The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 101

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World 4: The Tyrant’s Cold Palace Abandoned Fei

    The cold palace that Nan Xun reside in was called Chi Mu Palace which wasn’t a good name to listen to.1Chi Mu means past one’s prime

    Little servant girl Cuihuan cried and hawed while cleaning, “Niang niang,2A form of address others have towards imperial concubines how could the emperor be like this to you, you just entered the palace less than three months ago. He never visited you and today he unexpectedly beat you because of that bad Li Shu fei and sent you to the cold palace! The emperor’s heart is cold towards the Qin family, ah.”

    Nan Xun secretly ate the body-strengthening pill that little eight gave her and her bones were repaired. She slowly moved to the couch and laid down. She softly said, “I’m afraid that the emperor is already having thoughts against the Qin family.”

    The little girl was alarmed. “What? How could the emperor kick a benefactor in the teeth? If it weren’t for lao taiye,3lao taiye – elderly gentleman/esteemed father, how a servant calls the master how could there be the big Yan country?”

    Nan Xun glanced at the little girl and said in her heart, how could her mother’s family give her such a stupid girl. Could such words be said casually?

    But soon, Nan Xun knew why. This little girl Cuihuan looked very unremarkable but was unexpectedly a hidden expert! Especially her lightness technique, tsk, inside the imperial palace she could leap onto roofs and vault over walls. She could go anywhere she wanted, it was fucking awesome!

    Cuihuan cleaned the entire cold palace and went to find medicine for Nan Xun. During this period, she naturally felt less awkward because the little girl’s eyes were red when she returned, but she rigidly held two packets of medicine in her hand.  

    “Cuihuan, later I won’t ask for help. I’ll cover you.” Nan Xun touched the little girl’s head and thought this little girl was very reliable.

    Cuihuan wept and agreed, then went to the kitchen to decoct the medicinal herbs.  

    Nan Xun leaned on her chin and began to ponder over some issues. “Little eight ah, I think something is wrong. Why does the emperor look at me with such strong disgust? Don’t tell me that Qin Buyao done something hateful?”

    Little eight coughed. “I was about to tell you this matter.”

    When she heard little eight’s tone, Nan Xun suddenly had a bad premonition.

    “This emperor is your target this time. This big villainous boss has an evil value of 100.” Little eight said.

    Nan Xun unexpectedly wasn’t surprised, “This ah, I guessed.”

    Little eight was shocked. “I haven’t said it yet, how did you guess?”

    Nan Xun’s mouth was bent. “Because Emperor Yan’s legs are long, and he didn’t look like a person of good character.”

    After clearing his throat, little eight said that she was really clever, then began to falter before he continued, “This is the case, now the emperor is…reborn.”

    The cheap tea that just entered Nan Xun’s mouth readily sprayed out.

    “Little eight, what did you just said?” Nan Xun’s eyes were round.

    Little eight explained: “Sometimes one or two people step on luck in some worlds, the villain is no exception. He got the chance of rebirth and returned to the time when he just ascended the throne.”

    Nan Xun’s face was like a dead person when she said: “Little eight, don’t beat around the bush. You directly say what Qin Buyao did in his last life that disgusted him, okay.”

    “Oh, in fact, it’s nothing. In his previous life, the emperor didn’t exercise tyranny. The officials were dissatisfied and the emperor’s younger brother, Xianwang directly joined forces with General Qin to usurp the throne. After Xianwang ascended the throne and established you as empress. By chance, your coronation ceremony was the same day that the emperor died in prison after drinking poison.”

    Nan Xun: ……

    “Baby, you said that it’s nothing?”

    Little eight coughed twice and stopped talking.

    Nan Xun crooned: “Let’s talk about it, okay. What happened before the one-time celebration, give me a clear explanation of this time.”

    Little eight saw that she wasn’t in the mood and continued: “You and Xianwang are childhood sweethearts, but in order to win over and entangle with the Qin family, the emperor issued an imperial edict for you to enter the imperial palace. By the way, you asked me why the emperor hated you so much, because he discovered you were fooling around with Xianwang before he died in his previous life. By chance, he personally witnessed you two having sexual intercourse on more than one occasion. Oh, if the emperor wasn’t afraid of the Qin family’s powerful army, he would have made you two adulterers bloody on the spot~”

    Nan Xun’s face was stupid.

    “Little eight ah.” Nan Xun softly called.

    “Ai, what’s the matter?” Little eight asked.

    “You made me wear Qin Buyao. This Qin Buyao gave the emperor a green hat in his previous life and was caught by the emperor several times. Are you really not teasing me? You gave me this identity and a big boss with an evil value of 100. Do you think my soul is capable of bringing light to the earth?”

    Little eight: “It can’t be helped. In fact, Li Shu fei was the most suitable, but she was killed by Qin Buyao in her last life. Although the emperor is reborn, it’s hard to guarantee that she won’t encounter the same tragedy. Moreover, her body wasn’t compatible with your soul. To sum it up, I chose Qin Buyao.”

    Nan Xun tugged on the corner of her mouth, “You mean, this Li Shu fei was killed by Qin Buyao in her last life?”  

    Little eight en and asked, “What’s the matter? Do you have a problem?”

    Nan Xun directly looked up at the sky. “Can’t you see the emperor’s attitude towards Li Shu fei?”  

    Little eight said, “See ah, in the emperor’s previous life before he was removed from his position, the entire harem worked to yingying yanyan4To describe a woman’s crying or this phrase also mean that they were trying their best to seduce him without exception and were restless to stand up but only this Li Shu fei was killed by you. The emperor always thought she was good and naturally after his rebirth, she stood out from the masses.”

    Nan Xun coldly mocked: “You let her live until the emperor loses his position, then you can see whether she is good or not. She will definitely jump in that difficult time to someone with power.”

    Little eight said: “But the emperor didn’t get the opportunity to see it? In his mind, Li Shu fei is very simple.”

    Nan Xun immediately said: “Is his eyes covered with paste?”

    Little eight said, “Short oil, why are you subtly talking like that, that his eyes are covered with paste?”

    Nan Xun was very reserved, “I’m a dignified and elegant guifei, how could I say such filthy words?”

    Little eight: …

    She was really quick to enter the play ah.

    Nan Xun said with regret: “Unfortunately I was sent to the cold palace as soon as I arrived, otherwise I could carry the airs of a guifei for a few days.”

    Little eight: “Oh, it really is regrettable ah ~”

    Nan Xun touch her chin. “You say, why didn’t this tyrant directly kill me, but sentence me to the cold palace? What’s in his heart?”

    Little eight scoffed, “Now the tyrant is psychologically distorted, and everyone wants to kill him. Especially you, a slut, do you think he can solve his hatred by killing the person he wants to kill the most?”

    “Is it possible to get rid of his hatred by locking me in the cold palace?”

    Little eight seriously said: “So I wonder what his plans are to vent out his big grievance.”

    Nan Xun yawned lazily. “The soldiers will block the water and cover the land. Even if we make big moves, I’m afraid he won’t come.”

    When Nan Xun was about to fall asleep, she suddenly remembered what little eight promised her and asked, “Little eight, you said that I don’t need to make pancakes in this world, right?”

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