The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 13

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Frightened and Make Fun of the Demon King

    In the temple, a group of monsters and beasts looked at each other, wondering why the Demon King suddenly muttered to himself, and then inadvertently smirked, their hearts trembled and did not dare to speak.

    When was the last time the Demon King showed this kind of smile? It seems that it was the time he devoured the previous Demon King alive.


    It’s no wonder Lu Sui Ren heard Nan Xun’s words.

    Despite the innocence and pureness of this girl, these rash words were said. What’s more, it’s impossible to blame this girl when she had an innocent expression and clear eyes when she said that.

    They immediately felt that it was because they were so dirty, that’s why their thoughts were dirty.

    Anyway, no matter what Nan Xun did or said, once the four people looked up at her pair of clean as the mountains and clear springs eyes, they couldn’t say a single word.

    “Ah, Xun Xun,1They are quite fond of her by giving her a little nickname, affectionate nickname by saying the surname twice. Suppose to be cutesy like the American way of adding “ee” or “y” (for example, Tom and Tommy). the Demon King is busy with his official duties. You should be more considerate.” Zi Ling explained.

    Nan Xun’s head drooped and asked the void beast in her heart, “Little eight, I’m both happy and worried. The Demon King left me cold, it has saved my life for a while, but he hasn’t seen me yet, what should I do? What about my task? How can I help you purify the Demon King’s heart?

    The void beast ignored her.

    Nan Xun sighed leisurely, shouldering her heavy responsibilities.

    “It’s boring to be idle, why don’t we play hide-and-seek?” Lu Sui Ren saw her so sad and tried to divert her attention.

    Nan Xun has already changed from her red bridal dress to her favorite white dress, clean and spotless.

    Only this time, her eyes were covered with a red silk ribbon. White with red has a different flavor.

    The silk ribbon is Lu Sui Ren, it was tied tightly on Nan Xun, she was stunned and couldn’t see a shred of light.  

    To be honest, there are few entertainment methods in the ancient times, let alone an ancient time with the human race, spiritual beasts, and demons. They can only play hide and seek, catch birds and butterflies, and so on. But Nan Xun is so moldy that they play hide and seek.  

    Nan Xun extended her hands and felt all around.

    She doesn’t know which bad girl poked her waist and which touched her little hand.

    “Bad girls, dare to tease me. When I catch you, I’ll kiss you and see if you dare!” Nan Xun laughed and yelled.

    At first, there was a lot of laughter. But, suddenly the air around her was quiet for a moment. Nan Xun felt something was wrong. She tried to pull the ribbon off her eyes but at this time heard footsteps.

    Then, Nan Xun’s mouth bent. “I thought I wouldn’t know where you were.”

    After that, she rushed forward, and hugged the person in front of her. Then, with her small mouth pouted, she kissed and made a loud “muah” sound.

    However –

    Instead of kissing the other on the cheek, the kiss fell on…on a chin.


    There were several exhalations, and a cold air spread instantly, causing people to shiver from the cold.

    Nan Xun’s heart leaped.

    At this moment, it’s silly of her not to know that she’s holding a man, but the whole series of actions already had occurred. By the time she discovered something was wrong, her little mouth already planted a kiss.

    “Little eight, I am screwed! Nine times out of ten, this person is the Demon King. I live in his house, but I have made fun of him!”

    In addition to the legendary bloodthirsty and cruel Demon King, I’m afraid there is no other person here!

  1. They are quite fond of her by giving her a little nickname, affectionate nickname by saying the surname twice. Suppose to be cutesy like the American way of adding “ee” or “y” (for example, Tom and Tommy).

Also…her host body is Zuili Xuan so it should be Xuan Xuan…maybe she told them her surname is Xun?

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