The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 112

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Pinch Little Yao, Yao Yao is Thin 

      Little eight’s interruption almost disrupted Nan Xun’s acting.  

    Yan Han continued to say words of love. He pinched Nan Xun’s waist gently, and said, “Yao Yao, you are a little thin, eat more in the future.” 

    Nan Xun immediately said, “Not thin, I’m the kind of woman who wears clothes that make me look thin. Once undressed will be meaty. You can see it with your own eyes someday.” 

    The man in front of her was shocked speechless. 

    He really didn’t expect that the woman in his arms could say such slutty words! 

    Sure enough, she really was a whore and slut to her bones. Wasn’t she offering her pillow to him?   

    Nan Xun looked at the dumbfounded man and suddenly laughed loudly. The laughter was clear and wanton. It rang in his ears, and he had an illusion that his emotions were infected.  

    “Yao Yao, if you keep talking like this, I will really take it seriously.” Yan Han looked at her with a serious expression. 

    Nan Xun stretched out two fingers onto his chest, and walked them all the way up to his Adam’s apple. She gently stroked it twice, then whispered closely in his ear, “Brother Han, you can take it seriously.”  

    The woman’s breath sprayed a cluster of fragrance to his ear, somewhat hot and humid, somewhat…itchy, Yan Han inhaled sharply and pushed the woman in his arms away suddenly.   

    The action was a bit rude. 

    Nan Xun looked at him with a puzzled expression, as if a little frightened. 

    Yan Han regretted it after pushing her away. He took a deep breath and immediately pretended to be angry and said, “Yao Yao, you can’t joke like that. You went too far, in case that I, I accidentally hurt you, what would I do? ” 

    Nan Xun’s face was at a loss on the surface, but she was secretly laughing with little eight, “Hahaha…little eight, please listen to what the big boss said. He’s an impotent man who says he’s afraid of hurting me, hahaha….”   

    Little eight was also laughing, but he kindly reminded her, “Dear, don’t play around too much, what if he gets angry?” 

    “Ai ya, he won’t. He’s waiting to successfully seduce me, then will dump me. How would he get angry?”  

    “Yao Yao, I’m sorry, did I hurt you just now?” Yan Han stepped forward, a little annoyed. He wanted to hold the woman in his arms again.  

    Nan Xun took a step back and looked at him with grievances, “Do you regret it? Yan Han, let me tell you this, I, Qin Buyao am such a woman. I’ll say whatever I want to say, and do whatever I want to do, do you think I’m slutty and unreasonable? If you can’t handle this much, what else is there for us to talk about?” 

    Yan Han opened his mouth, “I, I don’t mean that. Yao Yao, I don’t dislike you. You know that’s not what I meant.” 

    Nan Xun turned around sharply and faced her back to him, “Yan Han, I’ll give you one last chance. Go and never come back again.”  

    As soon as Yan Han heard this, his eyes sank, and he hugged her from behind. He leaned over and kissed her earlobe. In a soft voice, he coaxed, “I’m sorry Yao Yao. I shouldn’t have been angry with you just now. I was just afraid I wouldn’t be able to control myself. In front of a beloved woman, men can’t be provoked.”  

    Nan Xun said after a while, “Can I take this as a compliment?” 

    Yan Han: “ … Yes .” 

    The two embraced again and stayed together for a while. 

    When Yan Han left, Cuihuan who disappeared, automatically sprang out from a corner and said with a rippling smile, “Niang Niang, this slave suddenly thought that Yan gongzi is very good. Niang Niang ah, you just laughed so many times just now.”  

    Yan Han, who was given a good man card, left Chi Mu Palace and walked slowly into the night. 

    Walking along, he removed the silver mask concealing his face, and the face that was exposed was the tyrant Yanmo Han’s. 

    The hand holding the mask suddenly tightened, and a cold light flashed through the deep and dark eyes. 

    Suddenly, the thin lips that were splayed in a straight line, were tilted to one side, as if they were ridiculed and disgusted, but there was a trace of emotion in the bottom of his eyes that even he couldn’t understand. 

    “Qin Buyao … Qin Buyao ah …” The man murmured a few times, and his slender and straight posture gradually disappeared, until it merged with the night. 

    Since the two expressed their feelings to each other. Yan Han would come to Chi Mu Palace every day. At first, he only dared to sneak in at night. Later, he became more and more courageous, and dared to visit the Chi Mu Palace during the day. 

    Nan Xun leaned in his arms and said with some worry, “Brother Han, you are wandering around the palace during the day, is it really okay?” 

    Yan Han’s big palm rested on her small head and stroked her black and silk waterfall-like hair, then said with a smile, “The guards in the imperial palace are all wastrels. I have excellent lightness technique so it’s easy to avoid them.”  

    As he said that, his tone changed, and gave a deep unrestrained laugh that was sexy, “Yao Yao, if you’re really worried that I will run into danger from going back and forth everyday, it’s better to … let me stay tonight?”  

    Ordinary women will definitely feel shy or angry, but Nan Xun smiled and followed his words, “Well ah, if you dare to stay, I will eat you, and become a genuine adulteress and whore.” 

    Yan Han has gotten used to Nan Xun’s “bluntness” these days. After hearing this, his face showed sadness and he choked back, “Yao Yao, if you’re an adulteress, I am willing to be your adulterer.”  

    Nan Xun was stunned for a moment and thought: The big boss’s level seems to have become higher ah. 

    She smiled abruptly and reached out to hold Yan Han’s chin. “I say, Brother Han, you really think that I’m a thief with no guts? Be careful, I really will eat you even if you whine~” 

    “Well, then you’ll eat.” Yan Han’s mouth was slightly raised. 

    Nan Xun smiled and laughed. After watching him for a moment, she suddenly came forward, pouting her lips and pecked the other’s thin lips.  

    Yan Han’s eyes suddenly widened, and he took two steps back. One of them didn’t stand firmly and fell on the ground on their butt.  

    “Hahaha …” Nan Xun pointed at his embarrassment and laughed wildly, with a particularly happy laugh. 

    Yan Han’s eyes flashed with a trace of anger. 

    Cuihuan also giggled, and quickly handed a small wooden stool to the other party. “Yan Gongzi don’t be angry ah, my family’s Niang Niang is too playful. She didn’t mean to tease you.” 

    These words that covered it up only made matters worse, Yan Han felt that woman was deliberately teasing him. 

    Nan Xun helped Yan Han up, leaned in and blew a heated breath on his face, which was intoxicatingly fragrant, causing the man to narrow his eyes slightly. 

    “Brother Han, you are too easy to tease. You are so innocent. How can I talk to you in the future ah?” Nan Xun laughed. 

    Yan Han was annoyed. She’s really annoying. This woman teased him over and over again. After teasing, she still had an innocent expression of “I was just joking with you, how can you take it seriously.”   

    He really wanted to rip the disguise off of her face! 

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