The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 103

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Ahhh, A lot of Poisonous Snakes 

   Eat, drink, sleep, and there was a small enthusiastic servant who served attentively. Little eight thought that Nan Xun’s life was too comfortable.   

   He actually wanted to remind Nan Xun that the big boss villain had just arrived. 

   To be exact, these days, the big boss had come every day and watched Nan Xun for a long time before turning around and leaving with a sneer.   

   Today, however, the tyrant boss watched slightly longer than usual. His appearance was dull and there was no sneer.   

   He felt the big tyrant boss had some fluctuations in his mood. Although the evil value didn’t decrease, it was a good thing, hee hee…   

   However, little eight’s good mood didn’t last long. That night, he was awakened by Nan Xun’s scream.   

   Little eight yawned, “What’s the matter—what the fuck?! Ah, why are there so many poisonous snakes!” 

   Nan Xun’s house was full of poisonous snakes, on the bed and the ground. A green spotted snake climbed the bed pole above her head and hissed at her.   

   Nan Xun glared at its small eyes for a long time. The green spotted snake tilted its head towards her, but didn’t move forward, instead it bounced directly from the bed post and steadily landed on Nan Xun’s hand. Then, it stretched out its tongue and flicked it on the back of her hand.   

   This same occurrence happened with the other poisonous snakes, they hovered over her for a long time, then displayed kindness.   

   Nan Xun: … 

   Little eight: … 

   “Is it because my soul has been infected with Xue Ming’s aura, so these poisonous snakes fear me? But that’s not right. At most, Xue Ming’s aura resides in Zuili Xuan’s body at most and my soul has never been stained by his aura, right?” Nan Xun was a little confused. 

   Little eight was also a little confused, “Was it because you laid a….snake egg?”   

   Regardless of the reason, Nan Xun had escaped a calamity. One person and one beast hadn’t expected that the tyrant boss was so desperate to this extent. Come on, directly placing so many poisonous snakes to bite Nan Xun.   

   To die in the bellies of the group of poisonous snakes, was really … 

   At first, Nan Xun saw the group of poisonous snakes crawling around and it scared her soul out of her body. But now, when she saw some of the little snakes were acting coquettish towards her, somehow, feelings of love overflowed.   

   After her egg hatched, would it be a small snake with big eyes?   

   Yes, the egg would also have a pair of fleshy wings and small claws. The snake scale would be the same color as ruby as well as the eyes.   

   It was so cute, thinking about it.   

   Nan Xun touched the head of the small snake, and her eyes were doting, “Little darling, don’t come out at night and frighten people. Go back, okay. What will you do?”   

   It didn’t take long before the poisonous snakes left one after the other. Before they left, they reluctantly flicked their tongues out to her in farewell.   

   Outside Chi Mu Palace, a man in a black robe embroidered with a silver dragon stood. 

   The man’s expression was hidden in the night, only a pair of indifferent eyes were seen, silent in the dark without emotional fluctuations.   

   After hearing the woman’s horrified cry, his eyes flickered slightly. At the next moment, the corner of his mouth was raised into a cold thin sneer.   

   After waiting for a while, a man in black flew out of the cold palace yard and knelt in front of him. 

   “What about Qin Buyao’s bones, I want to see with my own eyes that slut’s miserable appearance. Being bitten by a group of snakes, this feeling is good.” The corner of the man’s mouth hooked into a smile, but his eyes were full of hatred etched to the bone.   

   These women ah, when he was in a high position, their mouths were as sweet as honey ah. But once a great catastrophe was imminent, they flew immediately.   

   These hypocritical, dirty women! 

   What disgusted him the most was Qin Buyao, that whore dared to hook up with his good brother right under his nose!   

   He didn’t think that in this life, Qin Buyao could act like this. She probably guessed that he would monitor her, so these days, she showed her most charming side?   

   That’s right, she performed a sword dance, drank tea, read books and smiled. She looked so charming. But if he wasn’t reborn, how could he have ever known there was a hidden intention under such beautiful skin. How could he have known that her ugly heart was vicious!   

   He can’t wait, can’t wait to tear up this bitch’s disguise, he wants her dead now! 

   He wants this bitch to die! 

   Yanmo Han looked at Chi Mu Palace with a sneer. He didn’t hear the kneeling shadow guard’s reply after a long time. He couldn’t help but twist his brows. “Didn’t you hear what I said? Go and carry out that slut Qin Buyao’s bones to me.”   

   The shadow guard’s entire body was black, even his face was covered with a black cloth and only two eyes were exposed. Hearing this, he quickly bowed his head and there was a trace of surprise in his eyes. “Reporting to master, there was an accident. Qin Meiren1this is an imperial ranking for consorts wasn’t bitten by the poisonous snakes. Not only that, I saw Qin Meiren teasing these poisonous snakes…she didn’t seem afraid of them and those poisonous snakes didn’t bite her.”   

   Yanmo Han’s cold eyes suddenly sank, “What did you say?” 

   The shadow guard repeated his previous words.   

   Yanmo Han’s eyes became dim. He shook his fist and stared at Chi Mu Palace in the night.   

   After a while, he saw a group of poisonous snakes crawling out one after the other and he didn’t smell any blood from them.   

   They had no flesh. 

   “Second shadow, deal with these poisonous snakes.” Yanmo coldly said.   

   The kneeling man in black responded and flew away in a blink of an eye. 

   Yanmo Han finally glanced at the deserted twilight palace and turned to leave. 

   That night, Nan Xun, who sent away the poisonous snakes, soon fell asleep, and slept soundly. But in Longming Palace, the tyrant boss was unable to sleep because of Nan Xun.   

   Yanmo Han kept his eyes open until dawn, the cold murderous eyes became stronger and stronger with killing intent, it could destroy the world.   

   Nan Xun lived leisurely for a few more days. 

   It was great to be dazed while swinging. 

   “Cuihuan, what has the emperor done to the Qin family recently?” Nan Xun asked while swinging.   

   Cuihuan replied: “The emperor is dividing and transferring the Qin family’s forces bit by bite, but the Qin family’s army is as strong as iron. What is the emperor thinking to be dividing and moving their power?”   

   Cuihuan’s proud tone made Nan Xun’s mouth twitch. This little girl had such an attitude, does that mean the other Qin family members will have their nose to the sky?   

   No wonder the tyrant boss was thinking of destroying the Qin family as soon as he came to power.   

   However, Nan Xun felt that although the Qin family was a bit proud, they never thought of bullying others and they didn’t have the consciousness of people with great power. It was said that her grandfather was a wild man before he conquered the world with the first emperor.   

   It didn’t matter if they were martial artists, how could they consider so many twists and turns?   

   It was predicted that the reason why the former Qin head helped in the revolution was because the tyrant boss carried out tyranny and made people miserable.   

   Nan Xun couldn’t help but shiver at the thought that the big boss was reborn and tortured to death in his last life. While she was wearing the “slut” who betrayed him.   

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    Huh… our FL is basically in the “villainess” role in this arc, isn’t she? It’s gonna be hard to dig herself out of that mighty big hole…

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    Lol…because…she laid a snake egg in her past life..hahahhahahaha XDDD & probably because she rolled in the sheets with a very big + powerful snake. Recalling these events like that sounds hella weird though :’D But still, being reminded of the first world makes me so sad ;A; It is definitely my fav world yet XDD

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    Omg when they were both like…oh because you are a snake’s mom! And she went like, ooooh is this how my son would look like? Soooooo cuteeee koetsie koetsie lollll

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