The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 115

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Tonight, Zhen Will Pamper You 

      Yanmo Han flew out of the window and walked slowly in the night. His eyes were clearly extinguished. Something was struggling to break through the earth, but he tried hard to suppress it.  

    Nan Xun’s little life was different. Yan Han looked at her very differently these days. 

    Sometimes Nan Xun accidentally met his eyes and found that his eyes were full of fierceness and bone deep hatred. There were also some very complicated things. But when she looked again, the eyes were full of tenderness, which was enough for any woman to indulge in.   

    “Little eight, why do I always feel that the tyrant boss wants to stab me to death? Am I wrong?” Nan Xun suddenly asked little eight. 

    Little eight hesitated and said: “I don’t know. The big boss’s recent mood fluctuations are pretty complex. There is happiness, angry, sweetness and bitterness. There’s even a trace of joy in the hatred, he’s driving me crazy.” 

    Nan Xun leaned on her chin and looked out the window. Her eyes narrowed and she smiled happily. “He must have been moved by me, but he doesn’t want to admit it, or he’s suffering.”   

    Little eight: “Why do I think that you’re a little strange in this world?”  

    Nan Xun yawned lazily: “Baby, you think too much.” 

    Little eight: “… oh.” 

    But, was he really thinking too much? What happened to Nan Xun’s laziness from the previous worlds? Although she was also lazy in this world, her brain was particularly diligent and smart, as if she suddenly changed her personality. This wasn’t normal, wasn’t normal at all.  

    I’m panicking, oh. 

    On this day, Yan Han visited Nan Xun’s cold palace as usual, but this time he didn’t stay for long.  

    “Yao Yao, I have some things to deal with today. Can I come back to you in the evening?” Yan Han sat by Nan Xun’s rocking chair and reached out to peel a grape for her.  

    Nan Xun chewed on the grape flesh and swallowed it. She said, “Okay, if you have something to do, deal with it. Cuihuan is here with me. I won’t be bored by myself.”  

    After she finished, she slightly looked up and gently dropped a kiss on Yan Han’s lips, smiled and said, “Brother Han, be careful on your way. I’ll miss you.”  

    Yan Han looked at her quietly and suddenly lowered his head to kiss her curly eyelashes. He whispered: “Yao Yao, do you know what I like about you the most? It’s your eyes. They’re black, bright and crystal clear. People with such eyes should be pure-minded. Yes, how could they be…”   

    His last words were almost a murmur and Nan Xun didn’t hear clearly. “Brother Han, what did you just say?”  

    Yan Han slightly hooked his lips, “I said Yao Yao’s eyes are good-looking which fascinates me.”  

    After he left, Nan Xun quickly asked little eight, “Why do I feel that Yan Han’s heart is heavy today?”  

    Little eight immediately replied, “Excuse me, what day hasn’t his mind been heavy?”  

    “By the way, what did he just say?” 

    Little eight coughed and said, “He said that people with such eyes should also be pure-minded. How could they be a shameless whore?”  

    Nan Xun: … 

    So, some deep-rooted ideas are really hard to reverse. 

    In the evening, Nan Xun was lying on the rocking chair in the small courtyard to watch the stars, while Cuihuan was serving tea. 

    Suddenly, the two looked at the gate together. 

    “Niang Niang, someone is coming!” Cuihuan turned her head and stared at the gate warily. 

    If it was Yan Han, he would directly come over the wall and not walk straight through the door. However, those women in the harem doesn’t dare to come to Qin Buyao’s door to taunt her as she still has the influence of the Qin family. So, the people who visit Chi Mu Palace at this point was likely to be… 

    Creak, the door was pushed open. 

    The one who opened the door was Wang Shun, Wang Gong Gong, the most loyal head eunuch in the inner palace that served the emperor.  

    Wang Shun, who opened the door, waited respectfully at the door. Not long after, a man entered.  

    The man wore a black robe embroidered with a silver dragon pattern and black boots, walked in under the moonlight. 

    His thin lips were tight, his expression cold, and the silver moonlight enveloped him, adding a bit of chill. 

