The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 107

Translated by Novice Translations 

Proofread by Shiny 

Assassin, Dark Moon High in the Winds 

   It was early for the imperial court, General Qin lao, that is Qin taiye, and his son General Qin walked together and conversed softly.   

   “Dad, it seems that the emperor is very determined to deal with our Qin family.” General Qin calmly said. 

  General Qin lao slapped his beard and said rudely, “I’m so furious. Did that child emperor1means spoiled child forget that he can only sit on that throne today because laozi fought alongside the late emperor for this world! As soon as he’s on the throne, he wants to destroy the bridge after crossing the river.”   

   General Qin made a silent gesture towards him and said, “Dad, my father, can you speak a little more quietly? If you’re heard by the emperor, you will be charged for offending one’s superiors which is a crime.”   

   General Qin lao replied angrily: “Laozi just has a loud voice. In those days, your father only had to roar like this to make sure the enemy would be scared out of their wits.”   

   General Qin said, “You know how many years ago that was. Now it’s peaceful and there are no enemy forces to let you roar like that.”   

   As he said that, General Qin lowered his voice, “Dad, it’s not a matter to continue, ah. The emperor had dealt with us big menfolk also granted that…Buyao, ai, dad, I’m incompetent and can only watch helplessly as my daughter is suffering hardships in the palace.”   

   If the emperor was just and honorable by openly releasing news that Qin Buyao was thrown in the cold palace, they would still give face to the emperor, but now the emperor blocked the news. If they took the initiative to go to her door, wouldn’t that inform the emperor that there are Qin spies in the palace?   

   General Qin became increasingly skeptical, he didn’t understand what caused the emperor to bully his daughter recklessly. 

   Neither of them dared to let the old lady and wife know about it, otherwise they would point at their nose and scold them.   

   The women of their Qin family were more fierce than the men. 

   When General Qin lao listened to his son’s words, he couldn’t help but contemplate. His precious granddaughter, who was the treasure in the palm of his hand, was so badly damaged by the emperor. He really wanted to stab the emperor to death, but he couldn’t. Now, there were so many people in the Qin family, he couldn’t impulsively go against the child emperor.   

   Fortunately, the news he inquired about said that although his precious granddaughter was sent to the cold palace, she lived a peaceful life. He was a little relieved with the presence of servant girl Cuihuan.   

   General Qin suddenly lowered his voice. “Dad, the emperor is not the only son of the late emperor.” 

   “Son, you mean …” 

   “Shh, father, let’s discuss this carefully when we get home.” 


   “I heard that the emperor often frequents the harem these days?” Nan Xun, who was leaning on the reclining chair, held a notebook and had grapes in her mouth.   

   Cuihuan held a small plate to her mouth and caught the grape seeds she spat out, then hummed, “Yes, that’s right. Niang Niang, I heard that the emperor is awe-inspiring, every night he spoils an imperial concubine.”   

   Nan Xun clicked her tongue, “The emperor isn’t afraid of kidney failure.”   

   Cuihuan laughed, “Niang Niang, you dare say this.” 

   Then, Cuihuan looked at the grape seeds on the plate and asked, “Niang Niang, can these grape seeds really grow vines in the future?” 

   “Yes ah, but you won’t be able to plant them until next year. You should wash and dry them first, then we can plant them next spring.” 

   “Ai, good. ” Cuihuan was ordered to wash the grape seeds. 

   Nan Xun swayed leisurely on the rocking chair for a long time, turned to the last page of the book, and sighed after reading it at a glance, “What? Why are all the stories about a scholar and fox spirit? What’s more, it’s ridiculous that the scholar has a wife and son at home, but still gets involved with the fox spirit. They got together and the fox spirit said she didn’t care about it2didn’t care he already has a wife and son and was very generous, then they roll.”3Roll as in they left together to be together 

   Cuihuan couldn’t help laughing when she listened to her Niang Niang’s complaints while drying the grape seeds. “Niang Niang, didn’t you say that the book grows like a jade tree and the beautiful fox spirit is so talented that it was normal for women to like it.”4I guess when she started to read the book, she really likes the FL which is the fox spirit, but didn’t like the ending of the plot since basically the husband leaves his wife and child behind to live with her 

   Nan Xun yawned, “My focus wasn’t on the scholar, but the fox spirit. There are so many words in the book that described how beautiful the fox spirit is. If I want to find a better fox spirit, I don’t need one that is more beautiful nor more talented. No matter how good these things are, it’s useless. The important thing is that he treats me well, and is only willing to spoil me, only me.”5Basically saying beauty and talent is meaningless and the only thing that is meaningful is to have a loving monogamous husband 

   As she spoke, the woman’s voice became smaller and smaller, then that beautiful pair of eyes slowly closed.   

   Cuihuan’s steps were lighter and took the book from her hands, then found a small quilt to cover her.   

   Nan Xun directly fell asleep until it was evening, when she woke up, she heard little eight said, “Sleep, sleep, sleep, you’ll become a pig if you keep sleeping like this.”   

   Nan Xun wasn’t ashamed but proud, “I’m too thin, so I need to sleep more and maintain my fat. Can you find someone who can sleep better than me?”   

   Little eight: …… 

   Nan Xun, who was full of energy after sleeping, wanted to find something to do, so she pulled her sleeves and wanted to personally cook.   

   Although it was the cold palace, it came with its own small kitchen. Nan Xun picked up some locust flowers and prepared to make locust cakes. 

   Cuihuan stared starstruck at her, “Niang Niang, this slave didn’t know you know how to make these things ah?”   

   Nan Xun genuinely looked sad: “I don’t know, but I hadn’t eaten things recently and my mouth is craving it.”   

   Cuihuan immediately had two teardrops fall. “It’s because this slave is useless. This slave can’t even make cakes. Let this slave go to the royal dining room tomorrow and steal two cakes.”   

   Nan Xun: “…For the sake of our lives, let’s put aside this idea for the time being.” She said and touched her head.   

   Cuihuan gave up on the idea. 

   After the master and servant ate, Cuihuan boiled hot water and was ready to serve her Niang Niang in the bath.   

   The wooden bathtub was full of locust flowers and the aroma overflowed in the room, while the windows revealed a dark moon that was high in the wind.   

   Nan Xun pulled off the palace skirt and sat in the tub. The warm water touched her skin, making her sigh comfortably.   

   “Niang Niang, this slave will rub your back.”   

   Cuihuan took the ladle and filled it with bath water, then poured it on Nan Xun’s back, rubbing gently with a bath towel.   

   The atmosphere was just right at this moment, but then, Cuihan who was wiping her back suddenly stood up and gave a big shout towards the window, “Who?”   

   Nan Xun’s half closed eyes suddenly opened and quickly left the tub, pulling the mantle off the shelf and wrapping it around her body.   

   At that time, almost at the moment when Nan Xun wrapped herself with the mantle, a man in black suddenly broke through the window and stabbed towards Nan Xun with a long sword.   

   Cuihuan’s expression changed drastically, and she rushed in front of Nan Xun, but unexpectedly, the sword was just a decoy. Before Cuihuan could rush over, he thrust a sword at Cuihuan’s neck.   

   His goal since the beginning was Cuihuan. 

   “A loyal servant girl.” The visitor sneered. 

   The man wore a black tunic that was tied at the waist. He was tall and straight. His face was covered with a delicate silver mask. A pair of narrow and sharp eyes were beneath the mask. Under the mask, half of his straight nose was exposed, and his thin lips were slightly pursed. Because the sneer was just a slight curl, it emitted a sexy cold charm.   

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