The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 11

Translated by Novice Translations

Flower Sedan Chair, Come On It’s White

    Several elders spared no effort to brainwash Nan Xun. They wanted to let her know that sacrificing an individual for the benefit of the whole was a necessity to elevate the Zuili family through this marriage.

    Nan Xun wanted to spit on their faces.

    But in order not to collapse, Nan Xun quietly became a little white lotus which was not familiar with the world.

    That night, the enchantment outside the small courtyard increased by another layer, and a red wedding gown was sent by her mother.

    Her mother howled for a while, then took Nan Xun’s small hand and slipped a note into it. Her voice dropped, “Xuan’Er, this is a top-quality escape, explosive and teleport enchantment. Take it and use it when the opportunity comes.”  

    Nan Xun collected and put away the things, and she couldn’t help but hug the beautiful woman, and said in her heart: “Little eight, I miss my mother.”

    The void beast didn’t pretend to be dead at last, and answered, “Well, as long as you finish the task well and wait for me to gather all the merits, you can go back.”

    Nan Xun squeezed a few tears and didn’t speak. She always felt that little eight was a pit, or a giant pit.

    “Little eight, I remember that I sang last night and gathered many spiritual beasts. Didn’t anyone witness that grand occasion?” Nan Xun is puzzled.

    A hundred birds were flying, such the wonders of the millennium, these people actually didn’t see?

    The void beast explained, “The Demon King has isolated the courtyard from the rest of the world, so that no one else could hear except for you, him and the other birds.”

    “Why did he do that?”

    Void beast: “You ask me why?”

    Nan Xun couldn’t help but yell at him. “Didn’t you send me to this world to show me how powerful you are? It turned out that you don’t even know.”

    The void beast began to pretend to be dead again.

    Early the next morning, Nan Xun woke up. A group of maids sneaked in and began to wait for Nan Xun to wash.

    An hour later, Nan Xun, who had been wrapped from beginning to end, looked at the beautiful and irritated bride in the mirror and couldn’t help but smile. Not surprisingly, she heard an intake of breath all around.

    Who said that the Zuili family is all conservative old men? Look, the dress she wears is half-exposed at the chest and covered with red gauze. The most unappealing thing was that while looking at herself, it gave her a nosebleed.

    A big sedan chair had stopped at the entrance of the Zuili home, but the faces of the Zuili clan were ugly.

    Nan Xun shit herself after seeing it. This sedan chair is actually white!

    “Little eight, what do you think the Demon King means? Does he want to marry a dead Zuili woman?” Nan Xun’s voice trembled.

    The void beast only replied, “Good luck to you.”

    The sedan chair is carried by an eight headed, green-eyed hell demon leopard, but there were no other monsters present.

    The eight pairs of green eyes fell upon Nan Xun’s body, radiating a mountainous pressure.  

    Even if only the eight headed hell demon leopard was sent as a greeting and the sedan chair was white, people did not dare to speak out in anger.

    Nan Xun climbed into the sedan chair and looked back to the people whose eyes were surprised, lamenting, worried or gloating about this disaster.

    Before she was stabilized, the eight headed demon leopard carried the white sedan chair and turned its heads. They were flying at a rapid speed as if eager to leave the womb.

    Although Nan Xun was always screaming and scared, she was actually a careless person. She soon fell asleep but didn’t realize that she would only be able to take a nap from waking up so soon. She was no longer in the sedan chair.

    She laid on a long couch, the light around her was dim, and the five natural elements in the air was very thin, and the dark elements that couldn’t be absorb was mysteriously abundant in this space.

    This should be the legendary…demon domain.

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    They are finally going to meet~

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      He still is alive, he just fainted from blood lost. The slag cousin will appear again….

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    Nan Xun couldn’t help but yell at him. “Didn’t you send me to this world to show me how powerful you are? It turned out that you don’t even know.”😂

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    So basically this is like a sham marriage everyone treating it like the real deal but in the hearts fully expecting demon king to kill her cuz he is a evil mofo…..meanwhile she is distracted about how she looks way too smexy but I like her take things as they come attitude like why worry about things out of her control…..just focus on the end game

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    Eager to leave the womb

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    Man, I would feel so cheated! Little Eight is so useless!

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