The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 118

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Spiritual GatheringDream Fabrication Technique 

      Yanmo Han was angry with Qin Buyao’s attitude, and his heart was already full of rage. 

    How can this woman smile so contently after being ruined? Does she know how important a woman’s chastity is? Or does she really not care at all? 

    What she just said, she had also intended to keep Yan Han in the dark. Even if she gave a green hat to her partner, she didn’t feel guilty at all?1Kinda unreasonable cause she is the emperor woman, the two male identities are both wearing green hats already at that time 

    Was she so shameless? 

    She really was born a slut! 

    And he actually felt compassionate for this woman! 

    The next day, Wang Gong Gong, personally brought a bowl of medicine to Nan Xun. 

    These days, she drank this medicine knowing it was abortion soup. 

    Every time a woman in the harem was pampered by the emperor, she would be forced to consume abortion soup in the next morning. Yanmo Han wouldn’t allow anyone to conceive a child. 

    Other women may not understand the emperor’s thoughts, but Nan Xun understood it clearly. It was because he was impotent ah. The real people who pampered his concubines were his shadow guards. It was a pity this group of women was competing for that favor.  

    However, this time, Nan Xun drank the medicine and felt that the taste of the medicine was very different from the previous times. 

    Nan Xun quickly asked little eight, “Is this really abortion medicine?” 

    Little eight replied, “It’s not abortion medicine, it’s infertile medication. Any woman drinking this medicinal soup will never be pregnant with a child for a lifetime.”2Doesn’t matter cause all Nan Xun’s body after Arc 1 can’t have children 

    Nan Xun: … 

    “Very good, Yanmo Han is ruthless enough.” Nan Xun’s eyes drooped slightly, and she emptied the whole bowl of medicine into her stomach. 

    Seeing that she was drinking the medicine without a fuss, Wang Gong Gong, couldn’t help but sigh. He had seen too many old foxes in the palace. He only hoped that the emperor won’t regret it later.  

    Nan Xun touched her belly and smiled at Wang Gong Gong. “Thank you, Wang Gong Gong. Please tell the emperor that ben gong won’t conceive his baby in my lifetime. Even without this soup, ben gong3how concubines refers to themselves to servants have my own ways.”  

    Wang Gong Gong looked at her sharply, does beauty Qin knew that she was drinking infertile soup instead of abortion soup?   

    In this harem, if you can’t give birth to a dragon, your life is wasted.  

    Looking at beauty Qin’s beautiful face, Wang Gong Gong couldn’t understand why the emperor hates her so much. He knew people best and he could see that beauty Qin was a person with great personality, which was more than could be said of the other women in the harem.   

    The most precious thing in the harem is integrity.   

    After Wang Gong Gong left, what did Nan Xun do? She had the heart to write and draw.  

    Cuihuan glanced over for a long time but couldn’t see what she was drawing.   

    Nan Xun wasn’t afraid of her looking. Although Cuihuan was decently good at martial arts, she’s not an expert.4She’s probably writing in a different language 

    “Niang Niang, what are you writing?” 

    Nan Xun touched her head and said with a smile: “I’m writing a story, just writing a book.” 

    “Niang Niang, you’re very diligent” 

    Nan Xun smiled and didn’t reply. She folded the stack of papers neatly.  

    When it was dark, Nan Xun left Cuihuan in the outer hall, and took out the thick stack of papers written in the day. 

    Nan Xun bit her finger and drew a complicated character on the paper.  

    Little eight looked at Nan Xun’s movements and said with a trembling voice: “You, what are you doing?” 

    Nan Xun leisurely replied: “I previously asked you if you could sneak into the boss’s dream and fabricate a dream, but you said no.” 

    Little eight: “I’m not a dream weaver, of course, I don’t have this ability to fabricate dreams!”   

    “What’s a dream weaver?” Nan Xun asked curiously. 

    Little eight: “It’s a spirit beast that looks like a pig and can fabricate dreams. But what are you doing?” 

