The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 113

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Annoyed, She’s Pretending! 

      She’s clearly a lustful person, why does she need to pretend to be a slut? It’s as if all the lasciviousness and debauchery was just her facade. Only by tearing off this false pretense can one see the genuine article that was hiding within.  

    Obviously not like this, definitely not, she was born a lustful woman! 

    Yes, that’s right, that’s definitely right! 

    “Brother Han, what are you thinking? Your eyes are so scary ah.” Nan Xun blinked in front of his mask, blinking at the exposed dark eyes. Her eyes were dark and hovered in front of his eyes, looking at him strangely.  

    Yan Han threw the woman in front of him to the ground and smiled evilly at her, “I was thinking about how to eat you, steamed or boiled, or braised?” 

    Nan Xun was not embarrassed at all, and just laid on the ground like this and reached out to hold his neck.” Brother Han, I like braised pork. It tastes the best. Steamed or boiled is too light.” 

    Yan Han stiffened and picked her up from the ground. 

    Nan Xun clung to him, touching his nose with the tip of her nose, and said with a smile, “Brother Han, I’m tired, you hold me.” 

    Qin Buyao can also be so straightforward, so the thick-skinned Nan Xun can do it. 

    Yan Han picked her up in a princess carry and gently placed her on her favorite rocking chair. He was about to get up, but Nan Xun pulled him over and pressed against him.  

    “Yao Yao, if you do this again, I really want to—” Yan Han’s voice was suppressed and restrained, but he didn’t know whether he was suppressing desire or anger. 

    Nan Xun pulled his collar and pulled him closer. Her darkened watery eyes reflected the man’s magnified face.  

    Yan Han even saw his own eyes in those clear eyes. 

    “Hey, Brother Han, stay tonight.” The woman below smiled. 

    It was still said in a joking tone, but Yan Han caught a trace of desperate resolution from the bottom of her eyes. 

    She is serious. 

    Yan Han, or Yanmo Han, at this moment, had a kind of guilty conscience that he didn’t even notice, but that guilty conscience was soon overshadowed by an intense emotion towards Qin Buyao… that is… hate. 

    Yan Han pretended to not understand the meaning in her eyes, reached out and stroked her head, “Yao Yao, don’t cause trouble. How can I be willing? I was just joking with you. But believe me, this day will come soon. I’ll try my best to get Grandpa Qin’s consent by personally going to the Qin estate to propose marriage, and beg him for his treasured granddaughter’s hand in marriage.” 

    Nan Xun was moved after hearing this, but she was lost afterwards. She couldn’t help but laugh at herself. “Brother Han, will there really be such a day? Have you forgotten the my identity as a concubine in the harem? Even if I was sent to the cold palace, I am still the emperor’s woman until I die. So, how can I marry you?” 

    Yan Han didn’t speak with his lips closed as if he was thinking about countermeasures. 

    At this moment, Nan Xun suddenly clapped her hands and her eyes were sparkling, “Brother Han, I suddenly thought of a way!” 

    Yan Han looked at her silently, waiting for her to speak. 

    Nan Xun’s eyebrows fluttered and said: “If I want to start over again, there are two ways, one is that I die, and the other is if that tyrant dies.” 

    Yan Han’s pupils shrank suddenly after hearing the second half of the sentence. 

    He tried his best to hold back his urge to strangle and kill the woman in front of him.  

    She actually wanted him to die, she wanted him to die! 

    Just when his anger was bubbling violently, he heard the woman say, “Brother Han, when are you going to get me a bottle of poison, the kind of medicine that can fake death, and then after I’m thrown to a mass gravesite, you can save me, so we can be free together.”   

    When the woman said this, her eyebrows and eyes were dancing. Her pair of already bright eyes were becoming more and more dazzling, shining like stars.   

    “This kind of fake death medicine is written in books. Where can there be this medicine? Yao Yao, have you ever thought of choosing the second method?” Yan Han looked at her, and his long, narrow and deep eyes stared at her wrongly as if he wanted to capture all her subtle reactions. 

    Nan Xun froze and murmured: “The second method? Do you mean to find a way to kill the tyrant?” 

    Yan Han’s eyes sank when he heard the word “kill”. 

    “Brother Han, of course it would be best to kill him, but it’s not easy to kill a tyrant ah. This tyrant is very vigilant and difficult.” 

    “Yao Yao, you seem to hate this tyrant?” Yan Han asked, his voice lowered. 

    Nan Xun’s eyes sank slightly and said coldly: “I don’t hate him. He had a decree to welcome me into the palace with the imperial edict. At most, he was a bit resentful. He slapped me for the sake of Li Shufei which broke two of my ribs and banished me into the cold palace. I don’t hate him at all. At most, I felt that this man was shameless. In order to deal with the Qin family, he even harmed me, but—”  

    Nan Xun said with a blank expression: “He wanted me to die, he should kill me directly. Why did he place poisonous snakes to bite me? Why did he sent some men to insult me? If I didn’t have some ability, I might have been defiled by those cheap men. The tyrant thinks that I can’t die easily. Apart from not liking him, where did I provoke him? Why did he treat me like this?”  

    Yan Han saw the hatred in her eyes and somehow felt his eyes sting.  

    “So, of course, such a violent and cruel man, I hate.” 

    Just after scolding the tyrant big boss, Nan Xun said to little eight in her heart: “Little eight, little eight, it feels so good to scold the big boss’s face ah, this feels great!”  

    Little eight: “You, be careful later … ” And he didn’t finish his statement. 

    Nan Xun said, “Ai ya, I don’t know now. Now I say that these are all straightforward performances of character. This elder sister is going to take the genuine route of being straightforward, flirtatious and slutty.”  

    Little eight: … 

    Very well, this is Nan Xun. 

    Nan Xun’s heart turned towards the sky, but she was expressionless. 

    After a pause, she added coldly: “I heard that this tyrant has taken a lot of action recently. He has dealt with many veterans of the previous dynasty, some of whom are directly related to the Nine Clans. If he practices tyranny like this again, he will probably provoke the world’s anger. This means that his face will be directly changed. If the people are forced to rise, I would rather that happens before the situation gets worse, and the royal family decides to replace the tyrant.”  

    When Yan Han heard this, he was shocked. All kinds of things in his last life seemed to pass through his mind.  

    His eyes were peaceful at first, but they were soon replaced by stronger emotions.   

    What’s wrong with violence? Why do these people blame him? What’s wrong with him dealing with corrupt officials and making an example of the Nine Clan’s mistakes?   

    All are excuses! They just want him to die! 

    Yan Han’s eyes rolled with strong twisted hatred. 

    He was almost deceived by the woman in front of him. 

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  1. Tina

    I love how clever our dear Nan Xun is, slapping the ML to his face while pretending to be straight-forward and yet upset about how the “emperor” is treating her. So many layers to her performance!

  2. Choco Cookie

    Hehehe; I like the shameless, flirtatious and thick skinned FL 😀 Really enjoy seeing her throw herself at the ML. And the self deprecating, putting a green hat on himself ML…lol; I find these kind of MLs hilarious XDDD Always a blast to read about them and their “mind games” even though the FL is totally aware of everything >w<

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    Yandere, oppressive and tyranny ML has it hard

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