The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 117

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Torture, Emperor Listens From the Corner of the Wall 

      In this life, he had weakened the Qin family’s influence, sent someone to secretly monitor Yanmo Yu’s every move, and also cultivated a group of loyal suicide men and shadow guards. Even if the Qin family allied with Yanmo Yu, he wasn’t afraid. 

    Everything is moving according to plan. Even Qin Buyao will be destroyed by him. 

    He should be happy, he should be happy! 

    Yanmo Han sat on the ground and waited for a long, long time, until his legs began to become numb, and the shadow finally came out of Chi Mu Palace. 

    The big shadow knelt on the ground. A chill wind blew over his face, making him shudder. The daze in his eyes suddenly disappeared like smoke and he recalled what had just happened. He and the woman were on the bed, ready to produce clouds with one turn of the hand and rain with another.1Fancy ass way of saying making love He has never felt this way before, so excited and so happy.2Bro, don’t let the big boss know your feelings! OR ITS OVER FOR YOU! 

    Big shadow waited for the emperor’s instructions, but at this time, he has yet to hear his voice for a long time. 

    He felt an ice-cold, murderous sight falling on his head. He hasn’t done anything wrong but felt the murderous intent.  

    He was a little frightened and confused. 

    Was it because he took too long this time and the emperor waited impatiently? But he didn’t know what was going on. It seemed that he was out of control this time. Everything was so beautiful as if he was given the illusion of being in a dream.  

    But when he left, the woman was still asleep, looking so real. 

    The cold line of sight on the top of the big shadow’s head stayed for a long time, then the man finally opened his mouth and asked, “Big shadow, how did my woman taste?”   

    Big shadow shuddered from head to toe. Before, he would eat without tasting the food, but this time it was different. 

    Seeing him stunned, Yanmo Han couldn’t help but feel rage and kicked him in the chest. 

    Big shadow didn’t dare to resist. This kick didn’t simply just cause skin trauma, but also a serious internal injury. 

    Was the emperor regretting his decision? 

    As big shadow speculated, he heard the man above his head use a gentle and creepy tone, “Very well, I like honest people the best. Since you like beauty Qin so much, I’ll give you this favor. These seven days, she belongs to you.”  

    Big shadow suddenly looked up at him sharply at the man’s gloomy eyes. He suddenly lowered his head and kowtowed, “Your subordinate dares not!”  

    However, Yanmo Han’s words were true. For seven days in a row, he visited Chi Mu Palace without anyone noticing, then greatly pampered beauty Qin.   

    Nan Xun looked at the shadow guard holding the pillow on the bed, humping it. She moaned from her mouth while peeling grapes from the tray on the table.   

    Little eight: “Dear, you’re so calm. These days, the tyrant’s evil value hasn’t changed at all, but the blackening value has grown from the initial 75 to 85. Once it reaches 100, he will become an actual abnormal pervert.”  

    Nan Xun lightly glanced out of the window, not answering. “Is the big boss still outside listening from the corner of the wall?”   

    Little eight: “Yes.” 

    Nan Xun: “A pervert.” 

    Little eight immediately said: “Dear, this one isn’t any more perverse compared to the previous ones.” 

    Nan Xun let out a little laugh. “hehe.”  

    Outside the window, Yanmo Han stood quietly at the corner of the wall, listening to the movement in the hall. His face was expressionless, and his eyes were still.  

    For seven nights, he couldn’t tell whether this was tormenting the woman in the palace or torturing…himself.   

    When big shadow left, Yanmo Han stood outside the window for a long time waiting, until the sound of water came from the inner hall, he flew up onto the roof.   

    He breathed very lightly, because he knew that both the master and the servant in the house had good martial arts. 

    Yanmo Han gently pried opened two tiles on the roof. 

    Nan Xun was sitting in the tub, while Cuihuan stood on the side waiting on her. 

    The little girl wailed and cried, “I’m sorry, this slave didn’t protect you.” 

    Nan Xun laid on the edge of the tub, squinting her eyes lazily, and her expression looked as if she was enjoying herself.  

    Seeing the little girl crying again, Nan Xun sighed helplessly, “Cuihuan ah, Niang Niang isn’t crying, so what are you crying for ah?” 

    Cuihuan wiped her tears, “But the tyrant ruined Niang Niang. What can you do with Yan gongzi? The tyrant pampered Niang Niang for seven days straight without a word. What’s more, even if he pampers Niang Niang, he sneaks in. I heard that it’s not even recorded when the tyrant pampers Niang Niang these days!”3So fucking weird that the ancients records the days and who they have sex with “officially” LOL 

    Nan Xun didn’t care, “It’s better that it’s not recorded in the book, so Yan Han doesn’t know that I’ve been favored by the emperor.” 

    Cuihuan was still a little worried, “But Niang Niang’s innocence is gone, wouldn’t Yan gongzi mind?”   

    Nan Xun raised a corner of her mouth and said. “He didn’t know whether I had my innocence before. Why would he go inquire whether I have been favored by the emperor? I asked him before if he mind that I am the emperor’s woman and he said he didn’t mind. But if he dislikes me because I lost my innocence, wouldn’t that be slapping his own face?”  

   Nan Xun’s fallacious reasoning led Cuihuan to a valley ditch and she took quite a while to climb back up, then said in genuinely and somewhat worried tone, “Why hasn’t Yan gongzi come these days? Did he see the emperor doting on you with his own eyes?”  

    Nan Xun was shocked when she heard her words and hesitated with her reply, “I don’t think so. What kind of man can tolerate his woman being oppressed by other men, unless this man isn’t a man but a eunuch? Do you think Yan Han is weak and incompetent? He would watch his woman being ruined by other men, and still endure it?”   

    Cuihuan thought deeply after listening. 

    Little eight shivered, “You, why did you say that? I told you that the big boss is listening on the roof!” 

    Nan Xun sneered in her heart, “Don’t you see? I’m insulting him right at his face, trying to provoke his psychological scars and show that he’s an abnormal impotent pervert.”  

    Little eight: … 

    Suddenly he felt that the big boss was quite pitiful. Of course, little eight didn’t dare to say this in front of Nan Xun, for fear that she would really make him into a cake.  

    However, she still had to thank him. If he didn’t contribute that hallucinogenic powder to her, she would have been that pillow in the end, hmph.  

    “Niang Niang, you don’t seem to care at all. Is it really okay to lose your innocence?” Cuihuan asked carefully with a very low voice. 

    Nan Xun replied, “Isn’t this good for me now? Little girl Cuihuan, do you want your Niang Niang to seek death? Hang myself? Or jump into a well?”   

    When Cuihuan heard this, she was terrified and shook her head abruptly. “Niang Niang, please don’t think twice about this. Isn’t it simply just losing innocence, what woman in the harem is still innocent? They were all ruined by the tyrant. You were bitten by a dog, this slave will wash your body well.”   

    Nan Xun wanted to laugh. This little girl Cuihuan scolded and cursed particularly well.  

    Cuihuan took the bath towel and dried her body. When she saw the blue and purple bite marks on Nan Xun’s body, she sobbed for a long time.  

    On the roof, Yanmo Han, who had listened to the master and servant’s words, suddenly clenched his fist so tightly until his palm bled.   

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    I think they record the time the concubines gets pampered to prevent adultery and false heirs.

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    Thanks for your hard work!

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