The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 114

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Words of Love, Man Fondly Listens 

      Nan Xun suddenly held Yan Han’s hand and bowed her head shyly, “Brother Han, let’s not talk about this tyrant, so as to not affect the mood, you…are you really not staying tonight? I’ve already thought that since I’m destined to be your woman in the future, I don’t mind cooking the rice in advance.”   

    Yan Han suddenly withdrew his hand, his eyes flashed twice and whispered, “Yao Yao, I cherish you very much. So, I don’t want to treat you like this.”   

    Nan Xun laughed in her heart, “Ha ha ha ha …little eight, little eight, what can I do? I really want to laugh. He clearly can’t get it up ah, but he says he’s so great. Oh my, I’m going to laugh to death.”  

    Little eight waited for her to have her fill of laughing in her heart, then added humorously, “It’s all thanks to this god beast finding this big boss for you, don’t mention it.”  

    Nan Xun quickly said:” Thank you, little eight. This time you’re finally reliable. ” 

    Little eight blushed for a while. “Ai ya, You don’t have to thank me. You can rely on me and not just doubt this beast again. You only have to find a way to eliminate the tyrant boss’s evil value. You can ask for any conditions in the next world.”  

    Nan Xun immediately doubled her fighting spirits when she heard this. 

    After a brief exchange, Nan Xun continued to cope with the big boss. 

    On the surface, Nan Xun was a little disappointed, but she quickly smiled again, “Brother Han, you’re such a good man. I am very pleased with you.” 

    Yan Han sneered at the bottom of his heart. 

    Pleased with me? You women, who have fallen like the wind, you say words of love too cheaply from your mouths.  

    “Brother Han, I want to see your true face.” Nan Xun suddenly said, reaching out to touch the silver mask on Yan Han’s face. The cold metal made her grumble with dissatisfaction, “I want to touch your face, not this cold mask. ” 

    Yan Han put his big palm on her small hand and clenched tightly. “Yao Yao, do you really want to see me like this? If I said I was actually ugly, would you be disappointed?” 

    Nan Xun smiled and shook her head, “Brother Han, to tell you the truth, since you won’t take off your mask, I have imagined you with countless appearances. I have thought about whether you have a long ugly scar on your face, whether your face was burnt by fire and became extremely ugly, but later found out that no matter how ugly you are, I don’t care. What I like is you, not your face.”  

    “Oh my god, dear, you are really getting more and more familiar with saying words of love. The romance dictionary I gave you, you really didn’t read in vain.” Little eight suddenly interjected.   

    Nan Xun chuckled: “It’s not only women who love listening to words of endearment, men also love to listen. However, for a man who hates me deeply, even the most beautiful words of love won’t move him.” 

    Little eight sighed: “The evil value hasn’t decreased at all and you know it’s useless to say so many words?” 

    Nan Xun: “It’s useless now ah. But it will accumulate, I’m not sure if it’s useful.”   

    Yan Han should be very fond of Nan Xun’s words. He didn’t speak for a long time but held her hand and gently stroked her skin with his thumbs, as if he was contemplating.  

    “Yao Yao, it’s not the right time.” Yan Han said. 

    Nan Xun said a little disappointedly, “Brother Han, I hope you know that no matter how beautiful or ugly you are, I won’t care.” 

    Yan Han reached out and patted her head, whispering: “But I care. I’m afraid that my appearance will frighten you. ” 

    Nan Xun rolled her eyes in her heart. Indeed, if you let me see that you’re Yanmo Han, I will definitely be “frightened” to death by you. 

    After leaving Chi Mu Palace with various excuses in order to avoid staying overnight, Yan Han shed his clothes and became the emperor, then visited Li Shufei’s palace that night.  

    Li Shufei was surprised and happy. These days, the emperor rarely visited the harem. Unexpectedly, when it was almost bedtime tonight, the emperor came to see her.  

    She has already tasted love. When she looked at the emperor, her eyes were like silk.   

    However, Yanmo Han was worried now, so when her charming eyes were upon him, they were wasted.  

    “Emperor, how come you haven’t seen this concubine? The emperor must have been busy with government affairs recently and hasn’t been here for many days.” Li Shufei was a little angry.  

    Yanmo Han glanced at her and suddenly felt that such a day was very boring. In the last life, Li Shufei was killed by Qin Buyao early on. He had felt sorry for her when he was reborn, but now, he suddenly felt that it would be better for such a scheming woman to die early.  

    Yanmo Han took a sip of tea slowly. Li Shufei’s tea was top-notched, however, he preferred the floral tea from Chi Mu Palace. He lightly pursed his lips and put aside the tea after the sip.  

    “Favored concubine, zhen has a question for you.” Yanmo Han’s eyes closed slightly, his five fingers tapped gently on the table, tapping again and again. 

    “Emperor, what would you like to ask? Please do not hesitate to ask. Since then, this concubine has spoken endlessly.” 

    “How can a woman fall in love with a man with all her heart?” 

    Li Shufei was surprised for a moment, she smiled and said: “Emperor, it’s not so simple. As long as this man possess this woman, and this woman loses herself to him, naturally, in the future, she will take him as her god.”  

    Yanmo Han’s half-lidded eyes widened slightly, and said lightly: “If this man is unwilling to possess her, what else can he do? Any vicious and ruthless method, as long as favored concubine can think of, tell zhen.”  

    When he said this, his lips were slightly pulled up on both sides, which made him look cold.   

    After all these years competing, Li Shufei thought that she knew Yanmo Han very well. He was a vicious tyrant, so even if she put forward any more vicious ideas, he won’t feel that she was cruel, but will appreciate her. 

    So, Li Shufei covered her lips and giggled. “Emperor, this concubine does have a way to let the woman give up her heart to that man. In saying that, chastity is the most important thing for a woman. This isn’t an exaggeration. If other men stained this woman, and this man shows that he doesn’t mind if she loses her innocence and is willing to marry her. In this way, the woman won’t waver.” 

    Yanmo Han listened to this, his fingers and knuckles gently knocked twice on the table with a thoughtful look.  

    “Emperor, this concubine’s method is also dedicated to you. You should look at this concubine more.” Li Shufei said with a coquettish expression. 

    Yanmo Han glanced at her and suddenly smiled, “Favored concubine is really zhen’s interpretation of a flower, how about zhen favors you tonight?” 

    Li Shufei stamped her feet in embarrassment, “Emperor ~~” 

    Yanmo Han slightly lowered his eyes, and the deep disgust in his eyes was released at that moment. 

    He really didn’t want to stay longer in such a place. 

    With a wave of his arm, the room became dark, and Li Shufei was quickly carried to the bed by a man. 

    It wasn’t long before a woman’s sweet moans emerged from the inner hall.  

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