over and kissed her. He softly said in her ear, “Baby, you need to sleep for a while. Dad is busy and won’t take too long. Dad will come back soon. You should be good by yourself and don’t run around again.”

    Old Li looked at the gentle Li Chen and suddenly felt a sense of horror in his heart.

    It seems this was the first time he seen such a Li Chen, there was a devil living in Li Chen’s heart. At the moment of Li Xiao Nan’s death, the devil was released from Li Chen’s heart. In other words, Li Chen’s soul had been swallowed by the devil since long ago, the devil was asleep, but now he finally woken up…1Xue Ming is it you?!?!?!

    Li Chen finally cheered up from his words. Instead of asking to see the traitor at once, he slowly began to eat and drink. He also cleaned himself up and returned to the former devil who was decisive except for his slightly emaciated face.

    After that, he went to the basement.

    Old Li didn’t follow but could hear the screams from inside while in a daze. They were shrill and continuously flowed. After that, the bodyguards who followed Li Chen in, came out as pale as paper with extreme fear…

    These screams lasted for seven days, except for a few bodyguards, no one else knew what happened inside.

    Until the eighth day, two white-faced bodyguards came out with a bulging sack. Finally, they couldn’t help but vomit onto the ground.

    It wasn’t known where the bodyguards threw the sack, but from that day forward, there were no screams from the basement.

    After that, Li Chen returned to normal. He didn’t hold Li Xiao Nan’s body again. Instead, he watched her cremation with old Li, then her urn was buried.

    Old Li was very pleased. This was his son. He can overcome any difficulties.  

    But on the second day of Li Xiao Nan’s burial, old Li suddenly discovered something was wrong. Li Chen, who was still in bed, didn’t get up yet.

    Old Li called his old servant, Butler Wang, to knock on Li Chen’s door, which used to be the bedroom where Li Xiao Nan and Li Chen lived together.

    The knocks on the door continued for a long time, and no one answered from inside.

    Old Li’s body stumbled, and he almost couldn’t stand.

    Butler Wang quickly helped him, shook his head, and reached out to open the door.

    The room was a little dark and the curtain was shut tight. The room hadn’t been dark for long. Li Chen used to like the darkness, but since Li Xiao Nan entered his life, the room was kept in a state of sunshine all year round. In the early morning, Li Xiao Nan’s first action was to open the curtains and let the sunshine stream into the room, and Li Chen also developed this habit under her influence.

    Old Li looked at the man lying quietly on the bed and quietly cried out, “Li Chen?”

    The person on the bed didn’t answer. His face was very serene, obviously sleeping. However, when Butler Wang placed his finger under the tip of his nose, he couldn’t feel his breathing.

    Li Chen died.

    There were no wounds on his body and no signs of medication.

    No one knows how he died, as if his soul was suddenly pulled out of his body, and this body became soulless.

    Old Li thought he would be so sad that he would have fainted. But now, he discovered that he was calmer than what he expected.

    Perhaps, he had already expected such a day and was prepared.

    He couldn’t help but reflect that whether he has ever given Li Chen fatherly love in his life. From the moment Li Chen was born, he was treated as a successor. This child had no childhood, no maternal love, and even his father wasn’t competent.

    Therefore, when Li Xiao Nan appeared, she not only gave Li Chen familial affection, but also her simple and pure love, which naturally penetrated the softest place in Li Chen’s heart.  

    Li Xiao Nan was Li Chen’s whole world.

    When his world collapsed, his living state was a walking corpse.

    It was better to die like this.

TL Note: So, this arc was a bad end because the MC and ML didn’t get to live out their life naturally together and MC was forcibly ripped from ML’s hands. Also, Li Chen basically kills himself in the end over grief.

I’m really busy at work and back to 60 hours per week and have a lot of things to do in real, so will be missing releases.

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    Thank you for the chapter. I really liked how we got to see the aftermath.

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    Ah? Did he kill himself? There were no wounds, no poisoning. Furthermore, the line “As if his soul was suddenly pulled out of his body” gave me the impression that the male lead was done with this vessel now that the protagonist was gone, and decided to chase after her.

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    Choco Cookie

    If I remenver correctly, then the ML of the first world also comitted suicide…but on a whole different scale, he basically took hundreds of others into hell with him over his grief due to the MC’s “death” XD The MC was also pregnant and had to leave the world without ever seeing her child open his eyes for the first time XDD Gosh, honestly…that moved me much more than this “bad ending” XDDD

    I can’t help but feel some resentment towards Li Chen for giving up his life after the MC sacrificed hers in order to save him. Him dying so soon is basically spitting on her efforts to keep him alive. It’s like…her sacrifice was for naught and a waste of energy X’DD
    By the way; thanks for the translation!! I really do enjoy reading this XD I will miss this series while your attention is on other novels XDD

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    :'( its not so bad ending… It ended how you’d expect. What else was Li Chen going to do? That was the natural path of the character. That’s what I like about Chinese novels, they don’t shy away from tragedies if anything it happens too often.

