The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 116

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Little Eight, What Do You Think 

      Nan Xun was dragged into the inner hall by Yanmo Han. 

    “Let me go!” Nan Xun yelled. 

    However, Yanmo Han ignored her and shredded the dress from her body. 

    Nan Xun screamed, “Yanmo Han, you dare! If you do this, I will hate you for a lifetime!” 

    Yanmo Han’s movements froze for a while, then continued. With a wave of his arm, the candle that lit the entire inner hall went out and it became very dark.  

    He used his hands to remove Nan Xun’s clothes, then threw her onto the bed to bully her. 

    He bit her. 

    Nan Xun had no doubt that she was bleeding from several places he bit.   

    In the dark, his breath was very heavy. Nan Xun tried to resist but found that this person’s strength and internal force were several times stronger than hers, she was like a lamb to be slaughtered under this person. 

    At a certain moment, he suddenly left. 

    Nan Xun could hear the heavy gasps gradually subsiding, and at the next moment, a dark shadow came and fell on her.  

    Nan Xun’s eyes suddenly became cold, and asked little eight, “Did he change people?”   

    Little eight’s voice was a little low, “Changed, he just flew out of the window.” 

    When the man on her body pressed on her, she wanted to commit murder. Nan Xun waved her arm and threw the powder little eight gave her to his face.  

    Then she lifted the person off her body and tucked a pillow under him. 

    The man on the bed seemed to be caught in an illusion and rubbed against the pillow. 

    Nan Xun let out a painful cry in pretense, then sat at the table and leaned her head to look out of the window.   

    Her eyes became very cold at this moment, very cold. 

    Little eight couldn’t help but wonder out loud, “Your mood fluctuations are detected by me! It’s strange, so strange! You know, your mood fluctuates so little that it’s hard for me to detect it. In the previous worlds, even if something big happens, I can’t detect your mood. But I just actually felt it now. You seem to be…angry?”  

    Nan Xun raised her lips slightly, but the emotions disappeared at this moment. She tooted from her lips, “Of course, I’m angry. I was almost forced by a strange man just now.”  

    Little eight was puzzled. “Anyway, it’s all about the loss of moral integrity. How many times have you lost it before? What’s the difference?” 

    Nan Xun said lightly: “It’s not the same. No one can force me to do something I don’t want to do. No matter how much I lost my temper before, it was all with my permission, but this time…Yanmo Han touched my bottom line.”1Bro so she somewhat willingly had snake sex, ghost sex, and daddy sex…   

    Little eight fell silent after listening. 

    “Little eight, I’m really upset. I want to strangle Yanmo Han.” 

    Little eight was terrified and quickly said: “Don’t think about it. You can abuse him, but you can’t kill him, otherwise this time, there won’t be any merit.” 

    Nan Xun didn’t reply. She leaned on her chin and began to make obscene noises with her mouth, ” Ah … oh … en … ” 

    Little eight: “What the fuck are you doing?”  

    Nan Xun rolled her eyes at the sky. “With some ah, I’m sure that man with the shrewdness of a big boss would doubt this ah. By the way, little eight, what do you think?”2Like moaning out loud 

    Little eight almost choked to death on his own saliva.  

    He listened carefully and began to give his own opinion, “It seems as if it almost tastes different.” 

    Nan Xun rolled her eyes, “Bad taste? Come on, why don’t you try saying it at the crucial moment?” 

    Little eight gave her a demonstration, and the call was really a sound, playing in three waves. 

    When Nan Xun heard, she got goose bumps all over. She shrugged off the goose bumps from her arms and started to moan by herself. 

    Outside the window, Yanmo Han leaned against the wall with his back, his hands tightly clenched into fists. He looked up slightly and breathed hard, as if he couldn’t breathe.  

    Under the moonlight, his eyes were blood red. What strong emotions broke out from deep within that rooted him in vines. After absorbing nutrients, they became tighter and tighter around him. The tighter they were, the more he couldn’t breathe.3Probably Xue Ming punishing him 

    The moaning from the inner hall were like a hammer, hitting against his heart again and again, every time in the same place.  

