The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 111

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To Tease, We Both Are a Cheating Couple 

    “What!” Nan Xun stood up and asked anxiously, “Did you find out the name of the assassin? Is it… is it Yan Han?” 

    Cuihuan cried and shook her head, “This slave is incompetent and didn’t find out. This slave only knows that the assassin has been transferred to the punishment department.” 

    As soon as Nan Xun heard the words, “punishment department”, her figure suddenly trembled. “Punishment department? If you go into that kind of ruthless place, you might not have a life!”  

    “Cuihuan, Cuihuan, you have to enquire again, be sure to find out the name of the assassin!” Nan Xun tried her best to maintain a calm expression, but her flickering eyes revealed her worried and nervous mood.   

    Cuihuan nodded vehemently and left in a hurry. 

    The void beast applauded, “Dear, your acting skills are superb. If I didn’t know what your true nature is, even I would have been deceived by you.” 

    Nan Xun maintained a restless state and returned to the inner hall. She slammed the door shut and yawned, “Little eight, it’s time to reel in the net that has been cast for so long.”   

    Little eight was at a loss and asked quickly, “What net did you cast? What? When did you cast it?” 

    Nan Xun replied, “If it weren’t for me giving Yanmo Han a hint, telling him that my heart might have been moved by him, how else would he do this today? Ai yah, it’s time to indulge, I’ve been working so hard lately.” 

    Little eight: … 

    Nan Xun was “frightened” the entire night and Cuihuan who went to investigate the captured assassin hasn’t returned yet. She looked out the window at night sky, which was getting darker and darker. The white moonlight spilled through the window, and a layer of silver light reflected on her dark eyes, which looked a little moist, as if she was crying.  

    She didn’t know how long she has been looking out of the window, when suddenly a dark shadow passed by her sight.  

    Nan Xun’s expression changed, and she slammed the door open and ran out. 

    However, there was no one in the yard. She couldn’t help but wonder if she had just imagined the black figure she had glimpsed before. 

    Just when Nan Xun turned back the house dispiritedly, she looked up and saw a man standing a few steps away, and her feet suddenly stopped. 

    He was still garbed in a black tunic over his brilliant figure, his silver mask shined coolly in the night with his thin lips gently pursed.   

    “Yao Yao …” The man whispered, and the short two words he called out lingered and tasted intimate.   

    Nan Xun endured it, and finally couldn’t help it. She burst out crying, running towards him and fell into his arms.  

    Yan Han hugged her quickly and tightly. 

    His voice sounded deeper and more hoarse in the night, “Yao Yao, I didn’t want to disturb you again, but I couldn’t help but still want to visit you.” 

    Nan Xun cried and shook her head. “Don’t say that, stop talking. Yan Han, I like you. I might really like you!”  

    Yan Han’s figure shuddered suddenly, and lifted his head violently, “Yao Yao, what did you say? You…I…I didn’t hear you correctly just now, did you say that you like me?”  

    However, the huge joy on Yan Han’s face was replaced with worry once he saw Nan Xun’s tearful face. He carefully wiped the tears from her face, “Yao Yao, don’t cry. Tell me what happened, who bullied you, I’ll beat them up!”   

    Nan Xun’s tears broke into a smile, then told him about the assassin that was caught.  

    After hearing this, Yan Han couldn’t help but gently pinch her nose with his hand, “Yao Yao, you look down on me too much. Do I seem that useless? I’m not trying to be conceited, but I am familiar with the defensive layout of the entire imperial palace. Even with my eyes closed, I can easily avoid the patrol guards.”  

    Nan Xun laughed twice, reached out and hugged his waist. 

    She looked up at him slightly, because she had just cried and her eyes looked bright and watery, as if they were full of spring water.  

    “Yan Han, are you afraid?” She asked suddenly. 

    Yan Han held her small face with both hands, his thumbs gently stroked her delicate face, and asked softly, “What are you afraid of?” 

    Nan Xun blinked and looked authentically innocent: “Aren’t you afraid that the emperor will find out about us, a cheating couple, who has been messing around behind his back, that he will tear us apart into a thousand pieces?”  

    Yan Han’s hand paused for a moment. There were strong emotions in the bottom of his eyes, but when the emotions were about to burst out, he suppressed it again and his eyes looked extremely soft.  

    He smiled at Nan Xun and said lightly, “Yao Yao, no one can say that we are a cheating couple. If the emperor does really find out, I will try to take you out of the palace. Yao Yao, although I can’t compare to the emperor and have no power, my Yan family is rich and will definitely let you live a lifetime of luxury.”   

    Nan Xun burst out laughing before raising her chin to face him. “I was born into a General’s family. My grandfather is General lao Qin and my father is a front line General. Hence, I grew up in a luxurious household and it’s not easy to impress me that way. As for power and authority, even if the emperor himself named me the master of the harem, I, Qin Buyao, still wouldn’t yearn for it. Being empress is really tiring and while it might sound grand, it is but a way for the emperor to control his women and I could never get used to the way the women fight amongst themselves. It’s irritating and tiring, and we, the people of the Qin family, are a bunch of straightforward people. We won’t do or say things behind people’s back.  

    When Nan Xun said this, she was in high spirts, her bright eyes were full of favor and admiration, somewhat arrogant, but he didn’t feel disgusted at all.  

    Yan Han’s eyes flashed slightly, he was captivated for a moment. 

    Nan Xun suddenly reached out. She lifted Yan Han’s chin, looked at him with a smile and asked, “Yan Han, Yan gongzi, you certainly can’t get off this pirate ship, have you really thought about it?”  

    Yan Han reached out to hold the finger that raised his chin, and said with a smile, “Nonsense.” 

    “Yao Yao, I won’t regret it, I just hope you don’t regret it in the future either.” Yan Han looked at her with a burning gaze, a slight curve forming on the corners of his lips, which looked a little evil.  

    When Cuihuan returned crying and hawing, what she saw was the picture of her Niang Niang and the fellow Yan gongzi who she thought was being tortured in the punishment department in an intimate embrace. She thought it was so beautiful that her liver hurt.  

    “Yan gongzi, you are all right! My Niang Niang was worried about you ah.” Cuihuan sniffed. 

    When Yan Han saw Cuihuan entering, he started to release the woman from his arms, but this woman continued to hold on to him with a vice grip, smiled at him and said, “I’m not afraid, Cuihuan is my people.”  

    Yan Han: … This is really a slut. 

    The arm that was about to retract, wrapped around Nan Xun’s slender waist. 

    “Yao Yao, you were so worried about me.” Yan Han gazed at the little woman in his arms with a smile. 

    Nan Xun didn’t feel embarrassed at all, but instead smiled and asked, “How are you? Are you moved?” 

    Yan Han didn’t know how to answer. After a pause, he said, “Yao Yao, I’m glad you like me too. Otherwise, I really don’t know what to do with you.”   

    Nan Xun heard this, smiled happily and was about to reply but little eight suddenly and unexpectedly suddenly became an eyesore, interjecting, “This is the.. the sentence! What to do with you! Wow, big boss is really domineering like in romance novels, like a CEO, such avant-garde love words can be said!”  

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