The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 124

Translated by Novice Translations 

Messed around by Snacks – had a sudden craving for pancakes after this chappy… 

Don’t be Angry, I’ll Give You a Bigger and Better One as Compensation 

      Nan Xun was too ashamed to see the spring picture. Fortunately, she was blinded and avoided seeing the current spring picture with her own eyes.  

    “Brother Han, it doesn’t seem that you undressed. You look like a beast.” In order to ignore some of her feelings of shame and embarrassment, Nan Xun began to taunt the other.  

    Yan Han’s lips moved to her ears, and a deep, low-pitched laugh came out, the voice was extremely sexy, “Yao Yao, I’m a beast in clothes, but I’m only a beast to you. But since Yao Yao likes it when I don’t wear clothes, I’ll take it off immediately.” 

    Nan Xun was stunned and said quickly: “No, no, you don’t need to take it off, really!” 

    However, Yan Han ripped off his robe several times1Remember ancient people wear a shitload of robes, that’s why a lot of them die drowning! and then firmly pressed her to the bed.  

    The bed’s curtain was pulled down, the bed swayed, the earth shook, and some baked cake and cried sadly.   

    Nan Xun was burnt out midway through and was so tired that she fainted. When she woke up, she was still blindfolded with the cloth in Yan Han’s arms.   

    However, after noticing that she was immersed in warm water, she scolded the beast several times in her heart. 

    A certain beast caressed her smooth silky body. His fingertips felt everywhere, then said with satisfaction: “Yao Yao, now you’re covered with my traces, you’re mine.” 

    Nan Xun didn’t dare to move. She was afraid that beast would be in heat again.   

    However, even if she didn’t move, the beast was still in heat. 

    “Yao Yao, your bath barrel is too small. It’s just enough for two people to sit down, but can’t do anything else,” said the beast that was already in heat. 

    Nan Xun: … 

    So, what do you want to do? 

    You know that this tub is small, but you still come in? It’s a blessing that this bathtub hasn’t been broken by you! 

    But the next second, Nan Xun discovered that there was no bottom line for this beast. 

    The beast said, “Yao Yao, let’s stand up. You hold onto the side of the bathtub.” 

    Nan Xun: … 

    Then a certain beast coaxed and pressed Nan Xun to make pancakes. 

    Later, with a clatter, the bath barrel fell apart and the water flowed all over the room. 

    Cuihuan, who was outside, was awakened by the loud noise. She rushed in and saw the place in a mess but could faintly see the two figures behind the screen.   

    Cuihuan immediately understood how the bathtub broke. She cleaned up the mess with the fastest speed in her life, then retreated. 

    Nan Xun, after this felt she had no face to see others. She was so angry that she pulled the cloth from her face.  

    However, Yan Han was faster than her, his face was already wearing the dazzling mask.  

    Nan Xun was amazed by his speed. She still held a fire in her heart. When he didn’t pay attention, she kicked him. 

    As a result, Yan Han who had very strong defense, directly reached out and blocked her foot. Then grabbed her foot and pulled her to his side.   

    Nan Xun was pulled and planted into his arms, he rigidly bound her into his embrace. 

    “You’re not ashamed. Next time you dare do this, I’ll take it off you!” Nan Xun’s words were harsh. 

    Yan Han’s arm closed suddenly and said in a deep voice, “You dare!”  

    He seemed to have felt his tone was too heavy. He immediately softened his tone and said with a bit of remorse: “Yao Yao, I know you’re angry. I broke your bathtub. Next time, I’ll give you a bigger and better one as compensation. Don’t be angry, en?”   

    Nan Xun: … She’s really not mad about that! 

    Yan Han hugged the woman who only wore a single robe in front of him. Now this person was his wife, so he couldn’t help it. He slipped his hand in and groped.  

    It’s soft to the touch and makes your heart sway. 

    “Brother Han, before I get really angry, you need to go.” Nan Xun slapped his unruly paws. 

    Yan Han held her and asked for another lingering kiss before he reluctantly said: “I do have some things to deal with. I’ll go first. Yao Yao, I’ll come to see you later.” 

    Waiting for someone to leave Nan Xun sighed aloud, “Little eight, this is really a big boss. I feel like since last night, he changed into a different person, bit by bit—”  

    Little eight added very powerfully, “Like a little boy who is just beginning to ask for indulgence.”  

    Nan Xun suddenly got stuck after hearing this. She thought it was a bit like that but was it possible? It’s a little strange.  

    I thought it was an old driver,2Meaning the ML had sex a lot of times and is an expert…he knows his way around the block like a driver but it turned out to be an innocent boy? 

    After nearly a month of such days, Nan Xun was either baked into pancakes or made pancakes every day. If she wasn’t infertile, she would be skeptical if she didn’t conceive ten babies at once.   

    Yanmo Han, that shameless rogue! 

    “Little eight, I don’t think it’s good to continue like this. There won’t be any substantive breakthrough. I think in a few months, we have to find a way to uncover the truth.” Nan Xun thought. 

    Little eight wondered, “Why do you want to uncover the truth? The big boss’s evil value has dropped considerably recently, now it dropped to 25.” 

    “Haven’t you notice that the evil value hasn’t moved for half a month? It should be saturated, unless something else happens, it will take another year and a half.” Nan Xun replied.  

    Little eight was shocked, “Baby, you suddenly become so aggressive. I am so surprised.” 

    In fact, it suspected that Nan Xun didn’t want to bake pancakes anymore, so she became so “aggressive”. However, Nan Xun’s words were very reasonable. If it goes on like this, the big boss will be happy, but his evil value doesn’t change after being happy, then he’s too scummy. Such a scumbag was cheap, so he must be tortured to death.3Basically, even if the big boss himself is happy, he still has resentment to the world and can’t let go of that resentment even though he has happiness in his palm. He’s selfish and scummy, only way for him to realize that he needs to let go and just focus on his happiness is to torture his feelings and make him realize it himself 

    While one person and one beast discussed how to reveal Yan Han’s “true face”, an unexpected visitor came to Chi Mu Palace.  

    Nan Xun was drying the bedding with Cuihuan in the courtyard, but she didn’t know when the white shadow flew into the courtyard from outside 

    The person who arrived wore a white Royal robe and a jade crown on his head. There was a jade pendent of excellent quality hanging from his waist. He had a clear handsome face that was as warm as jade.  

    Nan Xun searched her memory and immediately knew the person’s identity.  

    Xianwang, Yanmo Yu, in the last life, Qin Buyao’s….adulterer.   

    “Cuihuan, you step back first. I have something to say to your Niang Niang.” Yanmo Yu said, his eyes fell straight on the woman in front of him, looking alienated and strange. 

    Cuihuan obviously knew Xianwang too. She glanced out of the courtyard in a panic, and nervously didn’t know what to do. 

    “This slave will wait at the gate of the courtyard. You better not stay too long for my Niang Niang’s sake.” Cuihuan said to him and left. 

    At the moment when Cuihuan closed the door, Yanmo Yu’s gaze suddenly changed, it Was the color of heartache in his distressed eyes.  

    Nan Xun: … 

    She suddenly understood Yanmo Yu was the child of fate from little eight. Because Yanmo Yu can change his face, he was indifferent to fame and wealth to the eyes of outsides and had no interest to the throne. But he concealed his true thoughts from officials and the Yanmo Han from his previous life.  

    Yanmo Yu stepped forward violently. 

    Nan Xun was caught in his arms by surprise. 

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