The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 132

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Emperor Are You Blind 

        Little eight continued: “But the evil value is different. The big boss’s evil value is influenced by the people around him. He doesn’t like the world and doesn’t like the people around him, so the evil value becomes very high. If someone diverts his attention and arouses his interest, the evil value will become less. If it is completely eliminated, then it must be this thing or this person’s weight that occupies the forefront of his mind.”  

    Nan Xun: “Don’t say something when you mean someone.”1little eight was obviously talking about her, but first mentions her as a thing before a person 

    Little eight: ” …I didn’t mean that you were something. Don’t think too much about it.” 

    Yanmo Han was still soliciting Nan Xun’s opinion. Waiting for her to nod her head so he can let Li Shufei die in the most tragic way.  

    Nan Xun said with a dry smile, “Emperor, if revenge breeds revenge, will there ever be an end to it? Chenqie thinks it is not good to return good for evil. In the case that Li Shufei genuinely does something to endanger my life in the future, we will directly give her death. Let’s not touch these punishments.”  

    The word “we” pleased Yanmo Han greatly. He lowered his head and took a bite of Nan Xun’s lips. “Yao Yao, you’re so kind. I’m very lucky to marry a woman like you.” 

    Nan Xun’s mouth twitched slightly, it’s not because of my kindness, but your punishments are too disgusting. I don’t want to watch it with you.  

    “Yao Yao, you just smiled at me. This is the first time you smiled at me these days. Have you forgiven me?” Yanmo Han raised his mouth and eyebrows.2pancakes?! 

    Nan Xun: … 

    What bad luck, I was scared and stupid just now. Suddenly, forgot to maintain my cold face.  

    Nan Xun’s lip straightened into a line instantly and looked at him with a smile that wasn’t a smile. “The emperor said that chenqie was smiling. When has chenqie ever been angry with you?”  

    Yanmo Han pinched her face, and happily said: “I know you’re still angry in your heart, but Yao Yao, put your mind at ease. I remember what you said. Give me some time and I will definitely give you what you want.” 

    When he said this, he habitually no longer referred to himself as “zhen”.  

    Nan Xun looked at him, thinking about what she said that was remembered by Yanmo Han. 

    Just when the two were glued to each other’s eyes, Wang Shun, Wang Gong Gong, suddenly trotted to the two.

    His expression was a little strange. First, he glanced at Nan Xun with a meaningful look.   

    Yanmo Han glanced at him coldly, “Your gaze is unnecessary. Qin Guifei is zhen’s people. You don’t have to treat her like an outsider.” 

    Wang Gong Gong, Wang Shun then replied: “Emperor, just now from Chen Xi Palace, someone passed over a message to say Shufei Niang Niang was already three months pregnant.”  

    As soon as the words came out, Yanmo Han’s expression changed suddenly. He immediately went to see Qin Buyao’s expression and saw her glaring angrily at him.  

    “Yao Yao, you listen to my explanation, I just—” 

    “If it’s not yours, how can she become pregnant? Yanmo Han, you get away from me, I don’t want to see you anymore! Scram, Scram—” Nan Xun snorted, then broke away from his arms and turned to retreat into the inner hall.  

    Yanmo Han made a few large strides to catch up to her, but unexpectedly his little darling moved too fast. The door slammed shut and he hit his nose.  

    “Ai ya, hey Guifei Nian Niang, she’s…are you okay emperor?” Wang Gong Gong was so concerned that he summoned the doctor. 

    Yanmo Han glared at him fiercely, “Wang Gong Gong, zhen thought you knew zhen best. How can you say that in front of guifei’s face, you’re a fool!”  

    Isn’t that what you wanted me to say? 

    Wang Gong Gong felt bitter in his heart and couldn’t speak out. He bowed his head in silence and recognized his wrongdoing.  

    Yanmo Han immediately turned around and knocked on the door. His tone instantly changed, and he was very gentle, “Yao Yao, I’ll go and see what trick that poisonous woman is playing. Don’t be angry. Be careful. I’ll come back to explain to you when I know the situation. If you don’t open the door, I’ll just open the window and enter.”   

    With a thud, something hit the door, making it tremble twice.  

    Wang Gong Gong was so scared he jumped twice in fear. Yanmo Han was at ease and patiently said loudly, “Yao Yao, how can you be so disobedient? I just said don’t be angry and you got angry and smashed things.”  

