The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 108

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Despicable, Unexpectedly Show Feet to Man 

   Nan Xun stared at him warily and coldly said: “Release Cuihuan.”   

   The man hissed, “Don’t talk, I’m just borrowing your place to hide. As long as the master and servant are obedient, I’ll let go of this girl when I escape this catastrophe.”   

   Nan Xun smelled a thick bloody scent. She looked at the other and found that there was a huge amount of blood staining his chest. Because he was wearing a black robe, she hadn’t noticed it at first. Now, the blood spread slowly.   

   At this moment, the voice of the inner guard came from outside Chi Mu Palace. 

   “You, you, and you, take several people to search in the other three directions. The rest follow me to search nearby. Don’t let this assassin escape!” 

   Nan Xun glanced at the person in front of her, waiting for the guards to search her palace, then she would find an excuse to fool them.   

   But wait, the voices outside the palace were getting smaller and smaller, those inner guards, who were searching for the assassin, didn’t they intend to search her Chi Mu Palace?   

   Nan Xun was a little bitter, they had just left? Weren’t these inner guards too funny?   

   When the voices were completely gone, Nan Xun couldn’t help but stare at the man holding Cuihuan. 

   Staring, the man lost the battle first. He gasped twice, seemingly unable to hold it. 

  Nan Xun looked at the bloodstain on Cuihuan’s neck, and frowned. She said with despise: “People are gone now, let go of my family’s Cuihuan.”   

   The man gasped and said, “Go and find me some hemostatic medicine. Then, I’ll let her go.”   

   Nan Xun held out her hand towards him. 

   “…” The face under the mask was a little confused. 

   “Give me some silver. If you don’t give me silver, how can you expect me to give you a bottle of hemostatic medicine out of thin air for you?”   

   Man: “I don’t have any silver now. I’ll give it to you later.” 

   Nan Xun with the mantle directly approached him.   

   The man backed away with Cuihuan under his arm. “Don’t come here. I’ll kill her!”   

   Nan Xun rolled her eyes, stepped forward a few steps, reached out directly and pulled the jade hairpin from his head.   

   “I’ll accept this hairpin first. It looks very valuable.” Nan Xun stared at the hairpin several times. 

   Man: … 

   Finally, the man couldn’t help but stumble. Cuihuan took the opportunity to knock the sword from his hand and gave him a hard kick.   

   The man fell to the ground with a groan. 

   Looking at Cuihuan beating him up, Nan Xun rubbed her forehead. “Well, baby, let people’s mouth eat fault. Be lenient since you have already taken revenge with your foot and we got money. Go and get hemostatic medicine for him.”   

   The man heard this and was angry. “Are you still extorting money from me for hemostatic medicine?”   

   Nan Xun yawned lazily and explained: “I need some money for the hemostatic drug, it’s expensive. Besides, you just scared me and Cuihuan. In case I accidentally fall ill, I may need money to go see a doctor.”   

   The man’s thin lips were tight, and he didn’t speak, apparently he was calmed by Nan Xun’s shamelessness.   

   Cuihuan hummed, went to the outer hall and brought in a small box, then took out a porcelain bottle and handed it to Nan Xun.   

   Nan Xun opened the medicine bottle and poured some on Cuihuan’s bloodstained neck. The rest were bestowed to the man on the ground.   

   The seriously injured man reached for it, looked at the woman’s chin which was slightly raised towards him and his heart was full of anger.   

   His life unexpectedly couldn’t be compared with that lowly servant girl, Qin Buyao, this woman!   

   “Okay, go to the outer hall to apply medicine. We’re going to change our clothes and go to bed.” Nan Xun stuck out her bare feet from under the cloak and stepped on the man’s thigh.   

   The man looked at the foot on his thigh, it was tender and white, each toe was round and plump, and suddenly he was a little confused.   

   “How can a woman show her feet to a man?” There was a look of contempt that flashed in the man’s eyes. 

   Nan Xun then remembered that this was a conservative ancient time. A woman who wasn’t married yet couldn’t expose her flesh. In the event, she had relations with a man, she must marry him.   

   Nan Xun smiled and suddenly stepped on the back of his hand with her bare feet, “Hey, man, we have relations now. Do you want to marry me, ah?   

   The man opened his mouth, then murmured angrily, “You, you lascivious woman!”   

   Nan Xun laughed loudly as if it was especially fun to tease this man. “Well, get out and apply the medicine. I don’t want to see a dead body tomorrow.”   

   The man staggered out of the inner hall and went to the outer hall to apply medicine. Cuihuan slammed the door of the inner hall to death, then turned over to make a gesture towards Nan Xun while wiping her neck. “Niang Niang, why…”   

   Nan Xun shook her head. “Forget it. I don’t know where to throw the corpse after death. What’s the point of angering my body, he will use the medicine and just leave.”   

   Cuihuan was a little worried. “This man’s martial arts are above me. If he recovers, I won’t be his opponent.” 

   “There’s no advantages in killing us, so he won’t do it.” Nan Xun said, then yawned. “I’m sleepy. It’s time to sleep.”   

   Cuihuan said quickly, “This slave will be at the door and stand vigil to watch the man.”   

   Seeing her full of energy, Nan Xun left her alone. 

   When she put on the obscene clothes and laid in bed, Nan Xun perked her ears and asked little eight, “Little eight, what did you say to me just now? Say it again.”   

   Little eight excitedly said, “This mask man tonight is the big boss! It’s the tyrant! My dear, you’re right. The emperor couldn’t help himself!”   

   Nan Xun asked stupidly, “What’s the matter with him tonight ah?” 

   Little eight hehe with a smile, “The emperor has found a way to feel miserable. That is, to let this woman fall in love with him first, then throw away the woman ruthlessly. So now, he has come out to personally seduce you, hahaha….”   

   Nan Xun: … 

   “Is Yanmo Han really the big boss, he doesn’t have brain damage? How could he come up with such a childish idea?”   

   Nan Xun suddenly thought of something. Her eyes turned into two crescent moons with a smile. There were two bright lights from the middle of the crescent. “Since the big boss took the initiative to come to my door and even poked bloody holes in his chest, I will cooperate with him, so we don’t let down the big boss’s intentions.”   

   Little eight caused and asked incomprehensibly. “You obviously just heard me, how could you still flirt with that tyrant? As far as I know, this tyrant is taking liberties with you, ah. His heart is very vindictive and narrow-minded. Be careful of his revenge.”   

   Nan Xun immediately asked, “Isn’t he retaliating against me now? This tyrant has been in power for many years. Wouldn’t he be surprised if I suddenly wash myself white? Since I’m a whore in his eyes, I’ll be loose in morals to the end. What about taking liberties, I plan to directly go against him.”   

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