    He suddenly grasped the place where his heart was beating, and the feeling of breathlessness became even more severe. 

    His hands couldn’t help but tighten. 

    Then his heart jumped faster. 

    Suddenly he felt some more pain. 

    Yanmo Han flew away from the window and stumbled into a small forest outside. He put one palm on the trunk and grasped the position of his heart with the other hand. Both hands tightened until he grabbed the bark.  

    The fingers tightened too hard, and blood oozed out of his fingertips, then the smooth trunk was strained with his blood.  

    Yanmo Han breathed heavily and bitterly. He clearly heard his heart thumping heavily, accompanied by a burst of coldness, and a kind of evil fire slowly gathered in his lower abdomen and ran straight down.4He’s no longer impotent! 

    Yanmo Han opened his mouth wide, gasping, his eyes drooped to look at his lower abdomen.  

    He laughed suddenly, but the laughter was full of self-deprecation and bitterness. 

    He was impotent in this life, but just after he personally sent her to another man and heard their “harps” with his own ears, did he respond.  

    … how ridiculous was this, it’s really ridiculous. 

    Why was there a such reaction, and why did it react to such a woman who insulted and betrayed him in his last life? 

    What’s wrong with him … what happened … 

    Yanmo Han thought of a possibility, his heart suddenly tightened, and his throat flowered with a sweet smell, and he spat out a mouthful of red blood.   

    He slid down the tree and sat on the ground, looking up at the bright white moon in the night sky. It seems that he saw Qin Buyao’s smiling face from within. She had the courage to tease him and was unconsciously coquettish towards him. Everything about her…it was brighter than this bright moon.  

    He wished that everything in his last life was a nightmare. Everything in the dream was false, if so, would he be able to… 

    So what? 

    Ha ha, he’s Yanmo Han, how could he think of something impossible? The scenes of his last life have been deeply branded into his heart. When he dreams at night, he is often awoken by the nightmares of his previous life.  

    He was locked up alone in a cell, and even the head of the cell ridiculed him. The food he ate every day wasn’t even good enough for pig feed. When his good brother ascended the throne at last, his woman became empress. He drank intestinal poison and ended his messy life.   

    He thought that he could never forget these things in this life. He was reborn for revenge. He wanted to make all the people who humiliated him die devastated!  

    Even Qin Buyao wouldn’t be an exception. 

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  1. Ssavilin

    O my.. He used the bodyguard😳😳😳😳

  2. Heyitsmehyuppers

    Sooooo, he’s a c***old? Pardon my French. But I mean if the only thing that turns him on is listening to someone else sleep with her, I mean wouldn’t that be accurate? 🤷‍♀️

  3. Tina

    I think I kind of understand why Nan Xun means by saying this time, he forced her. I think there’s something about her soul that just… resonates with the soul of the ML so even when they have really, really, REALLY shady sex, she’s pretty into it. (I mean, if you think about it, she certainly doesn’t react like she’s a rape victim when he has sex with or molests her. It’s not realistic but hell, what in this story is?)

    So basically, as long as it’s the soul of the man she “loves” (in her own way), Nan Xun is ultimately fine with it. But being with any other man would be a degradation.

    AT least, that’s what I *think* the author is implying. Granted, it’s some shady-ass logic BUT what can you expect from this kind of genre?

    (And I secretly think that Nan Xun gets a lot out of the sex too, although the author always skirts it over!)

  4. Choco Cookie

    Soooo…he really is into ntr…-justkidding- In his last life and in this one, he watches his guifei mixing sauces with other men. Just that this time he actually led the other man to her on his own. His stupidity just reached a new height. At this point, he’s pretty much making himself suffer…no one is conspiring against him right now. He himself is torturing his own self…sounds like the disposition of an M o.o

  5. Didi

    I almost spit blood myself…he really went through with it. Idiot. Ah

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