The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 122

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Come On, Dying 

      Yan Han’s smoldering gaze focused on the woman in front of him. He looked at her two pink petal lips, slightly parted. His whole body trembled gently. The blood in his body made his eyes bloodshot, then he rushed over.   

    His whole body was hot and hard. 

    Gu lu.1SFX for either a grunt or swallowing saliva – IMO sounds gross when I imagine it but whatevs, hottie villain boss Yan Han gulped. 

    “Yao Yao, you have suffered these days.” Yan Han said, his voice has become low and deep. 

    When she heard his voice, Nan Xun was shocked for a moment, but soon she smiled again. 

    Pretend, you’re pretending again. 

    An impotent man, how can you be in heat? 

    “No, no, I’m fine. I haven’t suffered at all.” Nan Xun waved her hand carelessly, and suddenly thought of something, she quickly said: “Brother Han, I didn’t tell you that before, don’t you blame me? The emperor is impotent, wasn’t this a big deal? I didn’t even say this to Cuihuan, but I didn’t want her to say that on accident and cause trouble. Now, I tell you because we are husband and wife and there are no secrets between us.”  

    When Yan Han heard the last sentence, his mouth opened slightly, but didn’t say a word in the end.  

    “Brother Han, from today onwards, you are my husband, and I am your wife. You can’t have three wives and four concubines in the future, but only me.” Nan Xun declared aggressively. 

    For a moment, Yan Han nodded solemnly and said, “I promise you, I will only pamper you in the future and only go to your bed.” 

    Nan Xun almost spat out a mouthful of saliva.  

    Come on, is this seriously a hooligan? If she hadn’t known in advance that the big boss couldn’t lift it, she would have been flustered to hear this, because when the other party said this, his expression was particularly intense.  

    After Yan Han said this, he suddenly picked up Nan Xun into a princess carry and went straight to the bed. 

    Nan Xun froze for a moment, and asked little eight: “Why at this time, is he still pretending?” 

     Little eight hesitated for a while, “Does he want to knock you out with his hand, then when you wake up, tell you that you’ve been in the bridal room?”  

    After hearing this, Nan Xun thought it was really possible, so she had already planned to faint at any time. 

    However, the fact wasn’t developing in the expected direction of one person and one beast.  

    After Yan Han took Nan Xun to beg, he began to take off her clothes, one by one, with gentle but sharp movements. He stripped Nan Xun to only her undergarments. 

    Nan Xun suddenly thought of something, and quickly pulled the quilt to cover the dense teeth marks on her body. 

    Yan Han looked at the blue and purple teeth marks, almost all over the woman’s body, even in some places where it was difficult to bite and couldn’t help but be startled.  

    “Brother Han, shall we put out the candles?” Nan Xun buried her head on the soft pillow, her expression somewhat guilty and indignant. She forgot that the tyrant left many marks on her. 

    Yan Han didn’t say much. He whispered okay, then got up and blew out the red candles.  

    As he turned around, Nan Xun seemed to have saw something extraordinary and her heart thumped. She asked little eight in a panic: “Little eight, I saw a sharp weapon hidden under his robe briefly. Did I actually see it, or did I imagine it?”   

    Little eight stuttered, “If I said I also saw it, are you going to kill me?”  

    In the dark, the tall man stepped toward the bed step by step.  

    Nan Xun’s eyes suddenly widened, and she never expect that Yan Han carried such a fierce weapon.2Guess his dick is huge 

    She will die, really will die. 

    Soon after, a mournful tragic scream of sorrow came from the inner hall. 

    Cuihuan, who was guarding the door, jumped. She thought there was an assassin, but when she thought that Yan gongzi was present ah, how could an assassin hurt her Niang Niang? At the next moment, the scream seemed to be blocked by something and turned into a low murmur.  

    “Yao Yao, don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid. I will be very careful and won’t hurt you.” Yan Han’s patient voice came out. 

    Cuihuan was completely relieved when she heard Yan gongzi’s voice, then her mind began to doze off.   

    Indistinctly, Cuihuan seemed to hear her Niang Niang crying, but it was strange. It was different from her cries when she was used by the emperor. This time, occasionally it would be accompanied by Yan gongzi’s dull grunts.  

    In the middle of the night, Cuihuan heard her Niang Niang sob as she asked her to prepare hot water. 

    Cuihuan quickly went to boil water. 

    When Cuihuan carried the hot water in, the inner hall was dark. She quickly lit a candle. The candle was dimly yellow and warm, and Cuihuan glanced at the bed. Although the bed curtains were pulled down, the shadow of two people behind the gauze was projected and magnified on the curtain.  

    When Cuihuan saw their posture, her little face turned red like a monkey’s butt.   

    Heaven, heaven ah! 

    “Niang Niang, this slave has prepared the bath water. This slave will retreat first!” Cuihuan hurriedly spat out this sentence, quickly opened the door and scrammed, still remembering to close the door.  

    After such stimulation, Cuihuan didn’t sleep at all. She sat at the door properly and her ears were pricked.  

    Sure enough, it wasn’t long before she heard the sound of water splashing, along with some red indescribable sounds.  

    Cuihuan, who had a monkey’s butt face, sat down, blush and panted for a long time with her eyes narrowed.3Maybe she’s turned on and should masturbate…  

    The next morning, Nan Xun opened her eyes and looked at the shabby ceiling of the bed above her head, with both hands clenched.  

    Yan Han had already left and left a note saying that he will leave first as he had something to do, and she should rest well.  

    Little eight cried out loudly, “Ying… Ying… Ying… I don’t know what’s going on, the big boss is obviously impotent ah. Why is it like this ah ah ah!”  

    After little eight cried for a while, he immediately called out, “No. Ah, according to this grandpa’s investigation, the tyrant really didn’t pamper the concubines of the harem. It was the most powerful shadow guard.” 

    Nan Xun’s face was expressionless, “Who was the one who pressed me to make pancakes last night? I was almost burnt!”4So much friction that she always burnt into a crisp? Ooo, she needs to wet her batter more then 

    Little eight also felt aggrieved. This time, he really did find Nan Xun a man who couldn’t stand up. How could he have known… ying ying ying, it really doesn’t know where things went wrong.  

    “I was just teasing him because he was impotent, so I tried to push him. Now that I think about it, I pushed myself to my death ah.” Nan Xun sighed. 

    Seeing that little eight was wordless, Nan Xun still comforted him with a sentence, “It’s okay, the matter has already occurred. It’s useless to blame you. Since you insist that you didn’t know, then I believe that you didn’t know. But next time, don’t do this again, okay?”  

    Little eight: … 

    Girl, do you mean that you believe it? Really?  

    Wait, why does this sound familiar? Have I heard this somewhere before? 

    “Dear, it really was an accident, but you didn’t lose your moral integrity. After last night, the big boss’s evil thoughts dropped by 15 and became 30. Hey, at this speed, maybe this world will become the fastest world we ever complete~”  

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    Oh dear, looks like Nan Xun’s teasing got her burnt too much… guess when you play with fire, that’s the risk you end up taking on!

    (As a side-note, I like to think that even though the sex is rough as hell, Nan Xun secretly enjoys the hell out of it. At least, that’s what I maintain for the sake of my sanity!)

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    Choco Cookie

    Man; I actually laughed out loud when little eight asked her if she would kill him if he saw the sword too…Hahahahhaha XDDD

    & Cuihuan’s reaction is so adorable…really makes me wish for her to have a FL who would tease her behind closed doors… o(/>///</)o

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    >/////< Nyahahahaha you hit your own foot dear

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