The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 125

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Little Eight, Is he Deceiving Ghosts 

      Nan Xun was stunned for a moment, then hurried to push him away, but found that although the other side looked like jade he had a very overbearing force which made her uncomfortable.  

    “Let me go!” Nan Xun’s voice was cold. 

    In the dream she made for Yanmo Han, she planted the pot1the blame on Yanmo Yu. She was still a little guilty, but at present, the man took the emperor’s women into his arms in spite of shame and courtesy, she suspected the Qin Buyao from the last life was deceived by him.  

    Perhaps it wasn’t a lie. Maybe he really likes Qin Buyao, but he crossed over the moat. Such a handsome man offered to show his love. Especially if he deliberately tried seduce, it was hard for ordinary women to resist.   

    “Buyao, I’m sorry. Brother Yu is late.” Yanmo Yu’s voice had a trace of forbearance and hoarseness, it was very distressing to listen to. 

    “You let me go first.” 

    Yanmo Yu finally let go of Nan Xun. Nan Xun took two steps back, looked at him and frowned. “Xianwang, don’t you know this is the Emperor’s imperial harem? If you don’t avoid suspicion, aren’t you simply being impolite to ben gong?”  

    Yanmo Yu froze for a moment, and quickly said: “Buyao, I’m sorry. I saw that your emotions were out of control just now and didn’t mean to belittle you.” 

    He wanted to step forward, but when he saw the resistance on her face, he stopped.  

    “Buyao, do you blame me for coming too late? I just found out you were sent to the cold palace. If I had known earlier, I would have definitely not let you suffer so much!” Yanmo Yu looked regretful. 

    Nan Xun applauded in her heart, “Little eight, is this Yanmo Yu deceiving ghosts? He must have his own spies in the palace, but he even told me that he didn’t know I was sent to the cold palace. Do you believe it?” 

    Little eight didn’t answer her, but swallowed a mouthful of saliva, then said: “Dear, just now, the scene ofXianwang holding you was seen by the big boss, then in that moment, the big boss’s blackening value increased by 5 points and became 90.”   

    Nan Xun: “Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Firing after the horse!2Belated action; giving advice in hindsight Is Yanmo Han still watching us now?” 

    Little eight: “The big boss left in a rage.” Then continued after a pause. “He will be back in a second. Now, he’s looking straight at you two.”  

    Nan Xun: … 

    Yanmo Yu was still jabbering about his worry. Nan Xun could see that he was really interested in Qin Buyao, but this feeling was mixed with calculations more or less. She didn’t like such impure feelings.  

    “Little eight, let me ask you, did Yanmo Yu from the original timeline kill the reborn Yanmo Han?” Nan Xunasked. 

    Little eight said, “That’s for sure ah, the original timeline that doesn’t have me or you to eliminate the villain’s evil value. Sooner or later, he will be killed by the child of fate. Even if the reborn villain boss prepares for a rainy day, he wouldn’t be able to fight the child of fate. He’s destined to die unless all the evil value is gone.” 

    Speaking of this, little eight said, “Now you know what I’m doing is good, right? Without this grandpa, every world’s villain boss would die in the end. We just rob the child of fate’s merits, but we can save a life. I suddenly feel like a savior.”  

    Nan Xun immediately corrected, “It’s not you, it’s me. Thank you…I became the fucking Messiah, and you get the merits that the Messiah deserves.”  

    Little eight said a little cautiously, “Didn’t we make a promise in exchange to saving your life. You say, your life is gone, why do you still need merits?”  

    Nan Xun: “That’s why baby, I’ve been pampering you so much, otherwise I would have killed you long ago.” 

    Little eight: … 

    Come on, why do all the other hosts found by other void beasts bow and bend the knee, but why is it’s situation the opposite? Why does he feel guilty ah? He doesn’t need to be guilty ah!  

    Later, after thinking for a long time, little eight finally understood why he felt guilty. Because every world that NanXun been in, the big villain boss was so miserable, and it was terrible to see it. Such a hard-hearted beast felt terrible after realizing it.  

    “Buyao, Buyao, what’s the matter with you?” Yanmo Yu saw that Qin Buya didn’t speak for a long time and couldn’t help but frown at her. 

    He thought Qin Buyao changed, but this harem was originally a place where people ate each other whole and didn’t spit out the bones. It was strange if people didn’t change. Moreover, Qin Buyao was thrown into the cold palace by his brother emperor for several months.  

    Nan Xun smiled slightly and said, “Your highness, ben gong’s palace is very good now. There’s nothing better than now. Ben gong doesn’t have to please others in this cold palace. Ben gong is very content. Your worries, ben gong accepts, but ben gong thinks it’s better to leave these concerns for your own wife.”  

    When Yanmo Yu heard the words, he was stunned at first, but there was a hidden joy in his eyes. “Buyao, why do you say this to anger me? You know that you’re the only one in my heart and benwang has never been married in these years.”  

    Nan Xun was taken aback and asked little eight quickly: “Xianwang loves Qin Buyao to the point that he hasn’t married a wife?”  

    Little eight haha, “Dear, there is no wife, but there are one side concubines and two tongfangs in Xiangwang’fu. I tell you, don’t think that Xianwang is a flower, according to his status, there are only a few concubines. Not to mention his main wife position has always been empty. If this position was really reserved for Qin Buyao, he’s indeed an infatuated lover.”   

    Nan Xun: “…Well, I forgot this was ancient times where there are many wives and concubines. Oh, wait! Little eight, is Qin Buyao the female lead of this world? Doesn’t the male lead likes the female lead? Heavens, I actually became the female lead for once!”  

    Little eight: “You think too much … There is no female lead in this world. Because there are so many women inYanmo Yu’s harem. Qin Buyao lost her life to the tyrant in advance. Even so, Yanmu Yu promised her the position of empress. It’s really a great favor. Qin Buyao has been very happy with Yanmu Yu since then. She also got alongharmoniously with her sisters in the harem and takes good care of the harem.”   

    Nan Xun: … 

    Yanmo Yu saw the woman was stunned, and secretly said: Could it be that Buyao missed me and kept me in her mind constantly? 

    Yanmo Yu stepped forward suddenly and grasped Nan Xun’s hands. 

    Nan Xun was startled, and her right hand responded before her brain could process it and slapped him across the face.  

    Yanmo Yu looked at her incredulously. 

    “Xianwang, ben gong has grown up with you since ben gong was a child. Ben gong hopes you don’t have me as your only love. Ben gong is now the emperor’s woman now. Even if ben gong has been rejected by him, it won’t change my identity. Ben gong hopes that you, Xianwang, will respect boundaries!” Nan Xun curled up her somewhat numb hand and said straightforwardly.  

    Yanmo Yu was stunned for a long time, and finally took two steps back. 

    He snorted at himself, all his emotions converged and evaporated instantly, then he recovered his warm jade-like appearance from the beginning.  

    Then, he brushed Nan Xun’s hand slightly and lightly said: “It’s benwang who was rude to Niang Niang, benwang doesn’t blame Niang Niang. To tell the truth, the reason why benwang snuck into Niang Niang’s palace was because of General lao Qin. Now that benwang sees that Niang Niang is safe, benwang can make General lao Qin feel at ease.”3So when he first came he was very casually with how he refers to himself and to her, now its all formal 

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