The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 130

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Palace Schemes, Who Is Scheming 

        “The evil value just dropped by 2 points and became 23.” Little eight reported, a little excited, “Do you think if you forgive him immediately, his evil value will drop to 0?” 

    Nan Xun resolutely replied with the word: “No.” 

    The next day, the news that the emperor was resting in the Moon Palace spread throughout the harem.  

    The concubines were shocked. 

    As they all know, the emperor never sleeps in the palace of any of the imperial concubine, he leaves right after finishing his favor. But this time, the emperor actually stayed in Qin Guifei’s Moon Palace?  

    Some of the imperial concubines who had spies, such as Li Shufei, received more specific information. On the same day, Qin Guifei hadn’t given the emperor any face, instead she had told the emperor to scam and even slapped him, but the emperor didn’t vent out any anger upon her. This was tantamount to a great slap on Li Shufei’s face, who prided herself for having the greatest understanding of the emperor. 

    How is this possible? How can the emperor’s brutal nature be so tolerant in front of a woman? 

    Scolded by women? Slapped by a woman? 

    What a joke, this is absolutely impossible! 

    But the matter regarding the emperor resting in the Moon Palace? This will never be fake. 

    Now all the women in the harem knew that slut Qin Buyao was picked up from the cold palace by the emperor overnight, not to mention, also stayed in the most luxurious Moon Palace.  

    And now, the emperor has given this slut supreme grace that no one else has experienced before!1sleeping overnight 

    Li Shufei went crazy with jealousy, and the scissors in her hand viciously snipped the beautiful potted bonsai out of shape.   

    Li Shufei who was jealous and worried, couldn’t sit still and planned to go to the Moon Palace in order to meet this Qin Guifei. In the past, the emperor had sent Qin Guifei to the cold palace for her sake, so this can be done a second time!  

    However, Li Shufei was stopped as soon as she reached the Moon Palace. 

    “Audacious! A group of slave dogs dare to stop ben gong!” Li Shufei was furious. 

    If another woman from the harem passed her, even if she was a Shufei, with the same rank, must be polite to her. Qin Buyao really was something, how dare she stop her right outside!  

    The two eunuchs at the door looked uneasily at each other, and one of them respectfully said, “Shufei Niang Niang, please come back later. My family’s Niang Niang isn’t in a good mood recently and isn’t receiving guests.” 

    “You dog servant. Don’t you see who my Niang Niang is? Can she be just like any other simple guest?” The big servant girl behind the Shufei scolded angrily. 

    The little eunuch at the gate wasn’t happy to hear this. He sneered and said, “Shufei Niang Niang, this slave will politely explain the reason due to your identity. Nowadays, even before the emperor enters the gate, he has to ask this little eunuch if my family’s Niang Niang is in a good mood, then decide whether to enter. What identity does Shufei Niang Niang believe she has, that she can compare with the emperor?”  

    As soon as Li Shufei heard this, her face changed again and again. She dares not answer this. This answer was equivalent to admitting that she was greater than the emperor, and she couldn’t afford such a claim.   

    Li Shufei thought about it for a while, finally wore a polite smiling face and endured the anger in her stomach. 

    The master and servant walked away with their tails between their leg, only to be stopped before they took more than a few steps.  

    The little servant girl Cuihuan came out of the yard and smiled at her especially proud, “My family’s Niang Niang has asked this servant to invite Shufei Niang Niang.” 

    In the courtyard, a group of little maids and eunuchs were like eagles catching chickens. Nan Xun sat and watched while eating nuts.  

    Little eight was puzzled. “Why do you want to meet this villain, Li Shufei? She has a lot of evil thoughts.”  

    Nan Xun replied, “Because I’m too bored and I really want to cause some trouble for once.”  

    Little eight: …  

    When Li Shufei entered, she saw the maids and eunuchs playing in the yard and frowned. How did Qin Guifei discipline her servants, for them to become so mischievous?  

    Nan Xun, who was eating nuts, saw the beautiful woman who arrived and suddenly smiled at her. “Ben gong is somewhat bored. Younger sister, you’re here, come.” 

    Li Shufei hadn’t eaten well or slept well these days and her facial complexion wasn’t good. She has to put on a lot of makeup. She looked at the smiling beauty in front of her eyes and couldn’t help feeling envy.  

    She hasn’t seen her for a few months, but this Qin Buyao looked more radiant than before. Her face was flushed and rosy.  

    Li Shufei held back all kinds of emotions in her heart and said with a smile: “Younger sister heard that the plum blossoms in the plum garden were blooming at this time. Younger sister wanted to invite older sister to enjoy the plum blossoms with, wonder if older sister can give face?”  

    Nan Xun readily accepted the invitation. 

    The two beauties walked to the garden side by side and the two little servant girls trailed not too far behind.  

    Li Shufei’s big servant girl wanted to talk to Cuihuan. Cuihuan smiled and said: “The news you got is true ah. These days, the emperor pampers on our family’s Niang Niang so much. He clasps her hand in fear of her falling, I’m afraid my mouth will break from saying how spoiled she is.”  

    Her flaunting face made the big servant girl’s eyes ache and she wanted to slap her.   

    The two girls chatted and the two women in the distance had already turned a corner in the front corridor.  

    Cuihuan panicked when she couldn’t see her Niang Niang’s back. She couldn’t help but to hasten her steps. Unexpectedly, the big servant girl beside her suddenly held onto her hand. “Sister Cuihuan, the two Niang Niang just said they didn’t like to be followed too closely.” 

    “You let me go!” Cuihuan just waved her away, no matter what she said. 

    “Hey, you’re too much. I just kindly advised you. Don’t blame me for not reminding you when you upset the masters later!” This big servant girl’s kindness was like a donkey’s liver. 

    “My family’s Niang Niang treats me like a sister, your comprehension is nonsense!” Cuihuan burst out swearing and ran straight ahead.  

    The big servant girl was shocked for a while, then yelled, “Sister? What spring and autumn dreams do you have? Which one of these harem masters aren’t dictators!” If it wasn’t for her wit, it wouldn’t be possible to achieve the position as head servant girl that she had now and become her Niang Niang’s confidant.  

    The two girls rushed in tandem and happened to see Qin Guifei and Li Shufei standing on the edge of the pond. They didn’t know what the dispute was when Qin Guifei suddenly pushed Li Shufei into the water.  

    Cuihuan’s eyes widened. 

    “Help! Help! Ben Gong can’t swim—” Li Shufei shouted for help. 

    Then Li Shu’s big servant girl’s expression changed. She hurriedly ran back and shouted the entire time, “No, no, Guifei Niang Niang pushed my family’s niang niang into the water. Come, come, come, my family’s niang niang is in the water—”  

    In this way, there were already many servant girls and eunuchs on the way. Hearing this, they rushed to save Li Shufei.  

    The two young eunuchs were about to plunge into the water to save Li Shufei, but unexpectedly, Qin Guifei, who stood leisurely by the water, suddenly shouted angrily, “Stop! No one is allowed to save Li Shufei today!” 

    People were dumbfounded. 

    What does Qin Guifei mean? Does she want them to watch Li Shufei drown in the water? 

    This Li Shufei was once the most favored concubine in the harem! Was Qin Guifei trying to drown Li Shufei in broad daylight? 

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