The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 127

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The Emperor is Good at Acting 

      Without his direct instructions, they wouldn’t leave their posts at all, so these people weren’t his!  

    “Who!” Cuihuan, who was resting in the outer hall, apparently also heard the movement, woke up and yelled.   

    Nan Xun opened her eyes in confusion. After seeing Yan Han, she rubbed against his neck comfortably, “Brother Han, why haven’t you slept yet?” 

    “Yao Yao, there are assassins outside. Stay here!” Yan Han said with a deep voice. He quickly took the mask and put it on, then drew the sword and flew out.  

    Nan Xun was so excited that she instantly sobered up. 

    “Little eight, little eight! Did Yanmo Yu send someone to kill me?” Nan Xun quickly asked little eight. 

    Little eight replied, “Yes, the emperor is in your bed. There is no one except for Xianwang.” 

    “Motherfucker, that slag man. He just expressed his love a few days ago, and it only took him that long for him to assassinate me?” 

    Little eight hehe, “Wasn’t this what you expected?”  

    Nan Xun: “No, I can’t just lie here. I’m going out to help Brother Han kill the enemies.” 

    Little eight rubbed his goose bumps, “You can pull it down. You’re definitely not going to help him.”1You can pull it down aka stop pretending. Cause in front of little eight when its just them two, she still called the emperor brother han lol 

    Nan Xun: “It’s to help him, but by letting his mask fall off his face, then perform another heartrending award-winning drama.”  

    Little eight: …  

    In the courtyard, Yan Han and Cuihuan fought with those people. 

    When Nan Xun saw the clothes worn by those people, she couldn’t help but be surprised. These people weren’t wearing night clothes or masks but wore the clothes of the imperial guards.   

    They were people of Xianwang’fu, did these people kill the imperial guards secretly, then put on their clothes to pretend to be imperial guards?  

    Either way, Xiangwang is so powerful to do such a thing secretly so well.  

    There were about ten people. They thought it would be very easy to kill a concubine in the cold palace, but they obviously didn’t expect this, that there were two hidden experts hidden in the cold palace.  

    Especially the man wearing the silver mask, his moves were fierce and in a blink of an eye, he has already killed two or three people.  

    “Brother Han, I’ll help you!” Nan Xun shouted and lifted her sword. 

    Yan Han’s expression changed and scolded: “Go back! Don’t make a mess!” 

    He was distracted and was slashed on his arm by a knife. 

    Nan Xun’s eyes were red, and she wanted to rush over, but when she recalled that she was indeed the worst martial art practitioner among the three, she didn’t retreat or step forward for a while.  

    But those “guards” saw the importance of Nan Xun to Yan Han. They divided several people to take care of Yan Han and Cuihuan, and the rest rushed towards Nan Xun. 

    Yan Han opened his eyes, a sword pierced one of their throats, pushed his foot on the other’s chest, then swept towards the direction of Nan Xun. He pulled Nan Xun behind him before the assassins.  

    Nan Xun was dragged by him into a stumble. She hid herself obediently behind him, and whispered to little eight, “Is it useless for me to watch? The Qin family’s swordsmanship is excellent. Even if my internal power isn’t as good as theirs, it’s okay to resist ten moves, right?”  

    Little eight: “Don’t be cheap and show off. Isn’t this the result you want? If the big boss didn’t come, how can you take the opportunity to get rid of the mask on his face?”  

    At first, Nan Xun hid behind Yan Han. If someone wanted to attack from the side, she took her sword to block several moves. Later, Yan Han was really worried about her and directly carried her in his arms to fight the assassins with one hand.  

    His martial art skills were really good. Even if he fought with one hand against the enemy, he didn’t fall down. Instead, Cuihuan killed three assassins in a row, but she sustained several blows.  

    Seeing that the assassins were about to be cleaned up, when Yan Han held Nan Xun in his arms for a big move to avoid danger, Nan Xun’s arm inadvertently was raised and brushed off Yan Han’s mask from his face.  

    In this moment, the world seemed to stand still. 

    Nan Xun looked at the face she had seen and hated several times, then the whole person was transfixed.  

    Everything happened too fast, so caught off guard, Yan Han’s eyes suddenly opened, and his body was stiff. He didn’t dare to look into Nan Xun’s eyes for fear of seeing what he was most afraid to see.  

    Suddenly, he groaned. The assassin took advantage of this moment and slashed his sword and almost cutting off his arms.  

    When Yan Han’s arms loosened, Nan Xun fell out of his arms, then suddenly took two steps back.  

    “Yao Yao, you listen to me.” Yan Han came forward, but the assassin came over with his weapon. He was angry and his moves were several folds fiercer than before. His sword flashed and cut off the assassin’s forehead, almost splitting the man to two. Then another assassin was directly pierced in the chest by him.2Dude I feel like they fought more than that group of 10 assassins… 

    The yard was covered with pieces of the assassins’ bodies, the pungent smell of blood diffused at the tip of one’s nose, then the man who had just finished the fierce battle lightly panted.  

    Cuihuan stumbled in front of Nan Xun and looked at Yan Han and was shocked.  

    Yan Han’s mask fell from his face, revealing his true face. Nan Xun was surprised it was the tyrant Yanmo Han that was often mentioned frequently by the master and servant.   

    “Yao Yao, I …… I didn’t mean to—” 

    “Don’t come here!” Nan Xun gave a loud cry and looked at him strangely 

    Yanmo Han was so unfamiliar with such cold eyes. 

    “Yao Yao, you listen to my explanation, I didn’t mean to deceive you, I ……” Yanmo Han’s hands suddenly clenched into fists. He had imagined this scene after the truth had been revealed many times, but when the scene finally came, he found that all the words he prepared before were useless.  

    At this time, before Qin Buyao’s eyes full of hatred, he couldn’t say an excuse.  

    His original intention was to really play with this woman, but now …… he loved her, but she wouldn’t believe this reason, even he felt it was ridiculous. 

    Nan Xun’s body staggered over to him and tried to endure her own emotions and was about to collapse. She suddenly pointed her sword at him and jumped out, “Yanmo Han, your acting skills are very good. Why don’t you go to the troupe to sing?”3In ancient time, a troupe is a traveling….entertainment ground that acted out and sang to the common people or nobility 

    “If you can’t kill me, then you came by to play with my feelings?” 

    “No, Yao Yao, that’s not the case ……” 

    Nan Xun laugh loudly, laughing so hard that she cried and looked ugly. “Yes, your goal has been achieved. I was deceived by you. I lost my heart and chastity to you, are you very proud now?”  

    “What kind of tricks do you want to play that you found these assassins now? The trick of injuring oneself to gain the enemy’s confidence? Want me to commit myself more to you?” As she said this, the woman’s cynical eyes passed Yanmo Han’s bleeding arm, and there was no more heartache in her eyes.  

    She giggled again and shouted coldly: “I tell you, Yanmo Han, I, Qin Buyao, even if my heart is taken out, I will put it back in. If I can’t put it back in, then I will cut it and swallow it!”4Basically a big fuck you, you’ll never get my affections! 

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