The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 128

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Frightened, With a Gaze Full of Resentment 

       “Yao Yao, I really love you. I didn’t send these assassins! Can you believe me?”  

    Yanmo Han wanted to step forward, but unexpectedly there was a sword on the side of his neck, and he stopped abruptly. His neck hurt a lot and he was scratched to the point that blood oozed from the drawn blade.  

    Yanmo Han looked at the woman in front of him in disbelief. 

    The tingling sensation at his neck clearly indicated that if he took another step, Qin Buyao may really cut his neck!   

    At this moment, he was very afraid. He wasn’t afraid of death as he was someone who already died before.   

    What he was afraid of was Qin Buyao’s eyes.  

    Qin Buyao really hated him and wanted to kill him on the spot. 

    “Why, why do you look at me like this? Hasn’t the emperor known that I am Qin Buyao since the first day?”1Basically he looks so shocked as if he found out her real identity lol 

    Nan Xun’s eyes and words were full of ridicule. “Now that the emperor has teased enough, will he directly kill me? If you still want to see me in agony, the emperor should get out of my Chi Mu Palace first. Otherwise, I’m afraid that I will stab your heart with this sword, then wipe my neck!”2In ancients, if you wipe your neck after a kill, you are implying you will commit suicide afterwards  

    Yanmo Han’s expression changed greatly, and he shouted, “Don’t be impulsive Yao Yao! I’ll just go, I’ll go!” 

    He left step by step and looked back. Soon several black shadows arrived and quietly disposed of the bodies in the yard. Even the blood on the ground was cleaned up by them.   

    The courtyard was quiet, as if everything was just a dream, like nothing had just happened. 

    But Nan Xun knew that something had happened, and things couldn’t go back to how they were.   

    Cuihuan cried loudly on the side. She obviously couldn’t accept this fact. Why did Yan Han, the gongzi who loved her family’s Niang Niang so much, suddenly become the emperor? 

    They all used to speak ill of the emperor in front of Yan Han gongzi. In his eyes, did he look at them as if they were clowns in a drama?  

    Is this really the emperor playing with her Niang Niang? What should her family’s Niang Niang do? 

    Nan Xun patted the little maid on the shoulder and lightly said: “I’m fine. It’s late at night. Let’s go to sleep.”  

    Cuihuan sniffled and watched as her family’s Niang Niang entered the inner hall, as if nothing bothered her. Then laid on the bed with her clothes.  

    How sad do you have to be, to pretend that you don’t care about anything? Was her heart bleeding?  

    Nan Xun felt tired after a while, and she gasped in bed lightly. 

    Little eight quickly asked, “Dear, are you okay? Why do I think your emotions are a bit turbulent?” 

    Nan Xun explained: “It’s okay. It’s just that I’m too deep in the drama and can’t come out for a while.” 

    She imagined Qin Buyao was madly in love with Yan Han. At this time, when his identity was revealed, she will definitely be in a state of emotional collapse.  

    “Motherfucker, little eight, you say, if I was really Qin Buyao, would I have fallen in love with the emperor? I was really in a bad mood just now and wanted to kill people.” 

    Little eight: “… Uh, didn’t you say that the emperor is a stupid hooligan? I think it was inevitable that Qin Buyao would fall in love with him, but fortunately, you’re not Qin Buyao.”3Unless she fell in love with the D and misses that! 

    Nan Xun yawned, turned over and fell asleep. 

    Little Eight: …  

    It’s really a big heart.  

    Nan Xun was speculating about what Yanmo Han’s next actions would be, but she didn’t have to. The next day, a eunuch came to deliver an imperial edict.   

    Beauty Qin Meiren restored her rank of guifei and will now be moved to the Moon Palace. 

    Apart from the empty Fengming Palace,4Reserved for empress the Moon Palace was the closest to the Emperor’s Palace, Longming Palace.  

    Wang Shun, Wang Gong Gong, read out the imperial edict and handed it to Nan Xun respectfully. He whispered, “Niang Niang, don’t let the emperor down ah.”  