    Nan Xun sat up from the recliner and stared at the man in front of her in disbelief. 

    What the fuck! Why did the tyrant boss come? What does he want to do! 

    Yanmo Han walked up to her briskly, picked her up and placed his hand on her chin to forcibly tilt her face up. He looked at her coldly and said, “Zhen will pamper this favored concubine. Zhen has come to your Chi Mu Palace, shouldn’t you be happy?”  

    Nan Xun broke free from his hand and looked at expressionlessly. “Favored concubine? Did the emperor come to joke with me? If I was a favored concubine, how would I have entered the cold palace? You haven’t even stepped into my Chi Mu Palace in months?”  

    After hearing this, Yanmo Han suddenly raised his mouth and smiled coldly, “Is it zhen’s fault for leaving you alone? Zhen has been thinking about it for a long time these days, and zhen think it’s because zhen neglected this favored concubine, so zhen came over today? Zhen thought about favored concubine in a trance, ever since favored concubine has entered the palace, zhen hasn’t pampered you yet. Zhen has come…to make it up to you.”  

    The word “make it up” was slowly spat out of the thin lips, gently, very gently, but it seemed to be the devil’s whisper.  

    Nan Xun stepped back sharply and pulled away from him. 

    Yanmo Han pressed forward step by step, “Is favored concubine refusing zhen? As zhen’s woman, your task is to please zhen. Do you dare disobey zhen? Did favored concubine forget about the Qin family behind you?”  

    Nan Xun retorted angrily, “What do you mean? What does the emperor want with the Qin family?” 

    Yanmo Han smiled and whispered close in her ear: “What if, zhen claims that you tried to assassinate zhen, will the Qin family still be intact? Even if your grandfather is an elder of the previous dynasty and is a founding general, but his good granddaughter has committed such a crime of treason and injustice. He and the whole Qin family will be dragged down by you.”  

    Nan Xun seemed to restrain her words and just stared at him foolishly.   

    Yanmo Han picked her up and went to the inner hall. 

    Cuihuan was terrified, thumped on the ground and kowtowed him, “Emperor, please let Niang Niang go, emperor, please, please …” 

    Yanmo Han squinted at her wordlessly and directly kicked her away. He said to the person at the door, “Wang Gong Gong, drag this unsightly maid outside to kneel, then close the door for me. No one is allowed to disturb me tonight without my order.”  

    Cuihuan was kicked aside, crying on the ground. 

    Soon, Wang Shun dragged Cuihuan to the door. 

    Cuihuan glanced behind her and watched the door being closed by the emperor’s people. The last scene she saw was the tyrant dragging her Niang Niang into the inner hall.  

    At this moment, Cuihuan hated. She really wanted to knock the emperor out and take her Niang Niang away, but she couldn’t do it. Apart from Wang Shun, there was a tyrant in the dark. She not only wouldn’t save her Niang Niang, but also hurt her and the entire Qin family.  

    Cuihuan longed for the appearance of Yan gongzi at this time. His martial arts were superb, and he would definitely be able to save her Niang Niang. 

    But what now? Niang Niang was about to be defiled, Niang Niang will be destroyed by this tyrant! 

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    He didnt let his bodyguard to do that😉
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    Oh damn… all of a sudden, a drama that was starting to get light-hearted has gone through an INTENSE twist. Gah!

    Also, I really like how smart our Nan Xun is in this chapter. She really has had a considerable leap in her intelligence while still being hella funny and good at going with the flow. I hope she keeps this up in future arcs — it’s a lot more fun to read than her being a bit of a dummy!

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    Choco Cookie

    Ahhh, be careful…I think the little servant girl is starting to blacken X’DD But seriously…how is he planning to roll in the sheets with her? No way will he think that his guifei would be deceived by the shadow guard?? I mean…if she really hates it a lot, she would definitely pay attention to her abuser and fight back the whole time. There is no time to darken the room and let the shadow pretend to be him. She’s not willing, so she won’t close her eyes and instead glare at him the whole time.

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