The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 129

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Frightened, Foolish Guifei Slapped the Emperor 

        On this day, the emperor was escorted by a group of inner attendants, lead by Wang Shun gong gong.  

    Nan Xun was leaning on her chin, watching the little girls frolic in the yard and occasionally nibbled on melon seeds from time to time. 

    When the emperor came in, the eunuch at the door gave no notice, so at the first appearance of the emperor, the little maidservants and eunuchs who were frolicking around fell on their knees with a plop. Their heads hung low and they didn’t dare look directly at him.  

    After seeing the unexpected visit, Nan Xun momentarily paused her hand, but then continued to nibble on the melon seeds and didn’t even move her butt.  

    Wang Shun, the head eunuch of the emperor, angrily scolded: “Bold guifei! Why aren’t you greeting the emperor?”  

    Nan Xun barely glanced at him and returned her focus to eating the melon seeds. 

    The munching sound was particularly loud in the yard. Because of the silence, it seems to have magnified several folds.  

    Everyone didn’t dare to speak out. The servants who served Qin guifei already burst into tears in their hearts.   

    They thought they had a good job, following Qin guifei to eat delicious food and drink hard liquor1to live a good life but didn’t think this Qin guifei was a despicable person. How could she not greet the emperor, wasn’t this equivalent to hurrying to their deaths?   

    When it’s over, all these worthless servants will be buried with her!  

    One of the eunuchs trembled his entire body in fear. There was a suspicious liquid stain between his legs that soaked his trousers.  

    However, the legendary dragon’s anger didn’t appear. The moody king of the country didn’t scold the arrogant Qin guifei, instead, he angrily reprimanded the head eunuch, “Wang Shun, shut up! When is it your place to teach zhen’s woman a lesson?”  

    As soon as Wang Shun heard this, he knelt on the ground with a plop, raised his hand and kowtowed. “Emperor is angry. This slave talks too much, and this slave should die!”   

    “All of you, Cuihuan too, retreat. Zhen wants to talk to your Niang Niang alone.” Yanmo Han’s pair of indifferent eyes swept through the crowd, neither angry nor arrogant.  

    As soon as they heard this, they ran away as if they were death row prisoners who were released.  

    Before they had completely left the palace gate, the crowd heard the angry voice of Qin guifei shouting, “Don’t touch me! Get out of here!”  

    Everyone stumbled and their bodies shook.  

    However, there was something even more frightening, they heard a loud “pa” sound.  

    These servants have been serving in the harem for many years, and they have seen many things. So, they can deduce what had happened based on the sounds. This was definitely the sound of a woman using their hand to slap, and the strength was definitely not light.   

    Everyone only hated the fact that they weren’t blind nor deaf at this time. They actually saw and heard this happen. 

    Even Wang Shun, a veteran, couldn’t help but wipe cold sweat from his forehead.   

    He has served the emperor for such a long time. He has never seen the emperor be kind to any woman, let alone be told to scram or even be slapped.  

    This Qin guifei was really powerful.  

    In the Moon Palace, the atmosphere was depressing. 

    There were five bright red finger marks left on Yanmo Han’s face, which showed that the slap wasn’t light. 

    Even if he was slapped by the woman in front of him, he didn’t let go of her hand, but took advantage of her stupefied state to hold her tightly in his arms.   

    Nan Xun said with surprise, “Why didn’t you dodge it?” 

    She was really surprised. She thought Yanmo Han would avoid it. Unexpectedly, when she slapped his face, he didn’t even blink. 

    “Yao Yao, have you finally lost your temper?” Yanmo Han didn’t answer her question, but his voice was low, and his eyes were eager as he silently endured it.  

    Nan Xun looked at him lightly, with a sarcastic arc that raised from the corner of her mouth, “What is it this time? Is it another trick of injuring oneself to gain the enemy’s complacency?” 

    “Yao Yao, what on earth can I do for you to forgive me? I said I really love you, why won’t you believe me!” Yanmo Han became a little irritable. 

    God knows how he spent the past few days. Nowadays, the nightmare that used to come to him every night was gone. His mind was filled with Qin Buyao’s appearance of stabbing him to death after she learned the truth. 

    He had never regretted it so much. It was really his fault.  

