The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 119

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Dreamland, Qin Buyao’s End 

      The Qin Buyao from the previous life seemed to be different from the Qin Buyao in this life. She liked wearing pink palace skirts and looked very charming. 

    She was sitting in the Chen Xi Palace, the Chen Xi Palace that he gifted to Li Shufei instead in this life. Maybe she was in a bad mood, but she was drinking wine, one cup after another. Her little face was slightly flushed, and she looked out of the window, it wasn’t known what she was waiting for.  

    Cuihuan tried to take the wine glass from her hand, but Qin Buyao avoided her. 

    “Niang Niang, this slave begs you to stop drinking. If you keep doing this, this slave won’t bring wine for you next time!” 

    Qin Buyao giggled twice, “Cuihuan, you say, which beauty’s palace did the emperor visit tonight?” 

    Cuihuan looked sad and replied. “This slave heard that the emperor went to Xue Guiren’s palace.”1Guiren is a rank in the harem… the ending “fei” is a high ranking concubine and “ren” is lower….remember that Qin Buyao’s ranking in the imperial harem when she first entered was guifei…also, in the real timeline, she’s now referred to as Qin Meiren which mean Beauty Qin…so the suffix Mei is lower ranked than Gui. 

    Qin Buyao drooped and murmured an oh.  

    “Niang Niang, this slave begs you not to drink anymore. Even if you drink more, the emperor won’t come tonight.” Cuihuan cried. 

    Qin Buyao held her wine glass and laughed, “When I first entered the palace, he said that he would always pamper me, but he broke his promise. When he saw a new person, he forgot all about this old person. Ben gong2ben gong means this palace, it’s the female equivalent of a high-ranking imperial personnel to “zhen” believed his words, but it turns out everything that came out of his mouth was just nonsensical fart in the end!”  

    Yanmo Han, who was translucent, stood at one side looking at her, frowning slightly. 

    Did he really say those words that he would always pamper her? But even when he said that, how can I, as the emperor of a country with three thousand beauties in the harem, pamper her alone?  

    But her appearance clearly showed her trust in his words.  

    Just when Yanmo Han was stunned, he saw a man breaking through the window. 

    When he saw the man’s appearance clearly, his eyes were wide open and his eyes full of killing intent.  

    It was his good brother Yanmo Yu! 

    Why did he come to Chen Xi Palace? Did they really hook up long ago? 

    Yanmo Han’s lowered hand suddenly clenched into a fist, trembling tightly. 

    He didn’t want to see a cheating couple, but found that he couldn’t move at all, so he could only watch Yanmo Yu getting closer and closer to Qin Buyao. 

    When Cuihuan saw Yanmo Yu, she couldn’t help but cry out in alarm, “How, Xianwang—”3Xian Wang is Yanmo Yu’s title which mean sage king  

    She didn’t speak another word as Yanmo Yu struck her acupuncture point, causing her to faint.  

    Yanmo Yu walked in front of Qin Buyao, grabbed the wine glass from her hand, and said angrily, “So, this is how you spend your days in the palace? You lied to me that Yanmo Han treated you very well? Buyao, open your eyes and see, Yanmo Han isn’t a good man, you’re the same as those women in his heart, just a plaything!” 

    Qin Buyao was extremely drunk at this time. She belched and stood up shakily with a finger pointed at Yanmo Yu, “Emperor … Emperor? You finally remembered this concubine!” 

    Then, she threw herself on him, hugging the person, and wept bitterly. 

    Yanmo Yu startled and paused for a moment, then quickly embraced Qin Buyao and whispered, “Buyao, I like you. Don’t think about Yanmo Han anymore, later, Brother Yu will treat you well.”  

    After that, the two people naturally rolled on the ground together, one mouth called out for the emperor, and that mouth belonged to Buyao.  

    That dazzling scene made Yanmo Han’s entire body freeze in place. Just now, he tried to avoid this cuckhold scene, but now he simply wanted to listen to the woman’s moans for a while.  

    She called for him the entire time.  

    The frozen Yanmo Han noticed the woman waking up from her confused state, and slaped Yanmo Yu across the face. She was so angry that she wanted to pierce a sword into his chest. 

    Yanmo Yu fled and left a promise that he will never let her down. 

    Qin Buyao felt ashamed of herself, having wronged the emperor. So she asked Cuihuan to find a slow acting poison that she took daily. She gradually lost weight and her face was getting thinner and haggard. 

    But as this was happening, the Yanmo Han in the dream didn’t seem to notice. He wandered among countless beauties and forgot about Qin Buyao’s existence. Even if he occasionally went to her palace, Qin Buyao wore heavy makeup, so he didn’t notice. Not only that, he disliked Qin Buyao’s rouge scent on her body and visited her less and less.   

    Qin Buyao lifted the poisoned soup in her hand and threw the medicine bowl to the ground fiercely. “No, why should ben gong accept my death alone? Indeed, it’s true that ben gong has done something unforgivable, but when has the emperor ever treated ben gong well? Thus, even if ben gong were to suffer and die, ben gong will definitely take him with me!”  

    Then, the corner of the woman’s mouth slightly evoked a sweet arc, “Yanmo Han, do you remember what you told me when you married me? That we’ll be together in life and in death?4Basically together as in sleeping together in the same quilt (represents couple’s deep love) while alive and in the same burial cave when dead – also quilt used to bury the dead Now, beng gong isn’t clean anymore, really, want, to, die, how about you accompany ben gong in death, won’t you?”5She drew herself as a female yandere!! LOL  

    The translucent Yanmo Han heard the woman’s sweet and cruel words and couldn’t help but step back. He opened his mouth slightly as if he was frightened by the woman’s appearance in front of him.  

    He has never seen such a Qin Buyao, in his previous life or his current new life. 

    After this, Yanmo Han saw many other scenes. The discouraged and frustrated Qin Buyao hooked up with Xianwang, Yanmo Yu, and worked together to obtain his throne. Everything coincided with the experience of his previous life. 

    Until the end, Qin Buyao wore a complicated and gorgeous queen phoenix robe to the imperial court and knelt down with Yanmo Yu. 

    Yanmo Han thought that everything was over here. But he didn’t expect to see Qin Buyao dragging her heavy phoenix robe back to Fengming Palace and stripped her outer robes one by one, finally revealing white mourning clothes.   

    The woman arranged her clothes in front of the bronze mirror, smiled and looked at herself in the mirror, then used a very gentle tone: “Brother Han, now that your throne is gone and all the women in your harem have abandoned you, you have nothing, you only have me. In this world, only I, Qin Buyao, is willing to accompany you to death. When you arrive in hell, I’ll be the only one beside you. Hahahaha…”  

    After saying this, the woman took out the poison hidden in her sleeve and swallowed it. 

    At the same time, Yanmo Han, who was in dire straits in prison, also took the poison. 

    The two died at almost the same time, but one was in dire straits while the other had riches and honor. 

    The woman gave up supremacy and glory and died on the same day as the traitor. 

    Yanmo Han, who had witnessed everything, was shocked. He trembled twice unsteadily, then fell to his knees and sat on the ground.  

    In the last scene, Qin Buyao drank all the poisonous wine and fell to the ground. Her mouth and nose bled, and her face was pale, just like the mourning clothes she wore.  

    No, how could this be? 

    How could this be the truth? 

    This is impossible! 

    Yanmo Han only felt his qi and blood rolling in his chest, then he suddenly woke up from the dream, agitated. And the qi that was turbulent caused him to spit out a mouthful of blood.   

    Yanmo Han gasped hard, clutching the edge of the bed with both hands. 

    This is just a dream. It’s not true, it can’t be true! 

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