The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 102

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Look, Perform a Sword Dance, Drink Tea and Bask in the Sun

   Little eight heard Nan Xun’s doubts and patted his chest to reaffirm her doubts, “When haven’t I fulfilled a promise?”

    Nan Xun hehe, then closed her eyes and took a nap.

    Little eight had always felt that Nan Xun’s sentence was full of ridicule and contempt.

    “It’s true. I didn’t cheat you this time. I know this tyrant’s big secret!” Little eight said quickly.

    It was a very reliable beast. Nan Xun’s taunting hehe had simply insulted this beast’s capabilities.

    Nan Xun lazily opened her eyes and indifferently said, “Oh? I don’t know what the big secret is?” 

    Little eight whispered, “I tell you, oh, this tyrant, don’t just look at his appearance. He’s handsome and tall, but actually…hee hee has no libido.”

    Nan Xun’s eyes widened with a swish and glistened brightly. A sense of unexplained excitement ran throughout her body. She almost formed a pair of wings and flew. 

    “Little eight, you didn’t cheat me, did you?”

    “No. This tyrant had libido in his last life, but I think there is a shadow in his heart, so he can’t do it in this life.”

    However, in the next few days, little eight started talking.

    Cuihuan gave her daily report as usual. The emperor had spoiled Xing the other day, Zhao Rong the day before yesterday and Li Shu fei yesterday.

    Little eight hastily tried to explain, but Nan Xun no longer wanted to listen.

    Cuihuan had just served tea, and seeing her niang niang enjoying the cheap tea, she indignantly said, “Niang niang! Why aren’t you anxious at all? Ah, if it goes on like this, niang niang will really stay in the cold palace for a lifetime! Otherwise, let this slave servant secretly sneak out of the palace to inform lao taiye and laoye, okay?”

    Nan Xun expertly poked the little girl’s forehead with her finger. “Cuihuan, you’re stupid ah. Do you think the emperor will just throw me in the cold palace? Do you think it’s so simple? He must have sent someone to spy on us secretly. If a big person suddenly disappears, wouldn’t he know?”

    Cuihuan was even more sullen. “Then, we can only resign to this fate?”

    Nan Xun smiled. “We’re not resigning to fate, but to preserve and nurture our spirit. If something big happens in the palace, even if the emperor intentionally tries to block the news, not even two or three days will pass before an informer takes the news from the palace and passes it to grandfather and father.”

    Cuihuan thought about it and finally gave up the idea of leaving the palace to report, but she was still very happy to go out and steal some flowers, seeds, vegetables, etc. 

    “Niang Niang, I stole all the flowers and vegetables you asked me to steal.” Cuihuan said with a smile.

    Nan Xun hooked her nose and praised, “Good girl, good job.”

    Little eight couldn’t help but mutter, “You look like daddy Li Chen when he doted on you.”

    Nan Xun’s movements went stiff.

    Little eight suddenly stopped talking as if he realized that he had said something he shouldn’t have said.

    Nan Xun went to the yard with Cuihuan to dig the soil. Cuihuan dug a pit and Nan Xun sprinkled the vegetables into it. She started to plant flowers after planting the vegetables.

    The reason why she was growing vegetables was because Nan Xun only ate scraps of cold soup every day to the point of nausea, and the reason for planting flowers was because she wanted to drink some floral tea to replace the cheap and unappetizing tea.

    Although the Chi Mu palace was a cold palace, there were all kinds of things. For example, there was a water well in the yard. It was said that more than n number of imperial concubines had drowned there before. There was also a thick locust tree in the yard, which was very convenient for people to hang themselves with.

    Nan Xun wasn’t afraid that so many people had died there. She had even encountered a fierce ghost, why would she be afraid of those little ghosts? She just had some doubts such as, was the water from the well even safe to drink?

    When little eight discovered her concerns, he immediately gave her a water purification pill and she dropped it into the well, so the water was purified, and her mood was better.

    The water problem was solved and so was the food problem. Now, all that remained was entertainment.

    Nan Xun had no hobbies. It was enough to sword dance and practice shadowboxing. She placed a soft cushion on a board under the big locust tree and made a swing. 

    Next to the swing was a rocking chair, a small table with some nuts and fruits and a pot of steaming tea.

    Nan Xun lazily fell on the rocking chair and swayed, then sighed contentedly as she basked in the warm sunshine. It was so comfortable that she could have fallen asleep. 

    Little eight was furious. “Did you forget why you are here? Come on, actually enjoying yourself in the cold palace!”

    Living in the cold palace like it was a five-star hotel, Nan Xun was the only one in the world who would do this. 

    Nan Xun yawned and comforted him, “Aren’t I trying to lure the tyrant here? He thinks I’m miserable, but now I’m living so freely against his wishes. Look, he will make a move soon.”

    Little eight was appeased by her for the time being, but deep down, he still felt that Nan Xun was making up excuses for her laziness, which was quite convincing.

    They waited like this for three months, the vegetables in the garden had ripened, and red and purple flowers bloomed beautifully. The swing under the locust tree was covered with scattered locust petals full of fragrance.

    Nan Xun sword danced in the yard.

    She had previously known some simple sword techniques. In addition, Qin Buyao was a general’s daughter and gained much knowledge from Qin laoye and proficiently performed a sword dance.

    Nan Xun wore a simple white palace dress with her hair tied up in a high bun and when loosened, her hair trailed to her waist. 

    The woman in white performed a light and elegant sword dance. She truly looked like a dragon flying fast and roaming gracefully.

    The beautiful sword coupled with the beautiful blooming flowers with the fragrant locust flowers provoked a stunning image of the beauty in white amidst the petals and fragrance. 

    Cuihuan stood beside her and looked at her. She held a teapot in her hand, ready to serve tea at any time. 

    At last, watching the beauty put away her beautiful sword and walking towards her, Cuihuan hurriedly rushed to wipe her sweat and pour her tea.

    “Niang niang, this is newly brewed floral tea made by this slave yesterday. Please taste it.” Cuihuan urged impatiently.

    Nan Xun touched her head with a smile, took the tea and drained it in one gulp. She clicked her tongue twice, “The floral tea made by my family’s Cuihuan is different. It’s very delicious.” 

    Cuihuan’s face was flushed from her praises. “One of these days, this slave is going to exchange jasmine tea for niang niang. This slave made several types of scented tea for niang niang to try in the future.”

    Nan Xun smiled and said, “good”, then lazily laid on the rocking chair. 

    Cuihuan quickly and diligently held up a book and presented it to her, “Niang niang, this slave obtained this book yesterday. It should at least take niang niang seven or eight days to read it.”

    “My family’s Cuihuan is so considerate, thank you baby Cuihuan.” Nan Xun beamed as she hooked the little girl’s chin.

    Cuihuan shyly patted Nan Xun’s paw and replied coyly, “Niang niang, thank you for your words. Ah, truly this slave ought to do these things.”

    Little eight: …

    Come on ah, fangirl.

TL Note: Sounds like a yuri chapter….servant x guifei???

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