The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 134

TL Note: So, I mentioned this before, Xue Ming and Nan Xun’s son, Zuili Feng, has his own book and he’s the ML while his wife is the MC. The book for him is <<Good-for-Nothing Defies the Heavens, Tyrant Demon King’s Wild Pampered Fei>>.

The author just started her third book of the same universe for Xue Ming and Nan Xun’s daughter, Nan Kuang, who follows her mother to travels the 3,000 worlds to find something else that excites her besides cultivation. <<Quick Transmigration – Wild Big Shot>>

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Become a Wicked Imperial Concubine

        Nan Xun thought that men who were already in bed were the easiest to fool, so she struck while the iron was hot and put forward her opinion, “Emperor, I was thinking—”

    “Be obedient, call me Brother Han.” Yanmo Han interrupted her and corrected her form of address.

    “Brother Han, it’s not easy for me to look at the women in this harem, so is it possible for you to not frequently cut off their tongues, hands and feet?”

    Yanmo Han couldn’t help but frown, “Yao Yao, they were disrespectful to you so I naturally punished them. Otherwise all of them will cause trouble for you and I will feel distressed.”

    Nan Xun: …

    “Yao Yao, do you think I’m too cruel?”

    Yanmo Han suddenly squeezed Nan Xun’s hand and pinched it tightly, “But zhen doesn’t know what’s going on. Zhen can’t see others bullying you. When zhen sees them saying you’re not good enough or making obstacles for you, zhen wants to kill them very much. Zhen’s natural disposition is very cruel and won’t change, do you dislike zhen now?”

    When Nan Xun saw this kind of Yanmo Han, she was a little flustered. She shook her head and said, “I don’t dislike you. I’m just afraid that you kill too much. It’s not good for our future descendants.”1What a bitch, she’s playing that card, as if she could get pregnant in the first place! Hook, line, sinker! Just to prevent the blackening value to increase. Abuse slag ML.

    Yanmo Han’s eyes lit up sharply. “Future descendants? Yao Yao, do you want to have children with me?”  

    But as soon as he said this, he didn’t know what to do. The brilliance in his eyes disappeared quickly. His eyes flashed then drooped, covering the pain and remorse inside.

    “Yao Yao, Yao Yao it’s not good for us to have children. I just want to be with you. Isn’t that good for us both?”

    Nan Xun looked surprised. “But I want children. How cute children are! Brother Han, don’t you want a child that belongs to us?”

    “Let’s talk about this later. Yao Yao, didn’t you just let me spare the women in the harem? I promised you that I haven’t touch them. I just wanted to send them out of the palace. In the future, you will be the only one in the palace. You will be my only concubine. By the way, Yao Yao, do you want to be empress? I’ll choose the date for your coronation ceremony?”

    Previously, it was to balance the forces of the previous dynasty, so he didn’t rush to establish that post. Now, he no longer wants that control. He wants Qin Buyao to be his empress and his only woman.

    Yanmo Han said that he would do it as soon as he could. The next morning, he announced that he would establish Qin Buyao. Three days later, he held the coronation ceremony, and at the same time, he dismissed all the concubines in the Imperial Palace and gave countless gold, silver and jewelry to them. 

    The ministers were furious, thinking that the emperor has gone crazy.

    It’s just a matter of conferring Qin Guifei as empress, but why does he want to disperse the harem?

    Can it be possible that this Qin Buyao was seriously a wicked imperial concubine from the rumors?

    General Qin’s mood was very complicated. His precious granddaughter has become the empress, but he wasn’t happy at all. When the emperor made such a fuss, didn’t the ministers point their spears at his Qin family?

    Which of the women who entered the harem wasn’t a daughter of a minister? And the emperor said to dismiss them?

    All the other concubines were dismissed, but the emperor kept Qin Buyao. After she was granted the title, the Qin family became the target of envy and suspicion.  

    “Son ah, do you think that Yao girl is really a wicked concubine like what everyone else is saying? It’s because of her that the emperor disposed a few of the concubines one after another, and now he dismissed the entire harem. Is this all really due to the Yao girl?”

