The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 133

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Yao Yao, You Follow Bad Examples 

        Hearing the words, Li Shufei’s face changed. She plopped down from the bed and crawled forward enough to reach the man’s robe.  

    Her tears flowed down, “Emperor, chenqie just wanted to have a child. What’s wrong with chenqie? Because chenqie was eager to have a child, emperor treats chenqie like this? Now in my belly, my child was killed by Qin Buyao. Not only did Emperor not blame that slut, but—ah!”  

    Li Shufei was kicked by Yanmo Han and spat out a mouthful of blood on the spot.  

    Yanmo Han glared at her angrily, “How dare you have the impertinence to call zhen’s favored concubine a slut, courting death!” 

    “Come ah, drag this shufei to be caned to death.” Yanmo Han coldly commanded, and left in large strides. 

    If it wasn’t for Yao Yao’s kindness towards those who bullied Yao Yao, this wouldn’t have been such a simple matter.1She would have died much more tragically 

    Li Shufei was in disbelief for a long time. Seeing that the man was about to leave her line of sight, she suddenly snapped back to reality and screamed violently and cried out, “Emperor spare chenqie’s life, emperor spare chenqie’s life! Chenqie no longer dares to trouble guifei anymore, emperor spare chenqie’s life—” 

    Soon, two eunuchs arrived, one of them placed a rag in her mouth, then the two dragged her out.  

    The remaining people in Chen Xi Palace were completely dumbfounded. 

    Did they go deaf or blind? The emperor really treated the most favored Li Shufei like this…to death? 

    Everyone shook like sieves after once again experiencing the emperor’s moodiness. 

    He can send you to the top of the clouds, but in the next moment he can throw you into the abyss.  

    Just after Li Shufei was executed, the previous dynasty’s emperor immediately suppressed Li Shufei’s family, to express their gratitude with a smiling face while internally suffering from unspeakable bitterness.  

    Since then, all the concubines who have accidentally offended Qin Guifei died horrible deaths.  

   Eventually, Qin Guifei’s reputation as a concubine spread. 

    In the back garden, Nan Xun, who was sitting by the pool saw a beautiful woman approaching from afar. She was so frightened that she picked up her skirt and ran away.   

    Little eight asked, why are you running for ah? 

    Nan Xun said, “Why can’t I run? In case I accidentally bump into someone again, and Yanmo Han will think that I’m being bullied, then the beauty will die. Do you think Yanmo Han has a mental disorder ah? Last time, Wang Jieyu tripped me, and her feet were cut off, you say, don’t you think he’s really cruel?”  

    Little eight sighed. “Why can’t he be a cruel bloody person? People are tyrants ah? But now, you’re a wicked concubine and the tyrant is wicked as well. You’re really a pair that is a match made in heaven ah.”  

    In fact, it found a pattern, these women who were killed by the emperor were all beauties that the emperor had “pampered”. The big boss wanted to slowly clean up all the women in the harem?  

    But why was he killing people? It’s better to send people to the nunnery to become a nun.   

    “Little eight, no, I can’t go on like this. I don’t want the big boss to kill again.” Nan Xun suddenly said. 

    Little eight: “Then what do you want to do?” 

    Nan Xun: “I wonder if he feels suffocated these days, that’s why he’s using the beauties to vent his frustrations. In order to save these innocent beauties, I decided to sacrifice my body to purify his soul.”  

    Little eight: … 

    Speaking of the devil, Yanmo Han arrived and sneakily hugged Nan Xun from behind, his thin lips kissed her earlobe and asked with a smile, “Yao Yao, what are you doing? I saw that you were in a daze for a long time. What are you thinking about?”2Thinking about dedicating her soul to make pancakes with you for the rest of your lifetime…. 

    Nan Xun looked at the blue sky above her head, and thought it was naïve blue today ah. She narrowed her eyes slightly and said: “I was thinking of you, ah.”  

    Yanmo Han’s expression was stunned. He quickly turned her body around and stared at her with burning eyes. “Yao Yao, are you serious?”  

    Without waiting for Nan Xun’s answer, he couldn’t wait to princess carry her and walked towards the Moon Palace’s door.  

    Nan Xun was dumbfounded, “Wait, Yanmo Han, what are you doing?” 

    “Yao Yao, I know you want me too. These days, I miss you every day and night. I can’t sleep and my chest hurts. Since Yao Yao wants me, I won’t hold back. Yao Yao, I want you.” His voice changed its tune.  

    Nan Xun did intend to dedicate herself, but at least wait until after dark, does this beast want to be in heat during the daytime and isn’t afraid to bear the reputation of “excessively licentious”?  

    Yanmo Han wasn’t really afraid of these things. He can do it whenever he wants. Otherwise, what’s the fun of being emperor?  

    All the people in the hall retreated, leaving little servant girl Cuihuan alone to wait in the outer hall.    

    Then, the Yan beast couldn’t wait to press Nan Xun down and do bad things. A fierce beastly fight was soon staged in the inner hall.  

    Cuihuan wasn’t surprised, and immediately arranged two little maidservants to boil hot water.  

    When the beastly fight ended, Cuihuan, who was waiting outside the hall, was almost asleep. 

    In the inner hall, Nan Xun, who had just fought, laid on the bed, panting gently. There was a big palm kneading her waist.  

    “Yao Yao, you’ve worked hard.” Yanmo Han leaned over and kissed her lips. 

    Nan Xun rolled her eyes. “Now, what’s the use of saying such things? Why didn’t you show mercy?” 

    Yanmo Han’s gaze wandered her back, sighed and said, “Yao Yao, don’t blame me. Your body is too attractive, so I can’t control myself. I will pay attention next time.”3Lol sounds similar to a line men in backward culture says to girls who gets raped and assaulted by them – that slut wore such clothes, she was intentionally seducing me! 

    “Go away, there’s no next time!” Nan Xun kicked back angrily. 

    Yanmo Han looked at her indulgently, and his big palm grasped her small foot. “Yao Yao, why is your memory bad? You used this trick before and still sent your foot over when you know it’s useless. Do you want me to kiss it?”  

    Nan Xun’s feet trembled. 

    The next second, she felt the soft touch from the center of her feet which caused her to tremble.   

    Nan Xun didn’t want to discuss this kind of problem with this beast, instead she began to directly discuss the conditions, “Brother Han, how is my cooperation4really the word performance is better in english, but to do a Chinese word play, this is necessary today?”  

    When Yanmo Han heard this long-lost “Brother Han”, he suddenly had a reaction. He turned sideways and said solemnly, “Yao Yao was great just now. Some moves are so difficult, but Yao Yao can still cooperate with me.”  

    Nan Xun heard the meaty words and really wanted to kick him off the bed. 

    However, Nan Xun behaved calmly, and smiled, “What’s this? My ancestral Qin family has studied many sword and archery techniques. Next time, I can teach the emperor one by one.”  

    Yanmo Han was stunned. He pressed down and imprisoned Nan Xun under him. He said with a smile: “Yao Yao, you follow bad examples.”5to be corrupted by bad examples 

    “Scram, let’s be serious, if you want to do this again in the future, you have to promise me some things.” 

    Yanmo Han thought about it and unexpectedly said, “Don’t say a few things, zhen promises you several hundred.” 

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