The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 106

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Frightening Secret, Impotent

    Yanmo Han smothered the disgust in his eyes and stepped towards Chen Xi Palace.  

    As soon as the eunuch guarding the Chen Xi Palace saw the emperor approaching, he quickly knelt down to the ground and shouted loudly, “The emperor is coming—”  

    Yanmo Han stepped into Chen Xi Palace and Li Shufei changed to her most charming attitude to meet the man.   

    “Chen qie1Means I, your servant has seen the emperor.” Li Shufei was blessed with a good body and her fair neck was revealed from her bowed head. Her beautiful figure was outlined in her light tulle clothes.   

    Yanmo Han waved his hand and sat to the side, “Favored concubine, get up.” 

    Li Shufei froze, usually at this time, the emperor would certainly help her to stand up, but today he hadn’t?  

    Was the emperor in a bad mood today? 

    “Emperor, why didn’t you send someone to inform chen qie ah. Chen qie should prepare herself. What if chen qie is discourteous in front of emperor?” Li Shufei looked at him in a reproachful manner.  

    If he didn’t hear Li Shufei’s words just now, Yanmo Han would be happy to accompany her, but he was too lazy to deal with her now.   

    “Why, favored concubine doesn’t welcome me?” Yanmo Han looked at her coldly. 

    Li Shufei quickly said, “How is that? The emperor came to Chen Xi Palace for chen qie, how could chen qie not be happy.”  

    After finishing her words, Li Shufei served him tea and massaged his shoulders. 

    It was just that the hands pinched and touched him at his lapel.   

    Yanmo Han’s eyes narrowed slightly for a moment, and there was a flash of cold light in his eyes. 

    Yanmo Han squeezed her wrist which caused Li Shufei to frown. 

    “Emperor, you’re hurting chen qie,” Li Shufei rebuked. 

    After listening to this, Yanmo Han didn’t lessen his strength and his thin lips were in a sneer, “Favored concubine, do you want me to hurt you?”   

    Li Shufei’s face flushed, and she called out in a coquettish voice, “Emperor ~” 

    “Before I was afraid of hurting favored concubine, but since favored concubine likes it, I will do it tonight.” After saying this, Yanmo Han waved his sleeve coldly and the lamp in the inner hall went out instantly.  

    The next moment, Li Shufei was embraced by a strong man. 

    Without saying a word, the man started taking off her clothes and pressed her on the bed.  

    Li Shufei cried out in pain, but after a while, the scream changed its tone.  

    After half an hour of this, Li Shufei fell asleep, and the dark shadow on her quickly rose and flew out of the window. 

    The shadow half knelt on the ground, waiting for the man’s command.  

    And the person who stood in front of him, wasn’t someone else, but Yanmo Han who was supposed to have sexual intercourse with Li Shufei in the palace.2Basically, Yanmo got his shadow to pretend to be him to have rough sex with his fei. 

    “Eldest shadow, at this time, only you know, I know and the heaven and earth know. If a third person knows, you should know what that means.” Yanmo Han said expressionlessly.  

    The man in black hurriedly kowtowed, “I don’t dare!” 

    Yanmo smiled coldly, “I’m afraid you don’t have the courage. If you listen to my arrangement, you can continue to do this beautiful job all the time, if…”   

    The man in black buried his head lower and replied: “The life of this subordinate already belongs to master. No matter what emperor asks, this subordinate is willing to do it, even if it means for the knife to go down the mountain flames.”3It means punishment in hell – no matter what, I will achieve the goal 

    In fact, compared to the so-called beautiful errand just now, he is more willing to follow second and third shadow to do tasks that involved blood dripping down blades.  

    Since he received this secretive task, he hadn’t slept well for a day. Now he sleeps with the emperor’s woman. It was a big crime that would end in beheading. What was worse, he knew the emperor’s big secret.   

    That was, the emperor … is impotent! 

    Big shadow spent every day in fear. When he heard that fifth shadow was killed by Qin Meiren while on a mission, he would rather that he was the one that was killed.  

    “Big shadow, I want to warn you of one more thing. I let you use the women in the harem. Although it’s you who have the relationship, you need to know that they are still my women in the end, so—”  

    Yanmo Han paused and his voice was cold. “Don’t be emotionally moved by that which shouldn’t be moved. If I find out, I will kill you…forget it, you always do what I want. I can’t take your life because of a mistake, instead you will directly give up your own life.”  

    Big shadow shivered, he especially wanted to say to the emperor: those poisonous women in the harem, your subordinate can’t stand it, you might as well end his life now, really.  

    But before he had the courage to say that, he could only remain loyal on the surface. 

    Yanmo Han glanced at him quietly and left with his hands on his back.  

    It was funny that in this life, he was impotent. He gave himself a green hat but didn’t feel aggrieved at all. As long as he could kill those who have fallen one by one in the mud, he would feel extremely excited when he looked at their tragic situation before they died.  

    On this day, Yanmo Han was in a good mood, because after he visited the residences of no more than 20 concubines, he finally obtained his satisfying answer.  

    Those women in the harem are the most colorful and the one who knows the most about women are women. So he asked those women the same question: how to make a woman’s life worse than death.   

    At first, those women acted very pure as if their minds weren’t familiar with the world, very reserved, what was a glass of poisonous wine, what was giving three meters of white silk, what is death by a thousand cuts.4The white silk are given to those to hang themselves to commit suicide btw 

    Later, after one concubine said such vicious words like destroying one’s innocence did Yanmo Han reward a lot of gold and silver jewelry, then other concubines began to offer suggestions.   

    Some people said disfigurement to make her ugly. 

    Some people said that the ugliest and most stinky beggar should defile this woman.  

    Some people said that she should be poisoned, and normal blows will give her agony.  

    Others said that the most painful thing for a woman is not being able to be a mother, but to give her a bowl of infertility soup, so that she couldn’t be a mother for the rest of her life.   

    One by one, those women’s methods became more poisonous, but what Yanmo Han was most satisfied with was Li Shufei’s answer.  

    When Li Shufei said this, her tone was very gentle: “The most painful thing for a woman is to let her fall in love with a man with all her being. When she loves him enough to die for this man, he will then severely jilt her, heartily ridicule and humiliate her.” 

    In order to reward Li Shufei for offering such a good method, Yanmo Han rested in her palace that night and let big shadow give her a lot of love. 

    Listening to the woman’s slutty sweet screams, Yanmo Han’s eyes were full of sarcasm and disgust, but soon his thin lips were lifted on both sides. 

    I’m suddenly in a good mood. 

    In the early Han Dynasty, Yanmo Han rarely had a problem with civil and military officials.   

    Civil and military officials thought today’s sun may have come from the west, because the emperor didn’t find any fault.5The sun rises from the east and sets from the west. So basically they are being assholes and not doing their duties and the emperor is acting like it was okay early on.  

    That wasn’t right. 

    In recent months, the little emperor had become more and more fierce, ruthless and sophisticated. Everyone had seen the emperor change his blood without a trace. He replaced some old officials in the court with his own people, especially the Qin family’s influence. He was pulling it out little by little.  

    The emperor wanted to kill the Qin family. 

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