    General Qin’s expression was also very complicated, but he still shook his head incredulously. “Although the girl’s character is a little arrogant, she wouldn’t have become such a wicked imperial concubine. These must all be rumors.” 

    “But … people will change after all.” General Qin sighed, “I only hope this isn’t true.”

    General Qin paused and suddenly said: “Find an opportunity to see the empress in the palace. Ask her in-person and you will know what the situation is.”


    Nan Xun became the empress, but she was a lonely empress. Every morning, there was no concubine to greet her as the whole harem was deserted.

    The bored Nan Xun taught the little maidservants and eunuchs how to play various games. However, her “bad reputation” spread far and wide. Except for Cuihuan, other servants weren’t at ease and were too afraid to play the games.

    So, Nan Xun began to be lazy again. Taking advantage of the recent good weather, she asked the servants to bring out her rocking chair. She lounged on the rocking chair, with Cuihuan reading her a script on the side while another little girl fed her fruits to eat, it was a pleasant life.

    Yanmo Han came to see her early in the morning. He walked lightly to the front of Nan Xun, took the fruit tray from the girl’s hand, peeled a longan and stuffed it into her mouth. His fingers rubbed the pink lips restlessly.

    Nan Xun’s eyes slightly opened to a slit and said in disgust: “Your hands aren’t washed, dirty.”

    Yanmo Han sat up and held Nan Xun who was boneless and said: “I know you’re particular about it, so I washed my hands just now. Yao Yao, you’re my empress now and zhen won’t restrain you. You can go wherever you want.”2That’s a fucking lie, 90 blackening value? Isn’t she supposed to be in a gilded cage at this point?

    Nan Xun yawned and said with a little confused look, “Where can I go ah? There’s everything in this Moon Palace, why do I need to go somewhere else ah?”

    Although Nan Xun has become empress, she hasn’t moved into Fengming Palace, the Empress Palace, but stayed in the Moon Palace. Anyway, it wasn’t far from Longming Palace and the emperor also followed her.

    Yanmo Han heard the words and was silent, before he suddenly said: “I heard that your parents miss you very much. You don’t have to avoid anything. You can see them if you want to see them.”

    Nan Xun was a little surprised. Yanmo Han was very guarded against the Qin family because of the events in his past life. She hasn’t seen Qin Buyao’s family since she entered the palace.

    Everyone in the family must be worried about her. Since she has occupied Qin Buyao’s body, she will do her best to be filial.

    That afternoon, Nan Xun used her empress power to summon Qin Buyao’s mother into the palace.

    Nan Xun has Qin Buyao’s memory, so she wasn’t afraid of revealing discrepancies. In addition, she has little eight as an outsider to remind her of any finer details. She also mimicked Qin Buyao’s small movements well. 

    Qin furen looked at her and wiped her tears, “My dear child, it’s been a year full of bitter hardships for you since you entered the palace.”

    Nan Xun was at a loss. “Mother, I’m not bitter ah. Daughter is now empress. What else is there to want?”

    Who would have expected Qin furen to cry more severely after hearing this, “My child, honestly tell mother, were the concubines of the imperial palace executed by the emperor because of you? Was it because of you that the emperor dismissed the harem?”

    Nan Xun paused and said, “That’s right, it’s just that the emperor’s approach was too extreme. Those concubines’ sins weren’t heavy enough for death, so he shouldn’t have killed them.”

    After hearing this, Qin furen looked at her strangely, which made Nan Xun uncomfortable.

    Nan Xun quickly asked little eight, “Is it my imagination? Why do I feel that my mother’s eyes contain endless complexity and I feel that it’s the sort to place righteousness before family.”3ready to punish one’s own family if justice demands it

    Little eight: “She thought you were a wicked concubine ah, everyone hates a wicked concubine. The Qin family are all honest and coarse people. So, for a wicked concubine to have come from the Qin family roots, sowing chaos in the imperial palace’s harem, the Qin family cannot answer to their ancestors and the world. Maybe they were thinking of killing you before they arrived.”

    Nan Xun: …

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    Awww, even the Qin family thinks Nan Xun is evil? Ugh, damn patriarchal bullshit… why is SHE blamed when it’s the damn Emperor who had all those other concubines killed?! So unfair to poor Nan Xun!

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