The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 105

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In the Future, I Will Do the Job Myself 

    Second shadow and third shadow listened to the emperor’s gloomy words and were scared into kowtowing their heads hurriedly.  

    Third shadow said, “Master, this subordinate doesn’t dare, doesn’t have the courage to dare covet master’s person! Master knows it!”  

    Second shadow calmly explained, “Master, I just personally witnessed Qin Meiren extinguish fifth shadow’s life and fourth shadow was almost poisoned to death. So, in a hurry, we rescued them. Master, wait a moment! We will go there again and insult Qin Meiren!”  

    After second shadow finished speaking, he wanted to take third shadow and go. Unexpectedly the man in front of him suddenly snapped, “No need! Didn’t that bitch say I’m a coward, I…will, personally, insult, her.”  

    Second shadow and third shadow looked at each other and somewhat couldn’t understand the emperor’s words.  

    Personally insulting Qin Meiren? But being “insulted” by the emperor was something that every woman in the harem yearned for. Wasn’t this woman too cheap to be personally insulted by the emperor? 

    In fact, what was more puzzling for several people was, when did Qin Meiren anger the emperor? Or was it because of the Qin family?  

    Not quite. 

    The emperor couldn’t eat or sleep well these days. All he thought about was Qin Meiren. Of course, it wasn’t that kind of “thinking”, but how to make Qin Meiren’s life worse than death.  

    A sense of compassion gave birth in second shadow’s heart. Today, this woman who raised her sword had clear eyes and a resolute attitude. How was it the same as the “whore” from the emperor’s mouth?  

    After a few shadow guards retreated, Yanmo Han walked a few steps towards Chi Mu Palace.1Remember Chi Mu means past one’s prime…so funny 

    The soles of his feet looked like the wind, there was a sense of urgency that he couldn’t even explain.  

    That’s not right. The kind of Qin Buyao was wrong. In their previous life, she had a strong personality. She was willful and arrogant. Even if she was as gorgeous as the peach plums, she didn’t leave a favorable impression. But in this life, she seemed to restrain some of her arrogance which was particularly moving.   

    Yanmo Han soon arrived outside the gate of Chi Mu Palace.   

    A dilapidated lantern hung crookedly outside the cold palace door. Although he couldn’t see clearly in the night, he clearly knew the path as he had snuck here numerous times in the past. The broken lantern was dusted and cleaned.  

    The original dilapidated yard was neatly cleaned, and the weeds in the yard were gone. Instead, it was replaced by green vegetables and various fragrant flowers and plants. It was beautiful. 

    Yanmo Han’s eyes flashed with uncertainty at a certain moment, but soon, the bone deep hatred returned. He would never forget his last life. When he was forced to drink intestinal poison in his cell, how loud the firecrackers and drums were outside.   

    Hehe, everyone was celebrating, who remembered him who was in jail? 

    He hated Yanmo Yu, the king of Yin, he hated Qin Buyao even more. It was her cooperation with Yanmo Yu. If not, how could he lose so badly?  

    That pair of dog woman and man, since he crawled back from hell, he would never let them live a good life!   

    Suddenly, he thought of something, the corners of his mouth hooked slightly.  

    Yanmo Han didn’t look at Chi Mu Palace again. He directly went to Li Shufei’s Chen Xi Palace.  

    Because it was sudden, Li Shufei didn’t know that the emperor was in her palace. In the palace, a woman in a pink smoky silk dress sat on a chair to rest while the girl next to her carefully fanned her.  

    “Niang Niang, yesterday the emperor went to Wang Chongyuan.” Another girl next to her went to serve her tea and indignantly said: “What is Wang Chongyuan, she dares to compete with Niang Niang?”  

    Li Shufei’s beautiful apricot eyes slightly perked up and she smirked, “Isn’t it just a little daughter of a small fifth rank official, and she wants to compete in the palace? The emperor is just trying something fresh for a while. They say the most beautiful person in the harem is Qin Buyao, the general’s daughter. But what about it? It’s only been three months after entering the palace and the emperor rejected her, hehehe…”  

    The girl next to her also laughed, “Who in this entire harem can compare with Niang Niang? Out of the four imperial harem of the first rank, the virtuous concubine and guifei are both vacant. There’s nothing to fear, you are the only one in the imperial palace. As long as the emperor’s favor is there, Niang Niang can continue to flourish.”  

    Li Shufei was intrigued, took a pair of scissors to trim the peony flowers on the table, and after listening to the girl’s words, she suddenly cut a beautifully blooming flower.  

    Her eyes fell instantly. “No flower can bloom for a hundred days.2The good times will not last long Do you really think the emperor can spoil ben gong for a lifetime? Now ben gong is young and beautiful, but sooner or later, there will be a day that age will fade beauty. What ben gong needs now is a child, a prince who can sit on the throne!”3ben gong means this palace or this majesty…usually concubines says this concubine, ben gong is for high ranking blood royals, like real imperial princesses or the empress…very conceited to use that way to refer to herself like shes already the empress/queen dowager 

    The words were a bit too much and the servant girl hurriedly looked around and whispered: “Niang Niang, you be careful, be careful, the walls have ears.”  

    Li Shufei didn’t take it to heart. “All the servant girls and eunuchs in Chen Xi Palace in ben gong’s people. What are they afraid of? If you dare betray ben gong, I will cane you to death!”  

    A servant eunuch who was present knelt down quickly, “This slave doesn’t dare!” 

    However, Li Shufei’s mood was still in a bad mood. Not only was it bad, it was very bad.  

    In everyone’s eyes, the emperor doted on her, but only she knew that the emperor had never really doted her!  

    If she told others that the few nights the emperor showed affection was just chatting with him under the quilt, it could be predicted that no one would believe it.  

    But Li Shufei knew very well that she couldn’t go on like this, she must have a prince. 

    Yanmo Han listened outside in the corner of the hall for a long time. His eyes sank a little and his eyes were full of disgust.   

    When he was reborn, looking back on his previous life, he found a woman who hadn’t fallen for him, that was, Li Shufei.   

    Although Li Shufei was killed by Qin Buyao when he fell from grace, in his memory, this woman left a good impression in his heart while she was still alive.   

    So, he pampered her at first and didn’t even have the patience to “pamper” her.  

    However, he was very good at observing the words and meaning of others after experiencing the warmth of people’s hearts. After a long time, he found that Li Shufei wasn’t as pure as the one from his memory. The reason why he thought she was pure in his last life was because he was too young to realize that these women wore masks.  

    But he thought that Li Shufei was just a little clever, he didn’t think she was such an ambitious woman. 

    Why couldn’t she pretend for a little while longer? Why couldn’t she be the same as Qin Buyao, even when he had secretly observed her for several months, she hadn’t exposed her true face in the slightest?  

    That bitch was so good at pretending that he almost thought that those things from his last life were just a fabrication of his own nightmares.  

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    Yup… this is one kuudere guy who’s basically growing to love the woman he’s determined to hate…

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    Choco Cookie

    Wow; this man is falling deeeep into the pit & he doesn’t even notice X’DDD And what pretending? His guifei is genuinely having the best time of her life, relaxing everyday with her servant by her side. No need to be careful or pretend since her target is not there >w<

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    What is he saying, Li Shufei is his concubine…duuuuh she wants a son to stabilize her power. Why would she depend on the emperor’s favour only? But yeah so a concubine has to fake it till she makes it.

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