The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 131

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Many Methods to Die, All Different 

        Cuihuan swallowed her saliva and subtly leaned towards her family’s Niang Niang’s side. She whispered to remind her: “Niang Niang, this isn’t good. If this matter is spread around by these servants with broken mouths, wouldn’t it damage Niang Niang’s reputation? If Niang Niang doesn’t like this Li Shufei, this maid will secretly kill her next time, Niang Niang shouldn’t dirty your hands.”  

    Nan Xun heard this and laughed out loud, then touched the little girl’s head. “It’s okay, I know.”  

    Cuihuan is such an infectiously lovely little girl and she was just watching out for her wellbeing.   

    Nan Xun put one hand on the cloister fence and changed her attitude to enjoy the scenery. Her hair was flowing, and her clothes fluttered. She was as beautiful as a painting.  

    She yawned and looked at Li Shufei, who was struggling in the water, and said with a smile: “Sister ah, I heard that you are a very good swimmer. Even if you don’t come up, you won’t drown, but the water is very cold. What will you do if you freeze to death ah?”   

    Although the imperial capital was spring all year round, it was cold in the winter, and she would be wet and cold.  

    After such a fall into the water, Li Shufei’s body will definitely fall ill. 

    Those eunuchs and servant girls who were on the side, heard this and were dumbfounded. 

    If Qin Guifei was right, what was Li Shufei playing at? Was she framed?  

    “Cuihuan ah, how long has this Li Shufei been in the water?” Nan Xun asked casually. 

    Cuihuan yelled ah first, then suddenly realized, and smirked with a reply: “Returning Niang Niang’s words, Li Shufei fell into the water as long as the time it takes to serve two teas1About 30 minutes total and hasn’t drowned.”  

    Nan Xun hummed for a long time, “Ben gong has learned a lot in this palace. Someone fell into the water and still hasn’t drowned after the time it takes to serve two teas.”  

    Then Li Shufei’s head maid cried anxiously, hurriedly rushed into the water and shouted, “Niang Niang, are you okay, don’t panic, try to paddle a few times and swim to the shore!”  

    Nan Xun glanced at her, then continued to enjoy the play of the beauty struggling in the water.   

    After listening to the maidservant’s words, Li Shufei, who had been struggling for a long time, actually learned how to swim at once, so she paddled towards the shore, then threw herself on the shore.   

    Then the head servant girl quickly ran over to pull Li Shufei up. 

    Li Shufei spat out some water, looked at Nan Xun hatefully, then passed out.  

    The head maid quickly shouted and immediately someone sent Li Shufei back to Chen Xi Palace.  

    After watching a play, Nan Xun took the servant girl Cuihuan back to the Moon Palace in a good mood. 

    “Hey, today I’ve finally experienced the feeling of a palace scheming. One word: pleasurable.” 

    Little eight couldn’t help but look at her, “You really have the potential to be a scheming concubine.”  

    Nan Xun: “False praise, false praise. If little eight didn’t tell me that Li Shufei could swim, I wouldn’t have succeeded in being a scheming concubine ah.”  

    After thinking about it, little eight thought, “I think that Li Shufei still has one last move.”  

    Nan Xun immediately replied, “Well good ah, it’s good to have a final move. It’s not fun to be dealt with so easily.”   

    Little eight tutted, “You’re relying on Yanmo Han to pamper you, right? If ordinary people face you without tricks, before they know it, they will be buried in the underground palace.”  

    Qin Guifei and Li Shufei had a dispute. The matter that Qin Guifei pushed Li Shufei into the water quickly spread throughout the harem, and the emperor also got the news. 

    Everyone waited to watch a good show, but they didn’t get to. The emperor didn’t go to Chen Xi Palace to see the unconscious Li Shu, instead he rushed to the Moon Palace. 

    “Yao Yao, are you okay, did that poisonous Li Shufei woman hurt you?” Yanmo Han grabbed Nan Xun’s hand, turned her around, and checked a few times. 

    Making sure that she wasn’t hurt, Yanmo Han’s tense heart relaxed. 

    Nan Xun smiled and said, “I’m fine. Emperor, what happened to your flower Li Shufei, didn’t you go see her? It’s said that she hurt her body by falling into the water this time and that it’s very serious.” 

    Yanmo Han hugged her in his arms and scolded her in a low voice: “I told you to stay away from these women. Why didn’t you listen to me? I only care about you. I don’t care about the lives of those other women.”   

