The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 104

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Proofread by Shiny 

Insult, Extinguish Your Life 

Little servant girl Cuihuan massaged Nan Xun’s shoulder and reported the news to her.   

   Nan Xun listened quietly and gave an “en” from time to time 

   A few days ago, the tyrant had released poisonous snakes. Cuihuan hadn’t seemed to know about it and Nan Xun hadn’t told her. She was afraid to frighten the little girl, but she had Cuihuan be more vigilant.   

   Cuihuan’s martial arts skill definitely ranked high, but the big boss tyrant slipped so many poisonous snakes into Chi Mu Palace without her knowing. The other party’s martial arts were obviously greater than Cuihuan and it was likely that Cuihuan was knocked unconscious during that time.   

   If it wasn’t for little eight’s information, Nan Xun would have been in a panic and wouldn’t have been able to sleep these days. Who knew what kind of harm the tyrant would ensure her with.   

   Little eight was very aggrieved, but Nan Xun slept like a pig while he had to be vigilant every night.   

   One person and one beast thought they were temporarily safe, but they underestimated the tyrant boss’s desperation.   

   Nan Xun sat on the swing and ate melon seeds while Cuihuan made her tea when little eight suddenly cried out, “This isn’t good, it’s not good!”   

   Nan Xun subconsciously answered, “Fire?” 

   “Fire QQ!1It’s some vulgar slang, meaning you don’t understand, what do you know? There are four people outside, all of them are experts! They came to take your dog’s life, I fear this is ordered by the tyrant boss!”   

   Nan Xun’s mouth twitched. 

   … Dog’s life. 

   Well, she may be worse than a dog in the eyes of the tyrant boss. 

   At this time, Cuihuan also noticed the movement, and the little girl’s eyes suddenly became murderous. She murmured, “Niang niang, you go back to the house first!” and 

   Nan Xun listened to her and decisively returned to the house. 

   However, she immediately came out again, with a sword in her hand. 

   Cuihuan froze and said, “Niang Niang, you’re very precious, so don’t make fun of this slave!”   

   Nan Xun made a silent gesture towards her and looked up the wall.   

   Not long after, four black shadows entered one after the other from outside the wall. They had their faces covered and held a big blade in their hands.   

   The four men in black said nothing and directly headed to Nan Xun.   

   Cuihuan guarded Nan Xun and took the lead.   

   The other party was clearly prepared. Two of the men in black trapped Cuihuan to one side, while the remaining two aimed at Nan Xun. 

   Nan Xun wasn’t afraid. She stabbed her sword towards one of their heads.     

   The man in black was dazed and almost got hit by the sword.   

   The woman’s fast, accurate and ruthless sword surprised them. They exchanged a look and immediately changed their tactics. 

   Nan Xun’s sword skills were powerful but there was insufficient internal strength, soon her sword fell into the wind. 

   With a stab, a man in black actually cut through Nan Xun’s dress with his blade. 

   There was another stab, and one sleeve was also cut off, revealing her fair arm. 

   Then on her chest, the upper part of her clothes was cut to the ground, revealing a large red bellyband inside.   

   “Niang Niang! You beasts!” Cuihuan screamed in horror, but it was futile to break through. 

   She watched as the two men in black changed their methods and insulted her Niang Niang. She wanted to split their hearts and cut them to pieces!   

   Nan Xun had already guessed the tyrant boss’s intention. 

   Were they specifically ordered to insult her? 

   Nan Xun looked at the two men in black in front of her and curled her lips. “Did Yanmo Han ask you to come? Coward! If he has the ability, come look for me and insult me personally.”   

   When the man in black heard her words, his face changed.   

   How dare this woman call the emperor’s name, it was taboo, and even said such a thing, she didn’t fear death!   

   Nan Xun waited for the two to be distracted when she suddenly waved her sleeves and spilled out a handful of drugs.   

   The two men in black in front of her swayed and fainted, just like this…they collapsed.   

   Nan Xun’s upper body’s bellyband was exposed, but she didn’t care about it, instead she directly raised her sword and it fell. It stabbed the nearest person’s leg.   

   “Ah-” The man in black who hadn’t completely passed out screamed.   

   Just when Nan Xun was about to stab the other man in black, the two men in black who were entangled with Cuihuan had already arrived hurriedly. They both picked up one each and fled.   

   Nan Xun narrowed her eyes slightly and watched these people fly off the wall. She raised her sword and threw it.   

   The man in black who was carrying his accomplice who was stabbed in the thigh couldn’t help but groan. He fell off the wall and fell out of the yard.   

   When Nan Xun and Cuihuan rushed over, there was only a pool of blood left in the corner and the people in black disappeared.   

   Chuihuan hugged Nan Xun and cried. She said while sniffling, “Today is a bad day for Niang Niang! To be insulted by those two beasts!”   

   Suddenly thinking of something, Cuihuan quickly took the cloak and wrapped Nan Xun, returned her back to the house and her pair of eyes swelled into walnuts.   

   Nan Xun didn’t think much about it. Anyway, it was just an arm and her shoulders that were exposed. However, the ancients were a little conservative, they thought this was similar to dying. But Cuihuan was so desperate that she had several cuts on her body.   

   After entering the house, Nan Xun took hemostatic medicine and personally sprinkled it on Cuihuan which moved the little girl to tears. 

   Yanmo Han couldn’t wait for the news that Qin Buyao would die of shame after being insulted. Instead, he saw some of his most powerful shadow guards staggering back.   

   To be exact, second shadow and third shadow carried fourth shadow and fifth shadow. They fled back in embarrassment and there was a sword in third shadow’s thigh and blood flowed out along the blade.   

   He knew it was the bitch’s sword. 

   Fourth shadow and fifth shadow both passed out and were in a coma. Fifth shadow’s lower body bled excessively, and it can be known at a glance his life was about to be extinguished.   

   Yanmo Han was shocked. 

   This situation is completely different from what he had imagined, what had that slut done!   

   Second shadow reported the incident to the person in front of him, then third shadow added in Nan Xun’s bold words.   

   Yanmo Han’s eyes suddeny sank and his eyes narrowed slowly.   

   “That slut guessed that I sent you to insult her? And said I’m a coward?”   

   Suddenly, he doubted whether this was the same Qin Buyao that he knew.   

   Second shadow and third shadow knelt on the ground, their hangs hanging. They seldom failed their task, but this time, they had failed. It was true that it was related to the emperor’s request that they humiliate her and not harm her life, but the woman’s moves were fierce, and her one hand sword technique was very powerful. If they had fought her 1 on 1, they wouldn’t have the upper hand.   

   Yanmo Han coldly waved his sleeves. The deep internal power brought out a strong wind. He slapped the faces of shadow two and shadow three.   

   They were slapped to the ground and spat blood, but they didn’t dare make a sound.   

   “Trash, can’t even clean up a woman!” Yanmo Han sighed angrily. 

   He suddenly thought of something, the man’s cold eyes sized the guards and guessed: “Or did you see that bitch’s beautiful looks and deliberately let her go?”   

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