The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 110

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Translated by Novice Translations 

Messed around by Snacks – Nan Xun must make a really amazing milkshake hey? 

Good Acting Skills, See the Emperor’s Movie 

    Nan Xun reached out to lift up Cuihuan’s small chin, smiling at her, “Why, do you feel that your family’s Niang Niang is too lecherous?” 

    Cuihuan shook her head for a while and quickly said: “No matter what Niang Niang does, in Cuihuan’s heart, Niang Niang is the best Niang Niang!”   

    Nan Xun thought that the little servant girl Cuihuan was stupidly loyal. If she was this kind of adulteress concubine, Cuihuan is the kind of poisonous girl who helps to do bad things, the kind that threw rotten eggs.   

    However, Nan Xun needs Cuihuan as a loyal girl now, otherwise she wouldn’t be easy to handle.  

    When Yan Han came over for the third time, Cuihuan’s eyes became more delicate, then she retreated without a trace, leaving the two behind in the courtyard.   

    Nan Xun ignored him, and Yan Han didn’t disturb her. 

    After more than ten days like this, Nan Xun couldn’t bear it. 

    This time, after practicing a set of sword techniques, she went over to the masked man.  

    When the masked man saw her approaching, his eyes brightened slightly and looked directly at her.  

    Nan Xun frowned, her tone impatient, “What the hell do you want? You’re not afraid of bringing me disaster by constantly breaking into my Chi Mu Palace?” 

    Yan Han quickly said, “Don’t worry, I’ve already memorized the patrol times and number of guards as to avoid them. Besides, your Chi Mu Palace is in a remote place and few people come here.” 

    When Nan Xun heard this, she couldn’t help but sneer, “So, are you mocking me that I’m in the cold palace now, and that I’ll be miserable without any help?”  

    “You know that I don’t mean that!” Yan Han was a little annoyed. 

    “Then what do you mean?” Nan Xun looked at him blankly. “If it was the life-saving grace from last time, then it’s not necessary. If you hadn’t threatened Cuihuan’s life, I wouldn’t have saved you. Even if I saved you later, I still got a reward. We are even now. If you are taking responsibility for what I said, it’s not necessary because I was just teasing you.”  

    “It’s just your wishful thinking. You think we’re even, but I don’t think so.” The man said. 

    “Yan Han!” Nan Xun angrily raised her sword to his neck in annoyance. “You really think I wouldn’t dare kill you!” 

    Yan Han wasn’t afraid of the sword Nan Xun put against his neck. He clenched his fists slightly and said in a low voice, “That jade hairpin is my Yan family’s ancestral inheritance. Since you accepted it, you will be my Yan family’s wife by default.” 

    Nan Xun was so angry that she immediately took the hairpin out from her sleeve and threw it back at him.  

    However, Yan Han didn’t reach for it and the exquisite jade hairpin fell to the ground with a crack, breaking in half. 

    “It’s broken.” Yan Han said lightly, “Do you know how much this jade hairpin is worth?” 

    Nan Xun was furious. “It’s you who didn’t catch it, what does it have to do with me?” 

    Yan Han kept staring at her and paused. After a long time, he said, “I don’t want you to compensate me for it, I just hope you won’t drive me away.” 

    “Do whatever you want!” Nan Xun left after that sentence. 

    As she walked away, the corners of the man’s mouth curved slightly into an arc, somewhat cold, somewhat thin, somewhat sneering, but without the affection he showed before. A pair of dark narrow eyes flashed with a light, and the delicate silver mask on his face looked particularly cold.  

    The man turned around and leaped away. His tall and straight posture soon disappeared from Chi Mu Palace. 

    From this day on, the man who called himself Yan Han continued to visit Nan Xun’s Chi Mu Palace every night. 

    When Nan Xun practiced her sword dance, he stands quietly, staring intensely at her, saying nothing. When Nan Xun swings her sword, he would occasionally walk behind her and gently adjust her form with a push from time to time, so that she can swing higher with his efforts.  

    For a whole month it was like this, his gaze slowly changed, becoming even more intense with a simmering heat. Turbulent emotions hidden deep in his eyes. 

    Nan Xun practiced the Qin family’s sword technique as usual, but this time, she made many mistakes in her series of strokes. One move was wrong, the other move was wrong. She stared at the sword in her hand in confusion and threw the sword onto the ground with a loud clatter.  

    “Yao Yao.” Yan Han looked at her with concern, trying to get close to her. 

    “Don’t come any closer!” Nan Xun shouted loudly at him, her gaze disorderly and complicated. 

    Yan Han saw that she has obviously lost self-control and his eyes quickly flashed over with a pure light. He sighed helplessly, “Yao Yao, if you really don’t want to see me. I…I won’t bother you in the future.”  

    With that, he left soullessly, his back looked a desolate and lonely. 

    Cuihuan, who has always been the witness to the two’s feelings, couldn’t bear it any longer. She came to Nan Xun and said in a small voice, “Niang Niang, Yan gongzi1Means like young master of an affluent family is so pitiful. Are you really driving him away like this ah?”  

    Nan Xun’s lips twitched. This little girl she had kept for so long turned her elbows out.  

    The void beast cried loudly, “Ying, ying, ying… He looked at you so affectionately. His eyes were hot as fire as if he wanted to swallow you whole in one bite, but… the evil value hasn’t fallen one bit.”  

    Nan Xun said casually: “I’m sure it’s because everything he’s doing is an act.” 

    The void beast continued to cry, “Then his acting is so good that he can become a film emperor.” 

    In fact, what it doesn’t understand, is that he clearly felt the mood of the other party fluctuating. It was fluctuating more and more increasingly. It’s just that, for a while, he was both happy and angry, so there was no reason why the evil value doesn’t reduce ah.2Basically his mood fluctuates from negative to positive, and hasn’t stabilized for the value to move 

    Nan Xun touched Cuihuan’s head and continued to display her acting skills as a concealed film empress. Her eyes were complicated and said, “Cuihuan, you don’t understand. It’s impossible for me to be with him.”  

    Cuihuan stomped her feet angrily. “Why not? Last time, Niang Niang told this slave that if you meet a man who treats you sincerely, you won’t be afraid to give the emperor a green hat. Now that good man is in front of us, but it turns out Niang Niang doesn’t want him!”  

    Nan Xun: …… 

    “I did say this, but Cuihuan, have you thought about it? If the emperor ever finds out that I was involved with him, wouldn’t that tyrant find an excuse to deal with the Qin family? Moreover, according to that tyrant’s character, he won’t ever let us go. Yan Han isn’t his opponent at all.” Nan Xun said.   

    Cuihuan couldn’t help but cry after hearing this, “It turns out there are so many things troubling Niang Niang’s heart. Niang Niang, this slave didn’t know, wu…”   

    For the next few days, Yan Han stopped coming by. Cuihuan felt that her Niang Niang’s mood plummeted.   

    Her family’s Niang Niang was really…moved, but for the sake of the Qin family, for Yan gongzi, she had swallowed this feeling silently in her belly alone.  

    “Niang Niang, this servant saw a white lotus in the pond outside the Chi Mu Palace growing well. Can this servant pick some and put them on the windowsill for Niang Niang?”  

    Nan Xun was holding her chin in a daze. Hearing this, she replied “en” in a lackluster tone.  

    But it didn’t take long for Cuihuan to rush back with a flustered face, “Niang Niang, it’s not good! Not good! I heard from the guard who patrolled last night, that they caught an assassin in black!”   

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