    Nan Xun snorted in disbelief, “Which woman did the emperor throw chenqie in the cold palace for? For the sake of that woman, the emperor seems to have slapped me in one stroke. When chenqie broke her bone and fell ill from that, and her waist hurt while sleeping at night. Chenqie doesn’t have good memory. Chenqie doesn’t know if the emperor remembers the concubine who allowed the emperor become so angry?”  

    Yanmo Han swallowed his saliva. He knew whether the little villain’s waist in front of him was good or not, he tried it out himself. Yes, it was clear, it was indeed wrong of him to strike her. He was just reborn and full of anger. He couldn’t control himself without strangling the person in front of him.  

    How would he know that one day, this person who he hates to the bone marrow would become his heart and soul?  

    Yanmo Han pursed his lips, his tone had a hint of compromise, and said, “Yao Yao, can we not mention the past? I have already changed my ways. I’m sorry. You can do whatever you want. So that Li Shufei won’t bully you, would it be good for me to teach her a lesson for you?”  

    Nan Xun squinted at him directly. “Lesson? May I ask the emperor how he will teach a lesson?” 

    Yanmo Han thought for a while and tentatively said, “Pull her tongue out? Pick out her hamstring?”  

    Nan Xun was dumbfounded. 

    Yanmo Han looked at her reaction and thought that he was too kind to this woman and was upset by his cautious liver. He immediately added: “Throw her into a snake cave? Or dig out her eyes and deafen her ears?”  

    He said, then shook his head. “No, I still don’t feel it’s enough. I’d rather make this poisonous woman become a human swine2Note from snacks – reference of “Consort Qi”, a concubine who was maimed physically and mentally by a jealous empress to resemble a pig, worth wiki-ing if you have the stomach for it, the ancient china harem dramaramas are horrifying!, and should be thrown into a pigsty. Or I’ll destroy her appearance and throw her into a beggar’s nest. Or I’ll send her to the barracks as a reward for the soldiers. Whatever the outcome is for the woman, she will become a pitiful waste.”    

    When he said this, he gazed at Nan Xun with eyes full of warmth and with a soft tone.  

    Nan Xun shuddered, “Little eight, if I take a step back, the big boss looks normal, but where is he normal? Look at these many horrifying methods, he’s a pervert…”  

    Little eight’s answer was very calm, “The blackening value is 90, how normal and kind do you expect him to be?”  

    Nan Xun couldn’t help but ask a question that she had been puzzled about this entire time. “Little eight, you said that the evil values of these big villain bosses have finally disappeared, but why hasn’t the blackening value gone down at all? Isn’t this contradictory?”3She’s talking about Xue Ming, Li Chen and Fu Yu 

    Little eight: “There’s no contradiction. The blackening value is often caused by individual factors. The big boss himself is unconscious about this and it could be a part of his personality. Do you think that once the personality is developed, it’s so easy to change?”   

    When the blackening value is 100, they become proper perverts.  

    Little eight didn’t dare to mention the reason why the big bosses of these worlds would blacken was because they were all stimulated by Nan Xun. 

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    Choco Cookie

    Cuihuan…makes my heart move :O What’s with this?! How can she be so loveable ;A; She would kill others secretly without a question if Nan Xun doesn’t like someone and asked her to do so!! Why do I feel that her words move me much more than the emperor’s ways to “punish” someone? His ideas sound pretty disgusting tbh…^^’ I am too far gone now and too biased. Hope the ending of this arc won’t leave Cuihuan broken ;w;

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    Ah does the beast know that the blackened lead from the first world is in each world they visit?

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      I swear, either the void beast is as silly as the FL when she was oblivious about Fu Yu, or he’s well aware of what’s going on and thinks he’s keeping her in the dark. I think there’s reasons why has she been hiding her emotions from him.

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    I’d like a better explanation for blackening versus evil values myself. So blackening = how yandere they are for Nan Xun, while evil = general propensity for murder/mayhem/carnage? Did I get that right?

    And oh, ML… never change, you crazy diamond. Your prospensity to evil is just a part of your yandere charm!

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      Novice TL Admin

      blackening is the yandere level of how yandere he is
      evil value is his evil thoughts of destroying the world —> causes that world to collapse thats why the child of fate will always kill these villains.

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