    Nan Xun smiled, “Thank you for reminding me gong gong.5means eunuch It’s just that my cold palace is poor. If gong gong doesn’t dislike it, gong gong can come in and have a cup of tea.”  

    Wang Shun smiled appropriately. “Niang Niang, za jia6the way he refers to himself came to read the imperial edict to Niang Niang. Za jia will clear up and move Niang Niang to Moon Palace. These strong internal force wardens behind za jia can be used by Niang Niang. In the future, they will become the servants in the Moon Palace for Niang Niang.  

    Nan Xun nodded, “Thank you gong gong for this trip.”  

    Wang Shun was polite again, leaving several strong men with internal force to serve Nan Xun while the rest left with him.  

    Cuihuan said with a look of dismay, “Niang Niang, this slave is reluctant to leave here. When we leave, who will water the trees and flowers in the yard ah? Won’t they die in the future?”  

    “No way, the emperor’s imperial edict was issued. No one dares to disobey.”   

    Cuihuan couldn’t hear any emotions from her family’s Niang Niang’s words, so she couldn’t help but worry.  

    What was the emperor singing ah? Wasn’t what he done before enough? But why put her family’s Niang Niang under his nose, was it so she could be humiliated at any time?  

    “Cuihuan, let’s take all the tea we brewed with us. You don’t need to take it personally. Ask the people outside to move it for us. Take the things you used in the kitchen too. Oh right!” Nan Xun paused and added a sentence without any embarrassment, “Go and bring that bathtub also.” 

    Cuihuan opened her mouth, obviously not quite understanding her own Niang Niang’s thoughts. 

    Doesn’t she hate people? 

    Nan Xun stood up and walked simply, but Cuihuan looked backwards at every step and was sad.  

    Little eight snorted, “You’re such a fickle woman. You walk so simply. You lived here for more than half a year and won’t miss anything at all.” 

    Nan Xun yawned, “If you have something to be nostalgic about, go to the Moon Palace, it has a softer bed and better tea. Later, I don’t need Cuihuan to carry water on her back and pour tea. She will serve as the head maid.” 

    Little eight: …  

    Suddenly it felt powerless to refute. 

    The newly acquired Moon Palace was indeed very luxurious. The tables inside were all made of purple gold lacquer wood. The dark patterns embroidered on the bed curtains were also made of gold. This level of luxury was outrageous.  

    There were even more than eight internal servants, four maidservants and four servants.  

    At first, Cuihuan was worried about whether the emperor had made any trouble for her family’s Niang Niang. Unexpectedly, the emperor didn’t show up for several days. She was very happy that the chief steward of the internal palace gave them tame little maidservants and eunuchs that were obedient.  

    Nan Xun watched her enjoy herself but wasn’t happy. 

    Little eight was anxious. “You didn’t offend the big boss, did you? Why hasn’t he come to you?” 

    Nan Xun leisurely nibbled melon seeds and replied: “He’s just giving me enough time to calm down. And he was seriously injured from last time, so he’s been recuperating these days.” 

    Speaking of which, Nan Xun’s eyes drooped slightly. 

    Little eight: “Dear, have you calmed down?” 

    Nan Xun said, “Calmed down ah. I won’t scold him when he comes next time.” 

    Little eight believed her words, but when the emperor really came, little eight found that Nan Xun’s words were very credible, but she didn’t follow through with the last half of her sentence at all!  

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    Nan Xun’s cunning and ability to understand other people’s emotions has definitely sharpened over time — but unfortunately, isn’t matched by her ability to understand her own emotions! She’s definitely affected by the drama… and probably more than a little in love with the villain in every world!

    But seriously, that’s part of the reason why I love this series… Nan Xun is really *just* an outsider to all of the drama the way the protagonist of Male God, Come Here Quick is (although I love that series and Bai Wei Wei also). She’s much more affected and invested than she wants to be… and that leads her to sometimes commit errors or do things that blow up in her face, making her less an invincible badass than BWW (who I do adore, mind you). That just makes me love this series all the more!

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      Piper Panda

      Hmm, I do see your point, but I have to say that I like BWW a bit more. Definitely a highly recommend series from me XD

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