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      Novice TL Admin

      bad ending to not live with the one you love QAQ;;
      Anyways, thats the more mild one of Nan Xun dying.
      Hehe let’s see how the next arc ends. I have no idea.

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    Thank you!!!

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    I thought the bad ending is for the palace setting lol
    Thank you! I hope arc 3 is more interesting. I was wondering though, MC is a guifei which is pretty high right? And the girl she hit was called beauty by the emperor so probably the beauty title isn’t high, no?

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    Hi , im sorry to bother but there was no link to confirm the subscription in the email..

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      You have to manually move it from the spam folder to your inbox. Or the link will not appear. It’s the safety feature in spam that doesn’t allow clickable URL’s to appear.

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    Hmm well it seems like for her to be able to pass on she would have to die anyways right since when she was with Fu Yu she also died from losing too much yang (I think? at least she was super pale and unhealthy) and it seems like he literally can’t live without her so I do wonder what happened to Fu Yu. But I wonder whats going to happen with her being a concubine, ahhh I truly love this story so much, it’s so interesting and the scene changes really allow you to stay engaged instead of being bored with similar concepts throughout the novel.

    Thank you so much NTLA for sharing all of your hard work with us!! I don’t care if I have to wait a month between chapters, I’m grateful to be able to partake in this at all considering my inability to learn Chinese (it’s so hard to memorize that I really began appreciating English). Thank you for your footnotes as well, it’s so thoughtful of you <3

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      Novice TL Admin

      Thanks so much for following until now. The past 2-3 weeks have been hectic for me between being sick for 2 weeks and having to increase my work hours to 50-60hours (so when i do get home i just want to relax and be dead asleep).

      Haha unfortunately I couldn’t finish up my other series while on hiatus on this series. Planning to restart it this coming Monday, just taking a longer break since I know this upcoming series is Ancient Times and will take more effort on my end to translate it accurately. I’m not very knowledgeable or familiar with ancient times terms.

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    Thank youuuuu i tried reading the raw version with google translate but some words made my head hurts reading it. I want to thank you for your hard work in translations

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      Novice TL Admin

      Your welcome..this upcoming arc is a pain since it’s ancient times words and google translate doesn’t really help with it.

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    This is so sad, old Li did care and didn’t know how to give familia love. Now that black hair die and white hair moves on it’s a wonder when I think of the 2nd arc where Nan committed about such tragic love and death.
    Nan liked old Li, and would have probably damned Li Chen for leaving such a gentle kind grandfather….

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    Uwaah I am so sad for Old Li…he only had one son and now he’s alone 🙁 Who will carry his name and legacy….

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      Novice TL Admin

      Bro you been binge reading for like 14 hours now.

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    I feel sorry for everyone but especially grandpa… that old man really knew this could not end in anything less than an epic tragedy!

    (And seriously, ML’s soul basically expires shortly after her and follows her around, right?)

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    I finallt wrote a comment. In my opinion, arc 3 has not too bad end, arc 2 has a slightly bad end, and arc 1 has super bad end. I just feel hollow when ML died first. But if it were the MC who left first, the empty feeling is a lot less.

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    I am curious what kind of work the translator does…cause I can not imagine workinf 60 hours a week!!!

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      Novice TL Admin

      I work as a production engineer at oil and gas company, those companies don’t care about employees and expect you to work alongside their peak. But now that oil is worth nothing, they laid me off. Haha what is company loyalty?!

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    Im sad for the Nan Nan, Lichen and Old Li😔😭

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    Fudge, that was sad

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    I honestly have never liked the quick transmigration novels where the male leads follow the female lead, but this novel does it so well and it makes sense and it’s not just the system punching them together. I’m a bit embarrassed that I’ve never finished one and don’t know the reason because I’ve always stopped reading.

    Also I’ve been binge reading this since like 2 days ago and I’m in love with translator. Ily so much. You post all of these new books that you’ve picked up and I can’t wait to read them, but I have to get to the end of this novel first because I know I will forget the plot if I start reading other things

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      UHH this novel is my longest novel, you can MTL the rest which is pretty good on other sites. This novel will probably take another 2-3 years for me to complete. I started to co-translate this so I can work on my other novels during that downtime.

      I can’t guarantee you will like the other novels I’ve worked on haha. The next recommendation I would do for you is either Seeking Good Temptation or My Husband with Scholar Syndrome

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    Hmm my thoughts are Xue Ming was probably awakened and decided that it’s time to leave since it’s not worth living in a world where Xun Xun isn’t there. The hints were the devil awakening plus when Li Chen died, “no wounds and no sign of medication” as well as “…as if his soul was suddenly pulled out of his body, and this body became soulless.”

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