The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 120

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Very Late at Night, Unworthy Emperor Above 

      What Qin Buyao did was just get him to accompany her to death? Because she was frustrated and discouraged, wanted to die, and she wanted him to die with her? 

    She helped Yanmo Yu take his throne, making him hopeless and lonely. All this lead to him being alone when he died, so that she will become his only companion in hell? 

    No, this … this is ridiculous. 

    However, if this isn’t true, then why is everything else in the dream true?  

    His brain was full of Qin Buyao’s appearance before she died, as well as her gentle and crazy words.   

    Yanmo Han coughed heavily and coughed again to spit out blood.  

    He got up with a rustle and stumbled to the window. 

    His usual pair of gloomy eyes were now in a daze at that moment.  

    If those things in the dream were true, what has he done these recent months? What has he done? 

    Suddenly, he thought of something and his heartstrings tightened, and another gush of blood spurted out.  

    This morning, he just ordered Yao Yao a bowl of infertile soup. 

    …… The decoction of infertility. 

    She would never be a mother in her life. 

    He also asked big shadow to take her for seven nights. 

    “Hehe, hehehe …” Yanmo Han suddenly chuckled at the window, and the voice became a hearty laugh, and tears came out. 

    He sat on the ground and tried to stop laughing, but he couldn’t. At last, he blocked his mouth with his fist and bit on it hard with his teeth. Finally, the laughter slowly stopped, but at the next moment, the sound changed and became a painful dull sob.  

    In Chi Mu Palace, Nan Xun, who had just bathed in the bath and was ready to go to bed, was suddenly frightened by the sound from little eight.   

    “Ah ah ah! It’s amazing ah! Do you know what happened just now? The boss’s evil value dropped to 50 at once! Ah ah ah, was it the dream? How could it drop so much at once, ying ying ying… I’m so excited ah…”  

    Nan Xun: … 

    “Little eight, the evil value really dropped to 50 all at once?” Nan Xun still didn’t believe it. 

    Little eight cried out directly, “It’s true! This grandpa is so happy ah. It’s the biggest drop in history!” 

    Nan Xun froze for a while and blinked, “It seems that my dream fabrication technique worked, Yanmo Han believed the things in his dream. ” 

    Little eight quickly asked, “What story did you made up ah?” 

    Nan Xun laughed aloud, “Since I’ve followed you, I’ve seen a lot of perverts. So this time, I’ve just shaped Qin Buyao into a crazy pervert. For a boss with a blackening value of 85, he should be able to easily understand the mind of a pervert and believe it.”  

    Little Eight: “… Very, very good, not bad.” 

    “The big boss is coming! Put away that thief’s smile on your face!” Little eight’s tone changed, and he reminded quickly her. 

    As soon as Nan Xun laid down on the bed, she heard the sound of the window opening. 

    Cuihuan heard it and was about to fight the assassin, but after seeing who the assassin was, she immediately retreated with ease and shut the door. 

    Nan Xun got up when she heard the noise. She looked at the man standing in front of the window and rushed up to him, her eyes moist with grievances. 

    “Brother Han, is that you? I’m not dreaming?” The woman murmured in fear as if she would wake up from her dream if her voice was too loud.   

    Yan Han stepped forward and embraced her in his arms and rubbed her fiercely and violently. 

    There was heavy moisture on his body, and he seemed to be covered with dew, she feared that he was outside for too long.  

    “Yao Yao …” His voice was deep and subdued, full of pain. 

    “Brother Han, why haven’t you come to me these days? I’m so scared of being alone.” Nan Xun vigorously dug herself into his arms. 

    Yan Han gasped, “Yao Yao, I’m sorry … I’m sorry …” 

    “Do you know that you’ve neglected me? Since you said you’re sorry, I’ll forgive you. You can’t disappear so suddenly for such a long time next time.” 

    “Okay … Ok …” 

    They held each other for a whole night. At first, Nan Xun tried to cheer him up and made fun of him repeatedly. Then, fell asleep in his arms.  

    Yan Han carried the woman in his arms to the windowsill and looked at her face under the moonlight. 

    She slept peacefully, her curled eyelashes gently drooped, covering her bright black eyes. She was so mischievous, she always had a sly smile after playing tricks in her eyes. Now, ever eyes were closed and couldn’t be seen. Her nose was small but straight, and her lips, were slightly open to a small slit, it looked like a poppy flower, exuding a fatal temptation.  

    Yan Han stared at it for a long time and wished to bite down so hard and explore something more attractive beyond that slit.  

    Yan Han has never kissed her deeply because of the disgust in his heart. He would occasionally kiss her face or lips or gave a teasing kiss.  

    After restoring his identity, Yanmo Han not only hated her, but also bitterly detested her. Every day before he “pampered” her, he would brutally bite her body with his lips.  

    There were still marks on her body, all of them were teeth marks left by him, so deep that blood could still be seen. 

    When he thought about the events of the past few days, he wanted to stab himself to death. He personally injured the woman in his arms. Such a good woman was just destroyed by him. He regretted that he was such a beast.  

    Yan Han’s chest felt stuffy and his blood rushed up again. He swallowed it down with difficulty. 

    Nan Xun thought that when she woke up, the big boss would be gone. After all, he went to the imperial court in the early morning, but she was still lying in Yan Han’s arms. 

    “You didn’t hold me all night, did you?” Nan Xun’s expression was inconceivable. 

    “Yao Yao, my hand seems to be numb.” Yan Han said. 

    Nan Xun laughed and said, “You’re so silly ah. If you hold me like this all night, it would be numb.” 

    Yan Han looked at her meaningfully and whispered, “But I don’t want to let go of you. I want to hold you more.” 

    Little eight suddenly interjected, “Ai ya, how can the big boss turn on the affectionate mode overnight? Your story must be powerful!”  

    Yan Han turned on the affectionate mode and Nan Xun turned on the crazy flirtation mode. She came close to the man and pushed herself against the silver mask. Then she reached out her fingers and gently stroked his thin lips, smiling like a demon. “Hey, Yan Han, are you seducing me?”  

    Yan Han stared at her deeply, his deep voice was very sexy, “Did I seduce you?” 

    Nan Xun’s slender fingers gently slid back and forth between his throat to tease him, making his Adam’s apple bob up and down. She smiled and said:” Yes ah, of course.” 

    Little eight grinned, “You’re relying on him to be impotent, right? Fortunately, the boss is impotent, otherwise, hmph, you sexy little demoness, would have been killed by him! So, remember to thank this grandpa a few times.”  

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