    But at the same time, he was also thankful that he had such an evil plan to destroy Qin Buyao in the beginning. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to get close to her. He also learned that Qin Buyao was completely different from what he had imagined. Later, he was attracted to her and became more and more infatuated with her. Until he became so addicted and couldn’t give her up.  

    It doesn’t matter if she hates him, because this is what he owes her. 

    Nan Xun quietly let him hold her. After a long time, she said, “When you give up this harem of three thousand beauties and your title of emperor, then I will believe you.”  

    Yanmo Han stiffened for a long time and didn’t speak. 

    Nan Xun hung her head and couldn’t see his expression. She slightly clenched her lips and whispered: “Emperor, don’t say words of endearments to chenqie anymore. You don’t know what love is at all. You just asked me how I could forgive you. The emperor said that chenqie is his concubine and you’re the emperor of this country. If chenqie dares to stay angry, I don’t dare say I forgive you.”2chenqie means this concubine 

    “Yao Yao, do you have to talk to me like this? You’re cutting my heart with a knife, why are you so cruel?” Yanmo Han was heartbroken. 

    Nan Xun didn’t speak, and her pair of cold eyes, ‘I can’t hear you.’ 

    Little eight was frightened and said: “Did you forget that the big boss’s blackening value is already 90? Aren’t you afraid to die against him?” 

    “I ask you, does Yanmo Han count as a scumbag? Don’t tell me no, he gave me infertile soup to drink and deceived my feelings.” 

    Little eight swallowed his words, and changed his tune: “Well, though he counts as a scumbag, but isn’t this big boss reborn? The shadow of his last life is too heavy and it’s understandable, cough…”  

    In fact, if the present Qin Buyao wasn’t Nan Xun, she would have been killed by the tyrant and her death would have been miserable. Little eight didn’t dare say that. 

    “Dear, you can be happy. You can abuse him as much as you want, but don’t use too much force, it’s counterproductive. Don’t forget our final purpose, okay?” Little eight reminded warmly. 

    “I know, you can rest assured.” Nan Xun replied. 

    That night, the emperor rested in the Moon Palace. 

    Nan Xun’s face was indifferent the entire time. Yanmo Han knew that he was wrong. He didn’t dare to force her to bake pancakes, so he carried her with his arms, then covered them with a quilt and chatted.  

    “Yao Yao, I will consider your words. Could you give me some time?” 

    Nan Xun said lightly: “Chenqie was joking. The emperor doesn’t have to take my words to heart. Without the throne, the emperor is nothing. Chenqie has made you suffer. There are three thousand beauties in the harem. They are all people the emperor has favored, how can the emperor dismiss them?” 

    After a while, Yanmo Han choked and said, “Yao Yao, you clearly know that I didn’t lift before. They were all touched by my shadow guard.” 

    Fearing that the other party didn’t believe, he immediately accentuated his words again, “Really, I couldn’t lift! So, I didn’t touch any of these women!”  

    Nan Xun almost couldn’t hold in her laughter. 

    In order to show his faithfulness, the big boss who insisted on emphasizing that he couldn’t do it3have sex back then looked so stupid. 

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  1. Choco Cookie

    Hmmm; he was still the one who gave her infertile soup and let a shadow guard “pamper her for him”. Send her to the cold palace, assassination attempt with poisonous snakes + insulting her by sending some more assassins who cut her clothes. All past things considered…my verdict is guilty! Compared to that, losing the throne and his many “lovers” is nothing. But man… even though I just read all that, I almost forgot about his wrong doings X’DDD

    The only one who truly deserves our FL in this world is really just Cuihuan… She treats our FL well, pampers only her and definitely won’t ever have a harem of 3000 beauties.

    1. Anonymous

      Preach, Cuihuan and Qin Buyao forever.

    2. Anonymous

      fr I don’t really like the ML in this arc, he’s too much. Our FL is such a Queen

  2. Didi

    Imagine how much that must cost…having to feed and clothe a harem of 3000

  3. Tina

    Nan Xun seems genuinely pissed for her “character” this chapter and I LIKE it! Seriously, poor Lady Qin was treated like sh*t by the Emperor… though to be fair, she kinda deserved it… still, Nan Xun was the one who had to experience all the mistreatment so I understand why she was resentful!

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