    Nan Xun shouted at the door, “Yanmo Han, you’re so shameless! I’ll seal the window today. I’ll see how you can get in!” 

    Yanmo Han laughed smugly, “If the the windows are gone, there’s still a roof. Yao Yao, stop, you can’t beat me.”390 points blackening isn’t a lie! Haha yandere prisoner time 

    After saying this, Yanmo Han walked away, whistling with his hands leisurely held behind his back. 

    Wang Gong Gong was dumbfounded on the side. 

    This, this this this is the scene of the emperor getting along with his guifei? 

    These dog’s eyes, was he truly blind?  

    Was this still the emperor? Did the emperor really coax a woman in a gentle voice and whistle happily because the woman scolded him twice, was this really the emperor?  

    Wang Shun, Wang Gong Gong, felt that his worldview over the years might have broken and was rebuilt again.  

    What’s more, Qin Buyao, this woman absolutely cannot be provoked ah. The emperor had happily cursed and thrown this woman into the cold palace, no, not a woman, but a great aunt. Then afterwards when he saw her, gave way to her.4Basically she did something godly and became his great aunt! Aka role model/god 

    After Yanmo Han arrived at Chen Xi Palace, the air pressure in the whole palace lowered. 

    Wang Gong Gong followed behind him and saw the moment when the emperor stepped into the door and his face suddenly sank. He couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. Li Shufei looked like a shrewd person, how could she do such a stupid thing?  

    After each spring incident, there was a special eunuch who sent abortion soup and watched with his own eyes as the favored concubines drink the medicine.  

    But now, this Li Shufei actually got pregnant. 

    Yanmo Han walked into the inner hall. The doctor who had just seen her was already waiting aside respectfully. 

    “Is the concubine really pregnant?” Yanmo Han looked at Sun Taiyi, the most experienced doctor.  

    Sun Taiyi hurriedly replied: “Emperor, Shufei Niang Niang’s belly has had a child since March. Just now she fell into the water and suffered a cold. The baby has……” 

    Speaking of this, Sun Taiyi’s forehead was already beading with cold sweat, for fear the emperor would cut off his head in a rage.  

    However, Yanmo Han didn’t glance at him, and hummed faintly, “Withdraw.” 

    Just like that? The few doctors glanced at each other and hurriedly retreated. 

    Li Shufei from inside obviously heard the doctor’s words. She burst into tears and cried sorrowfully, “My child ah, my child ah…Emperor, chenqie beseech you ah!”  

    Yanmo Han walked to the screen and swept it away to reveal the woman with a pale complexion. At this time, her hair was messy, and she cried a lot with snot and tears.   

    “Emperor! It was Qin Buyao who harmed me. Chenqie asks Emperor to give justice to chenqie. She killed our child, wuwuwu…”   

    Yanmo Han’s eyes suddenly sank, “You shut up for zhen! You, this poisonous woman doesn’t know how to repent! You framed Qin Guifei and secretly dared to spit out the abortion soup and want to bear my child? There are no doors!”  

    He had just reconciled with his sweetheart and this stupid woman caused such a ruckus, which made Yao Yao unhappy.  

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    Thank you for the massive updates!!! I’m also looking forward to your collab with madpanda – if that series is as entertaining as this one, I am definitely going to try it out.

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      The current collab I have with Pan Pan is “My Husband With Scholar Syndrome” which we already are halfway done with the novel at Ch40. Please check it out on my table of contents.
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    “reconciled” oof. This man.

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    Wait…why would she endanger a child if she thinks it’s the emperor’s?

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    Oh lord, this concubine is dumber than dirt. So she’s hoping for a pity play… when in fact, it means she went against the emperor’s orders? Can’t wait to see her get ground into the dirt eventually!

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    Isn’t everyone thinking why doesn’t the emperor want any kids? I mean I have heard of emperors not wanting certain concubines to get pregnant at certain times or for different reasons, but to make every concubine drink abortion medicine when he has no heirs at all… that’s kinda suspicious, no?

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    It wouldn’t be his child. The secret guard is the one making pancakes with those concubines. He couldn’t get it up because of his disgustment towards those women who abandoned him in his previous life.
    As for Nan Xun he gave her infertility soup before he “realized the truth” and forgave her.

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