The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 121

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Qin Buyao, I Want to Marry You 

      Nan Xun and Yan Han flirted with each other for a while. Yan Han pretended that he didn’t know about what happened between her and the tyrant and she didn’t mention it. They pretended to be stupid to each other. 

    When Yan Han left, Cuihuan, who had been eavesdropping through the walls, cried happily, “Niang Niang, Yan gongzi really loves you. This slave thinks that even if he found out that the emperor pampered you, he wouldn’t mind.”   

    Nan Xun smiled sweetly, “Of course, I think you’re right. He’s a good man worthy of trust.” 

    Yan Han, who hadn’t completely left yet, heard this, and his footsteps snapped in place, then he accelerated his pace.   

    For him, Chi Mu Palace was like a shackle and a cage, with a demoness named Qin Buyao in it. So, although he knew that she would take off a layer of skin when he enters, he couldn’t help but want to enter.1So basically, he knows that everytime he goes into that palace, she will always say really irritating words about him that hurts. But he still wants to go in regardless for that demoness.  

    He thought that he might possibly have been poisoned, and had been poisoned for a long time, but he didn’t know when or how. 

    For several days, Nan Xun and Yan Han both started the mutual flirting mode, but Yan Han stared at her intensely after flirting, and Nan Xun would pat his ass and walk away.  

    Until Cuihuan accidentally leaked the emperor’s story, Yan Han finally had to poke the paper. 

    The two stood under the tree. Yan Han took a step forward, and Nan Xun stepped back sharply. 

    “Don’t come closer!” Nan Xun whispered to him and her expression collapsed. “What kind of expression do you have? Do you despise me? Do you think I’m not clean, so you don’t want me?” 

    Yan Han heard this and his expression was painful. He stepped forward, regardless of the other’s struggle and clasped Nan Xun in his arms and kissed her head repeatedly. “Yao Yao listen to me. I don’t dislike you. I really don’t dislike you. Shall I marry you? I’ll marry you right away. We don’t need three matchmakers and six betrothal gifts or the approval of the elders, let’s get married today no matter what!”  

    When Nan Xun heard this, she was shocked and the whole person became quiet.  

    “Dear, the evil value just dropped by 5 points and has become 45.” Little eight interjected suddenly. 

    “Yan Han, is what you said true?” Nan Xun leaned obediently in Yan Han’s arms and asked incredulously, “After knowing that I’ve lost my chastity and was insulted several times by the tyrant, you’re still willing to marry me?” 

    Yan Han nodded and said, “Qin Buyao, I want to marry you.” 

    Nan Xun suddenly smiled and was very happy. Her uneasiness vanished instantly. She put out her hand and poked the other’s hard chest and said, “Okay, we’ll get married now. When you marry me, I’ll tell you a secret.”  

    When Cuihuan got the news, she went to prepare things smiling and crying. As most of Nan Xun’s palace dresses were quite elegant, Cuihuan took a long time to pick out a purple palace dress, then found some red candles.  

    That night, Nan Xun and Yan Han bowed to the heaven and earth with little servant girl, Cuihuan as their wedding witness.   

    The wedding wine was a flower wine brewed by Cuihuan, and there were many peanuts and lotus seeds sprinkled on the quilt. 

    Cuihuan guarded the door in case the tyrant suddenly came. 

    The newly wedded couple in the room, looked at each other affectionately after drinking the wedding wine.   

    Little eight suddenly said: “Dear, how can you marry the big boss? Did you forget the big boss is impotent? What will you do if you expose this in the bridal room? Won’t you stab people’s hearts?” 

    Nan Xun replied, “Baby, you don’t understand. After stabbing the big boss’s heart, I’ll express my determination to stay with him even if his body is defective, I won’t dislike him. If he hears this, won’t he be touched?”  

    Little eight: “… It sounds reasonable.” 

    Nan Xun reached out and touched Yan Han’s mask, and was somewhat dissatisfied. “Brother Han, we are married. Are you not willing to take off the mask now? Even if you have an extremely ugly face under your mask, I won’t think you’re ugly.” 

    Yan Han grabbed her paw that wanted to lift the mask and said in a deep voice: “You can see it later in the bridal room.”  

    Nan Xun immediately said to little eight, “The big boss is so good, ah, still so calm at this time. What the hell! Isn’t this bastard thinking of finding someone to replace him?”  

    Little eight hesitated and said: “No, his evil thoughts lowered, this confirms that he has affections towards you.”  

    Nan Xun: “Can you guess a pervert’s mind? In any case, what if he thinks his pride is more important than anything else?”  

    Little eight: … 

    The feeling of being convinced.  

    “In any case, let him know that I’m a little white flower, maybe in this way, he will become soft-hearted.” 

    Nan Xun grabbed Yan Han’s collar and pulled herself in front of him, then winked at him slyly, “Brother Han, I didn’t tell you this before, but now that you married me, I’ll tell you a secret. Come here.”   

    Yan Han looked at her in confusion, because they were already so close together before she pulled them closer. Now he only needs to slightly slant his head and his earlobe was next to her pink lips.   

    Nan Xun wasn’t ashamed, but directly stepped forward and said with a smile: “Brother Han, actually, I’m still… a virgin.”  

    Rustling, Yan Han turned his head to look at her, his eyes were fixed on her with a look of surprise.  

    How could it be? This is impossible! Big shadow never defies his orders! How could he not touch Qin Buyao! 

    When his heart was shocked, he heard the woman in front of him use a gloating tone: “Brother Han, I suspected that the tyrant might not be able to…lift it.”   

    Yan Han’s eyes widened, “Yao Yao, you … … how do you know … ” 

    Nan Xun immediately accepted his words, “How do I know? Because the tyrant only did half of it, then let his shadow guard bully me. But every man who sees such a beautiful woman like me wouldn’t escape. What do you think it is, if he can’t lift it up?”  

    Yan Han’s reaction slowed down several beats. “Then, that emperor … Did the shadow guard sent by the tyrant bully you?” 

    Nan Xun heard this, but he didn’t know what she thought. She couldn’t help but laugh. “I have my own psychedelic powder that I sprinkled on his face. Then he took my pillow and humped away, hahaha….”  

    “Psychedelic powder?” Yan Han moved his Adam’s apple and asked the question with some difficulty. 

    “When I entered the palace, I brought a lot of secret ancestral drugs, such as chronic poisons ah, knock out drugs ah, and intestinal poison ah. This psychedelic powder is a kind of medicine that can make people fall into the illusion. I didn’t bring much here. If the tyrant comes a few more times, I’m afraid I’ll be done for. Fortunately, he didn’t come again.” 

    She said and laughed again. “The tyrant and the shadow guard didn’t know, those two idiots.” 

    Yan Han’s other identity, an idiot tyrant: … 

    But at the moment, none of this was important. His brain was filled with great joy and the blood in his body boiled with excitement. 

    Yao Yao, his Yao Yao is still a virgin! 

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