The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 126

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Worried, I Want to Share Your Burdens 

      Nan Xun’s eyes flashed with a trace of surprise, then said to him, “Thank you, Xianwang. Please send word on behalf of ben gong. Everything is fine here and let my grandpa feel at ease.” 

    Yanmo Yu nodded and turned away. 

    After waiting for someone to leave, little eight reminded her, “Your slap just now has weakened his affection wards you by a lot. Fortunately, it’s the child of fate that we offended, isn’t this good?”  

    Nan Xun said thoughtfully, “I can see that Xianwang is a magnanimous man and won’t care about me.” 

    Little eight: … 

    “Actually, I’m betting.” Nan Xun added another sentence. 

    Little eight didn’t speak, waiting for her to continue. 

    “Do you really think that Yanmo Yu is really virtuous that he obtained the title Xianwang?1His title means virtuous/sage king Whoever succeeds in great achievements must be brave and resourceful, and he who wants to seek the throne must not have clean hands.” 

    Little eight: “I suddenly felt that I didn’t understand what you said.” 

    Nan Xun went into the house and poured a cup of tea to drink. She said slowly: “He tried his best to seduce Qin Buyao. He really liked her, but there was a more important reason. He needed the influence of the Qin family. Xianwang is a proud man. I just made him lose face and cut off his road. He shouldn’t have the cheek to seduce me anymore. Do you think he will still give up the big tree of the Qin family?”  

    Little eight: “… Probably not.” 

    “So, I was thinking, could have the heart to kill me? If he killed me, he could provoke the Qin family’s hatred towards the emperor. Without my scruples, wouldn’t lao Qin be caught by his mouth at that moment?”2So without her words, they will never know the truth of who killed her and lao Qin is more likely to be deceived by his mouth at that emotional moment… 

    Little eight: ! 

    “No, no?” Little eight was shocked. 

    Nan Xun shrugged, “I don’t know yet, so we will wait and see.” 

    “Aren’t you afraid that you will really be killed by him?”  

    “I’m not afraid. Isn’t there a beast monitoring me every day? I feel very at ease with this big boss.”  

    Little eight was speechless.  

    That night, Yan Han didn’t come. Nan Xun estimated that he was sulking, but he wouldn’t be able to hold it for three days.  

    The result wasn’t three days, but the next night. Yan Han simply couldn’t resist.3He couldn’t resist that pussy 

    When he came, he brought a big bathtub, it had gold trims.   

    When Nan Xun saw the size of the bathtub, the corner of her mouth twitched.   

    Without talking nonsense, Yan Han stuffed the bathtub directly to Cuihuan, and then carried Nan Xun into the house. 

    Cuihuan was so impressed that she immediately went to prepare hot water. 

    Nan Xun’s clothes were stripped while she was still confused.  

    Yan Han pushed her to swing and the swing was too high and stimulating. Nan Xun screamed out in fright and cried loudly.   

    After frolicking, the two were covered with a quilt and cuddled. Yan Han held her in his arms. The light coming through the gaps of the curtains reflected on the man’s eyes, looking like two strokes of light. In the darkness, they looked like eyes of a beast. It looked a little fierce.  

    “Brother Han, what’s wrong with you today?” Nan Xun who was buried in his arms obediently asked in a low voice. 

    “Nothing,” Yan Han replied, his voice didn’t fluctuate. 

    Nan Xun scratched his chest with her fingertips and said empathically: “Brother Han, we are husband and wife now. I hope you can tell me if you have something on your mind. Although I may not be able to help you, I want to hear it.”  

    “Yao Yao, do you really want to hear?” Yan Han gently bit her earlobe. 

    “Really, I want to share your burdens.” 

    Yan Han paused and said, “I have a brother, I am very good to him, but he coveted my possessions, and it’s my two most important and precious things, you say, what should I do with him?” 

    “Is it really precious?” 

    “Yes, as soon as I lose these two things, I may die immediately. And he, my good brother, knows how important it is to me, but he wants to steal it from me.” 

    When Nan Xun heard this, she frowned immediately. Even though he couldn’t see her expression in the dark, she didn’t slack because of professionalism. She angrily said, “If it’s true, your brother is a white-eyed wolf. If he really does harm you, don’t be polite. Just do what you want, but it’s your brother, so in order for people to not criticize you, leave him with his small life.”   

    Yan Han suddenly looked at her with burning eyes, “Yao Yao, do you really think so?”   

    “Yes ah, he’s endangering your life. If he wasn’t your brother, I would want to personally kill him.”4Wow this side of her really matches the yandere her she fabricated in that dream!  

    Yan Han stared at her for a long time, suddenly turned over and kissed her warmly, then caught her off-guard to bake cake.   

    Nan Xun was burnt out and fainted. In her daze, Yan Han held her in his arms and bathed her. However, soon she heard the sound of squelching from her body.   

    Motherfucker, this beast! 

    This time, the bathtub was really strong and didn’t fall apart. 

    For several days in a row, Nan Xun was spent and miserable.  

    Little eight shielded his five senses from day to night and only waited until Nan Xun called him, then it dared to peep at the outside world.5Little eight always calls himself a grandpa or father, but too scared to watch the action lol 

    “What’s the matter, why didn’t Yanmo Yu send someone to kill me? If it goes on like this, I might as well just hang myself and commit suicide.” 

    Little eight: “Dear, is it really so painful? I thought you enjoyed it?” 

    Nan Xun: “… I’m just afraid of kidney failure.” 

    “Huh? Shouldn’t it be a man who is prone to kidney failure? Aren’t you saying the opposite?” 

    Nan Xun: “There’s too many positions for pancakes. My waist isn’t strong enough, so it needs to mend.” 

    Little eight: “I don’t understand, people6He’s referring to himself are pure beasts and have never been in love with female beasts.” 

    Nan Xun believed it was strange.7That little eight has never had sexual content with the females of his race lol 

    Perhaps Nan Xun nagged about it every day, so she looked forward to the long-awaited assassin.  

    After all, Yanmo Yu was determined to kill Qin Buyao. 

    Perhaps in his eyes, the woman he knew was gone and can’t be redeemed so the possibility of them getting together was also gone, but he can’t let go of the Qin family. 

    He loved Qin Buyao but compared with the power that he planned to obtain, she was insignificant.  

    Even if Nan Xun left him a little room to turn things around, he wouldn’t make this ruthless move, instead he would try to win her over again, but Nan Xun’s attitude was too firm, completely breaking the road he tried to pave to win over the Qin family through Qin Buyao. 

    In the eyes of outsiders, since beauty Qin was thrown into the cold palace and the emperor has never stepped into the cold palace, it was very easy to kill beauty Qin in the cold palace.   

    In the dead of the night, there were two fierce fights in Chi Mu Palace. Nan Xun was so tired that she fell asleep. Her face was close to Yan Han and she had one arm wrapped around Yan Han’s neck, and her long legs were across his waist. She looked like a snake.  

    Yan Han took a deep breath and didn’t feel drowsy at all. He gazed at the woman’s face and carefully memorized every part of her.  

    It was unknown how long he looked for, but he seemed to have finally seen enough. He closed his eyes slowly, but the sound from outside the hall made him suddenly open his eyes, his eyes were full of murderous intent.   

    Some people, there’s more than one! 

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