The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 109

TL Note: So!! I have finished <<Seeking Good Temptation>> This is also a male yandere reverse harem book. Finished all 96 chapters! Please binge read it if you want to read a completed male yandere work!

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A Good Person Used to Praise, Sit Above Him 

    Little eight was frightened by Nan Xun’s arrogance and ambition. It took a long time for him to say, “A good person is used to praise, you sit above him.” 

    Nan Xun laughed then said with a smile, “Little eight, didn’t you tell me that this tyrant is impotent? I really want to go to him, but he can’t get hard ha ha ha ha…”  

    Little eight choked and scolded her in his heart. 

    Because Nan Xun didn’t believe his words and doubted it, the beast once again explained to Nan Xun the truth of the rain and dew distributed in the harem.1Shadow 1 is having sex and not the emperor At that time, Nan Xun was so frightened that she could put an egg in her mouth, but she still believed it and boasted that the tyrant can support a boat.2She’s impressed the tyrant thought of this plan and can support the boats aka the harem, usually boats describes love interests rudely 

    So, just now he will be played by Nan Xun! 

    The angry little eight didn’t want to talk anymore. Nan Xun teased him two more times and was ignored. So, Nan Xun went to sleep in her quilt and slept soundly.  

    Early in the next morning, the masked man who was wounded in the outer hall disappeared. Cuihuan was very happy and said that the other party was quite self-conscious and went away so early. 

    However, on the third night, when Nan Xun was practicing her sword dance in the yard, a dark shadow suddenly came over the wall, wielding a long sword and attacked her.  

    The man’s swordsmanship was very good. He could predict Nan Xun’s movements and had the upper hand. At last, he disarmed Nan Xun, knocking her sword away. Suddenly, when was was falling, he stretched out his long arm and held her in his arms.  

    Countless white locust blossoms fell from the nearby tree and the petals fell like a gentle rain. The fragrance lingered in the two people’s nose. They looked at each other with twisted eyes. The man wore black while the woman was in a long white dress. Her dress was blown up by a breeze and intertwined with the hem of the man’s black robe.   

    This drew a really beautiful picture, but Nan Xun knows that the man in front of her wasn’t a person of good character. 

    Cuihuan, who had just made tea, was stunned. She put down the teapot with a bang and shouted, “Dengtu Zi,3A famous lecherous character release my Niang Niang!” Afterwards, she swung her fist out. 

    Before Cuihuan came over, the man let go of Nan Xun’s hand, then especially brushed her hand in a noble fashion, “This girl is rude to me.”  

    Nan Xun picked up her sword that had fallen to the ground and looked at him angrily, “Do you know that you’re rude to me? But what’s the use of just talking, shouldn’t you be paying me?”  

    The man looked at her quietly and asked with curiosity, “How do you want me to pay you?” 

    Nan Xun chuckled loudly, “I’m joking but also serious. I say, you really have guts, you can come and go from the imperial palace at will? Aren’t you afraid of being found by the dog’s legs4Rude way of saying henchman or one who follows a villain of the emperor again and have a hole poked in your body?”  

    Dog’s legs …  

    The man’s eyes darkened, and a cold light flashed. 

    “I haven’t had tea or food these past two days and have always thought about what you said.” The man suddenly lowered his head, looking a little embarrassed. 

    Nan Xun blinked, wondering, “What did I say? Did I say anything else besides to scram?”  

    As soon as the man heard this, he clenched his fists behind his back as if he was trying to suppress his anger, but soon he released his fist.  

    “You clearly said that we had relations and asked me to marry you.” The man lowered his head slightly and said this quickly. 

    Nan Xun really wanted to praise the other’s acting skills. The corner of her lips tensely twitched.  

    “So, you took it seriously and want to marry me?” Nan Xun looked at him with a smile, and there was a trace of sarcasm in her words, “A man who dares not to even show his face, dares to say that he wants to marry me?” 

    The man quickly said, “I can’t show my face now, but if you’re willing to marry me, I will let you see my true face immediately.” 

    Nan Xun squinted at him and said lightly, “Have you forgotten that I am an imperial concubine, the emperor’s woman?” 

    “So what? The emperor has three thousand beauties in the imperial harem. You’re the only one I want.” The man’s eyes stared intensely at the woman in front of him. 

    His eyes were very dark and deep, he deliberately released some gentleness which gave people the illusion that he was very affectionate. 

    Nan Xun suddenly smiled and said, “I say man, are you serious? You fell in love with me at first sight and were moved by me? Because of the last time I took you in for one night and threw you a bottle of hemostatic medicine, your heart was moved by me? In any case, your heart moves too easily. I can’t believe such a casual man.”  

    Then she threw the sword in her hand. 

    With a loud clatter, the sword fell into the scabbard by her side. 

    Nan Xun waved her hand and left without looking back. “Go back. If you are found by the patrol guard again this time, I won’t take you in anymore.” 

    With a “pa”, Nan Xun shut the door and blocked the masked man’s affectionate gaze.  

    The man didn’t say anything in return, but he came again the next night. 

    The tall man stood under the locust tree and observed quietly at the woman’s sword dancing skills, without speaking. 

    The falling snow-white locust blooms gently landed on her shoulders, then slowly fell along the arc, leaving only a few blossoms unwilling to leave. More petals rustled down, more and more accumulating on her shoulder, until at last, she was stained with the intoxicating floral fragrance. 

    Nan Xun finished a sword dancing set and frowned, looking at him, “What are you doing? Are you able to come and go freely in this palace with great ability, or are you in a hurry to die?” 

    The thin lips under the man’s mask were slightly pursed. He was silent for a moment, and whispered, “I just suddenly remembered that I forgot to tell you my name.” 

    Nan Xun looked at him like he was a psychopath. “You don’t have to come here and tell me your name because I have no interest in knowing it.”  

    “But I want to tell you.” The man said, “My name is … Yan Han.”5All he did was take out one Chinese character from his real name lol…alright 

    Nan Xun rolled her eyes at him, “Oh, I see. You can go away now.” 

    The man wearing the silver mask who claimed to be Yan Han didn’t leave immediately after hearing this, instead he gazed at Nan Xun for a long time. When Nan Xun’s figure was hidden behind the door, he turned around and flew into the night.  

    Nan Xun, who had just closed the door and peeked through the cracks of the door thought that the tyrant’s acting skills were simply too great that she nearly didn’t notice it. He had to perform such an affectionate expression outside the door.   

    “Niang Niang, why didn’t you directly drive him out, but talk to him so much?” Cuihuan asked puzzledly. 

    Nan Xun picked up the tea from the table and took a sip, then said, “I think this kid is quite to my taste, so I am testing him. If he can really give me his heart sincerely—” 

    Nan Xun paused slightly, then narrowed her eyes and smiled. “I don’t mind giving a green hat for the tyrant to wear.” 

    Cuihuan heard this, her eyes widened into big copper bells, and her jaw was opened, startled.  

    “Niang Niang, you- you want the emperor to wear a green hat?” Cuihuan stuttered and couldn’t say the complete sentence. 

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