    Nan Xun uttered aloud, “Can’t you see my formation? Since you can’t help me, I have found my own way. Yanmo Han’s hatred for Qin Buyao is like a maggot eating off the bone, it will eat the flesh and blood forever. If the maggot isn’t removed, the evil value will never be eliminated.”  

    Little eight said in surprise: “How will you get rid of this maggot?”  

    The corner of Nan Xun’s mouth bent slightly. “Did you forget little eight? I used to be Zuili Xuan. I have memorized all the secrets of the Zuili clan. One of the secrets is dream fabrication.”  

    Little eight suddenly realized, “I understand! That thick stack of paper is full of stories that you made up about the big boss’s previous life.”  

    Nan Xun nodded then dipped her finger into the tea to write and draw on the table. “This is a spiritual gathering. The spirituality in this world is thin. Only when I gather the spirituality here, can I perform the dream fabrication technique well.”  

    “Dear, you are so deep in this drama that you speak with such strong ancient flavor.” Little eight suddenly thought of something and yelled, “No, this isn’t a spiritual world ah. You can’t use this ability casually! You’ll lose your life!”  

    Nan Xun didn’t care. “It is what it is ah, it doesn’t matter since I will leave sooner or later after the task’s results and when I leave, I’ll die. What do I need a long life for?”   

    Little eight: … 

    Yes, it almost forgot that the original Qin Buyao had been killed by the tyrant and her death was miserable. She just wore Qin Buyao’s body. Although Nan Xun was now in Qin Buyao’s body, it was only this body that will die.  

    “Little eight, lend me some spiritual power. The spirituality gathered in this gathering array isn’t enough.” 

    Little eight yelled and quickly refused: “No way!”   

    “Little eight ah, wait for me to eliminate the evil value and you will get merit value. Think about it yourself, is the spirituality in your pocket more important than merit value, en?”   

    Little eight immediately was persuaded and divided some spirituality out obediently, then hummed in a low voice: “I can only give you this much, I still have to save my strength to break the void. Otherwise, how can we go into the next world? Let me tell you, if something goes wrong in the next world, don’t blame me.”  

    “Don’t worry baby. I won’t blame you.”5She has historically always eats her own words and regrets it later then blames him… 

    “That’s what you said, if something really go wrong, don’t cry to me, hmph.”  

    With little eight’s help, the energy from the spirituality gathering array suddenly became much stronger. Nan Xun burnt Yanmo Han’s hair, took the ashes and used it to draw on the dream guiding array, then rolled up the dream guiding array. Placing it over the candle and burning the roll. 

    Nan Xun murmured a chant. When the stack of paper was entirely burnt, she wiped the thin layer of sweat from her forehead and breathed, “It’s a success. I’ll know the effect of the dream fabrication by seeing Yan Han’s reaction tomorrow.”  

    This night, Yanmo Han had a dream. 

    Usually, he would be awakened by the nightmares of his last life at every midnight, but this time, it wasn’t a nightmare.  

    What he dreamt of was from his last life, but something he has never seen with his own reborn eyes.  

    His soul seemed to have traveled to the past, then he saw Qin Buyao. 

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    Damn, Nan Xun keeps being more and more clever! Who would have thought to implant false dream “memories” into the emperor’s mind? I’m highly impressed with her — and the fact that she can now carry skills over from one world to the next!

    And yeah, there’s gonna be some big-time infertility drama coming up soon, I can just taste it…

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    She is right, we do not want to stay with this blackened male lead for too long!

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    Thanks for your hard work!
    So why is she infertile from arc 1? Isn’t it her soul that’s there and the bodies are just vessels for her soul? How can a soul become infertile?

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      After the first arc, Little Eight realized his mistake and made sure all the bodies she took over will be infertile from henceforth so she has no emotional attachments or anything she left behind when she leaves each world. It’s really to make sure she focuses on her mission and to protect her in the future.

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